You will not need to go in search of gold with any type of metal detector if you want, so you will feel the need for a type of metal hunter that is the best gold detectors.

Yes! There are a number of beginner-level or entry-level gold search capabilities that you can get at a much lower price but that does not mean that such devices are available in the market at affordable prices.

Due to the availability of different types and different quality of metal detectors in the market, gold detector price varies. A metal detector can cost from 99 dollars to thousands of dollars, or even more!

And that’s exactly why you need to do a lot of research to find the best gold detectors, that is, to get the right device within your reach.

But there is nothing to be afraid of because we have an expert team to make the casting of your research an easy one. The job of our expert team is to do your research on our own and give you a very shortlist.So that you can come to the right conclusion after reading a little review article.

Our today’s article is just such an effort. Through this effort, we have tried to ensure that you can purchase a good quality Gold Hunter as per your requirement.

For some, gold detection is like a hobby or a sport, but whatever it is, many have taken it professionally. There is a lot of excitement and joy in Gold Hunting even though it is a profession. Some people become owners of a lot of money overnight by prospecting gold.

However, many of you know about goal prospecting that you need good luck and you will also need a good quality gold detector amazon machine.

You may be able to find coins or relics with other common metal detectors available in the market. But if you want to find gold in a small river of thousands of stones, you have to buy good quality best gold detectors, there is no alternative.

Now the questions that may come to your mind are what qualities should you look for in a good quality gold detector? Also, how do you differentiate the right model from the thousands of models available in the market?

We will give you some help in this regard. Let’s first discuss the qualities of a good quality metal detector and what you need to know before buying that metal detector.

With those factors in mind, here’s my list of the best metal detectors for gold.

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Top 10 best gold detectors


1. Fisher Gold Bug Pro

2. Garrett AT Gold

3. Fisher Gold Bug 2

4. White’s Goldmaster GMT

5. Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ

High end or professional detectors

6. Minelab GPZ 7000

7. Minelab GPX 5000


Best Entry-Level Gold Detectors

This is probably the first time you have purchased a metal detector. Then according to our expert team, you must purchase an entry-level gold detector machine at an early stage.

Because by doing this you will be able to get a simple detector for a small price. If you buy at a very high price, you may not be able to find gold in such a good way because you are not an expert.

Yes! These can be entry-level metal hunters, but that doesn’t mean you can’t expect good service from them. It will work fairly well if you buy an entry-level metal detector.

1. Fisher Gold Bug Pro

Fisher Gold Bug Pro is a best gold detector which has 19kHz Operating Frequency with low cost.
Fisher Gold Bug Pro


An entry-level metal detector can now serve you so well from the Gold Bug. It may not be as high as it used to be, but for a very ordinary person, it may seem a bit much.

However, the price of this detector is much more affordable than other good quality metal hunters among our experts. Note that this detector detects gold in the TVLF method and can perform at a frequency of about 19 khz.

Also about the nice gold argument is the 35-inch size coil. An excellent LCD screen that provides two types of signals allows you to easily understand any type of signal.

Weighing just 2.5 pounds, this metal detector is so bad that you can easily carry it anywