Barska Metal Detector has gained acceptance by bringing outdoor sporting products to the market. Now they have launched a new metal detector called Winbest, which is also very responsive.

There is a tendency to search outside and those who are already familiar with all these things will prefer Barska’s new metal detector.

Because their products are affordable. The new Windbest metal detectors are available in three different models.

Barska Metal Detector might be the best metal detectors in the marketplace.. It's easy to use for the beginners.

This new Barska Metal Detector was originally designed for those interested in digging. Their main purpose is to make your digging more effective and enjoyable.

But the most interesting thing is that the models of Barska that are currently available in the market have taken the quality to such a


at the level that you can leave it as a professional treasure hunter.

In this case, you should not go any hunting without Barska’sWinbest Metal Detector.

Most people don’t know what to put under their feet on the ground they are walking on. It doesn’t matter if you go on a trip or go for a walk in the yard, what you can do under your feet.

For this, you should never go out without Barska’sWinbest Metal Detector.

The Pro, Master, and Pursuit Edition Barska Metal Detector

Winbest Pro Edition (BE11638) this model is primarily designed for entry-level treasure hunters. This Pro Edition incorporates two metal detector operation search modes.

The first mode has a variety of metal detection options with the help of Auto Ground Balance and High Sensitivity.

In the second mode, the user has control over what kind of metal he wants to find. This allows the user to eliminate unnecessary metal or unnecessary signals in advance.

You can de-select various issues such as weeds or garbage in advance. There is no need to waste time finding your garbage.

Professional Winbest® Pursuit Edition This model was originally designed for Skilled Treasure Hunters. This Pursuit Edition uses three advanced treasure hunting modes.

These modes will make the hunting adventures of Treasure Hunters more enticing and exciting. So that a Hunter can help a lot to find any metal starting from gold. And with the win best master edition metal detector, you can have a blast in your metal hunting journey!

Attached to it is an eight-inch waterproof search coil permit that allows hunting underwater. The advanced LED display will let you know everything in a more accurate readable format so that you do not miss any kind of information.

You will have a win best pro metal detector manual to understand the device more in-depth. If you are looking for a kid’s detector, then this might not be a good idea.

Barska Metal Detector Field Kits

If you are new, start you’re seeking adventure with this complete treasure hunter of Barska without wasting any more time. With each of Winbest’s products, you will get the equipment you need to start your first adventure.

You will find everything you need, such as a folding shovel, the necessary headphones, and a soft carrying transport case.

Whenever you find a metal object, you can instantly retrieve what you need under the ground with a folding shovel.

The folding shovel in your hand is strong enough. It can cut any solid object starting from any root with its notched part.

So that you don’t have to get any speed to find any object. And the headphones have been able to give you a crystal clear signal output by canceling unnecessary noise. So that the required object is not lost by any of your background noise.

All of these benefits are combined with the ability to carry in your carryable case so that your hunting adventure doesn’t have to be a nuisance.

Barska metal detector pro 200

This Barska metal detector pro 200uses a 10-inch concentric search coil to find your metallic object up to 10 inches below. How deep the metal is sending the signal will show on your display in about a dozen spots.

By these spots, it does not mean that it indicates inches. It gives you a rough idea so you can get a general idea of ​​how far you are from your object at the moment.

This metal detector gives us a very deep signal that a probable 14% result is accurate. Although it is a very low content subject in this lineup. However, it gives you a big advantage that you can eliminate unnecessary signals in advance.

Although the device did not have a pinpoint, we continued our testing manually. We operated the coil in an X shape across the ground for metal detection.

In this case, we have already placed some objects on the ground so that it is not difficult to make accurate observations.

Barska Metal Detector has very much needed features which will help you more.

In our test, the detector showed an accurate result of at least 32%. And according to our tests, it can detect up to 50% of the maximum metal which is not bad at all.

Another noteworthy aspect of this Master-200 is its display. Its display has a fairly good control icon which helps us in better detection.


From the target ID number to the metal, small tabs can be seen on the display with small red LEDs through which whatever you get, maybe it is a nail, screw, nickel, and everything you can keep an eye on display.

Although the features are very small, they together produce good enough results that produce good results in real-life smart detection.

The Master-200 runs on two nine-volt batteries and doesn’t need any other tools to manipulate it. This metal detector weighs about 2.3 pounds which is much lighter than the Fisher F22 and Fisher F44 we have. And it comes with a 1-year warranty.

This Barska Metal Detector uses a fabric arm-strap (which is worn on the arm/wrist) to make your hunting more exciting. Where you have to buy fabric arm-strap separately for other detectors in the market, you can get it for free in packing.

If you want to hunt by the river or on the beach, the good news for you is that its coils are completely waterproof which will help you in better detection even when drowning with this Barska handheld metal detector.

As the best beach detector, this detector can be very handy! However, if you are interested you can take a look at the best fisher detectors.

Winbest Sharp Edition Metal Detector

Winbest Sharp Edition was the last metal detector we have today and one of the best metal detectors. Its build quality was perfect and the price was a bit higher than the previous two. Although this product is value for money.

There are two onboard modes used, one for metal and the other for discrimination.

The functions here are kept simple enough, but still helpful enough to find heavy objects. Different types of tunes have been added here through which different tones will be played in the case of different objects.

Comes with a carrying case to carry an extra. This has been made handy so that the user does not have to face any kind of problem.

The longer the hunting time, the more annoying it is if the detector interferes with carrying. With all these things in mind, this Winbest® Metal Detector by Adult has been designed so that the user does not have to worry too much. The stick it has can be adjusted up to 24-34 inches.

The functions of the control panel are also kept quite simple, although all the features are very effective and super handy. Its interface is much more user-friendly than other metal objects on the market today.

However, this does not mean that it is a normal UI. There have also been substantial discounts on customization. Of all the products Barska has launched, they have gained immense popularity by adding numerous features to small products.

Although the power draw is very heavy but has a manageable eight AA battery. While it may seem like extra money is being wasted, the reality is that it will give you back up to a week in a great row.

Do not hesitate to take this Barska Metal Detector in comparison with the consumer market. Although I can’t find any reason to argue about the price.

Features of Winbest Sharp Edition Metal Detect

Barska’s Sharp Edition metal detectors will help you find your desired metal even underwater. It has two built-in modes in between.

All types of metal can be found with a determiner. And with the other, you can customize and use as you like. You will not be able to detect anything that will not be detected in advance.

The 6.5 ” waterproof search coil will help you in deep water mining. The combination of adjustable sensitivity novices and volume control will help you a lot in your desired mining and give exact results with this Barska underwater metal detector.

Convenient LCD

This best metal detector uses an LCD with a visual indicator as well as an iconic view of everything in the target object.

All Metal and Discriminate Modes

The detector uses different tunes for different metals so that no object can pass unnoticed. At the same time, all the sensitivities find the easiest way to determine your target from Active.

Barska Metal Detector has very much needed features which will help you more.

Submergible Search Coil

The search coil used in this detector is 100% water resistant so you will be able to detect your target at the bottom of the water. It will be able to adapt to any difficult weather and will be able to provide accurate data as always.

But another thing to keep in mind is that it can’t give data underwater or from deep. Because it is waterproof up to 10 inches underwater. If it goes more than that, it will not work.

Winbest Pro Edition Metal Detector by BARSKA Review

Are you looking for a metal detector that can operate multiple modes of operation simultaneously?

Then the Barsk’sWinbest Pro Edition model is going to be the most suitable choice for you. The features used in this model are quite handy and user-friendly which will make your hunting journey more enjoyable.

Another great feature of the Barska Metal Detector is their great technical support offer that is offered directly from Bar. They are sincere enough to give their customers any kind of technical support.

Barska Metal Detector might be the best metal detectors in the marketplace.. It's easy to use for the beginners.

Whether it’s a technical part problem or a software problem, they have no qualms about providing all kinds of technical support.

In the Barsk’sWinbest Pro Edition model, you can hunt all kinds of metal objects, from relics, coins, gold, jewelry, silver, anywhere, anytime.

This device specializes in many types of work. Affordable enough and very easy to use. Those who are brand new to this hunting project will also be able to gather a good enough experience.

Its software is designed in such a way that it does not interfere with the use of newcomers. This device has added some more awesome features that will make your hunting journey more exciting.

Features of the Winbest Pro Edition Metal Detector by BARSKA

Winbest Pro Edition’s Metal Detector is a VLF metal detector offering a low price which is incredible compared to the current market.

If you are a budget-friendly metal detector family then this metal detector is going to be a good choice for you.

Again if you are looking for a cheap metal detector for brand new ones, it is going to be a good enough choice for that too.

The stand is customizable enough. The results can be used by all the members of your family by adjusting the height.

It is very light and does not feel pain in the hands easily.

Another extreme feature of this metal is that it can detect different types of metals separately. So that you can easily detect any type of specific metal like zinc, nickel, zinc, or copper.

This metal detector does not use any type of LCD. Many metal detectors have been used in this review. However, when it sends a metal signal to detect it, it helps Hunter to make better decisions through its different tunes.

Winbest Pro Edition has a small search coil which is only 6 inches. That means you have less chance to cover the ground than any other detector.

With the help of this metal detector, you are getting the opportunity to hunt treasure up to 6 inches from the ground. What we believe is that this amount of coverage at this price is enough.

And if you haven’t been a very serious level treasure hunter then this is enough for you. It will not be so bad for those who are absolute beginners. So even if you are looking for a beginner’s detector, then this might be the solution for you.

Headphone jack

If you are in a very noisy environment and want to collect accurate data then you should find an in-built speaker and headphone jack rich detector.

Usually, metal detectors give a beep type of sound when they can detect any type of metal. But many times it is seen that these ‘beep’ signals go to many important details during metal detection. So it is not possible to hunt properly.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of Earl.

It must be ‘bad’. Which can be predetermined a lot. We believe that if a headphone device is connected to you, then the chances of you missing any signal are greatly reduced.

So that you go very close to your hunting materials and do not miss in any way. This thing will help you to easily detect the object lying under your ground.

Sleek design and lightweight

You will not need a separate weightlifter for this Barska Metal Detector. Although this metal is very light, you can easily move it.

It will not make you tired to carry. This is the main goal of the detector so that your hunting journey becomes more fun.

Sleek design and light weight is the best feature of barska metal detector.

The slick and attractive design of the metal detector will make it stand out from the rest of the market.

Once you buy it you will never feel like you have poured money into the wrong place. It is a value for money product if all aspects are taken into consideration.

Submergible search coil

If you have invested in the WinbestPro edition then you are getting a very attractive metal detector. This product is quite user-friendly so many people will love this product.

Can you imagine finding a metal detector that allows you to hunt in deep water?

Barska Metal Detector might be the best metal detectors in the marketplace.. It's easy to use for the beginners.

Yes, this device is giving you that opportunity. The coil of this metal detector is water-resistant so you can hunt in very deep water without any worries.

We like the feature. I took the metal for myself a few years ago, and we’ve used it up as an underwater metal detector.

I have never faced any problem in using it underwater or this device has ever disappointed me. And this device has helped me all the time whenever I expected anything from him.

Two operational modes

Winbest Pro offers you the maximum amount of customization. The user can select the hunting mode as per his choice for his convenience.

This metal uses two hunting modes that will make hunting more specific so that no object is missed. The first metal detection mode is used to receive signals from all types of metallic objects.

In this way, all kinds of metallic objects can be guessed. This mode is usually quite useful for those who are brand new to Hunter. Who will wipe them off their target very easily?

Another mode is disk mode, which is an ideal model for finding specific metals. In the first mode, we get all kinds of signals. But in disk mode, we can detect in advance what kind of signal we need.


One of the first things you need to keep in mind is that you can get a quality detector at an affordable price.

In that case, Winbest pro edition is giving you a 1-year limited warranty compared to your investment. If you ever feel that you are not getting the benefits you are supposed to get during this period, you can send it for repair or replacement without any extra cost.

As far as it seems, you are being given ample warranty time so that you can decide if the product is going to be good for you. And if you are not satisfied then there is a replacement offer for you.

Volume controls

If you want to get good results with the combination of headphones and speakers, you must pay attention to the issue of volume balance. Otherwise, you will not get the prospective result.

We noticed a slight inconsistency in the volume control of this device, although the price is quite nasty.

You can maximize the volume of hunting if you are looking for something of the gold, relics, and silver type in the noisiest environment.

Two 9v alkaline batteries

The Winbest pro edition uses two 9v alkaline batteries that can increase the device’s performance by several times. This way you do not have to worry about changing the battery again and again. At the same time, the battery installation method is much easier.

You also get options for battery installation from the control panel, such as automatic opening or closing of the DVD drive on many PCs, which will make your battery easier to replace.

However, in the case of battery replacement, battery quality should be given priority. Otherwise, you may have to lose many important parts of your device for the normal battery. This matter must be taken very seriously.

What We Liked

** It is very easy to replace new parts

** Very light and quite suitable for carrying

** The price is affordable. Even if you want to buy it on a very low budget, it will be within your reach.

** Its operations are very simple and straightforward.

** BARSKA is providing technical support free. You can reach them at any time you need to solve your problem.

What We Didn’t Like

* Some customers have questioned its durability. If left untreated, it can easily lose its effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I know if this detector has detected gold?

Answer: In All Metal mode the device can detect all types of metal. Whether it is gold, silver, or aluminum, all types of meters can select this Barska metal detector Menards. This is not one of the best gold detectors, but it will work.

Question: Is this device water-resistant?

Answer: The search coil of this device is water-resistant. You can easily engage it in underwater detection up to a maximum of 12 inches.
Final Verdict

To summarize this Winbest Pro Edition metal detector from BARSKA, we would say that it is a great metal detector for all types of hunters.

The functions used in this device are very simple and have been prepared to keep in mind the needs of all types of users. Whether you use it for treasure hunting on or off the water, it will be able to provide data at equal speeds across all types of areas.
The amount of money you have to spend on this is much less than the current market.
Hunting your treasure will be a lot of fun when you can choose a good quality metal detector for yourself. Otherwise, your whole hunting journey will be boring and exhausting.

So whatever you do, the first thing to think about when buying a metal detector is that it will not cause you any suffering. There is no substitute for finding good-quality metal detectors to make your hunting journey exciting.

And for this journey, the Barska Metal Detector might become your best friend than ever! However, a bounty hunter metal detector is also an amazing metal detecting manufacturer that you can take a glance at!

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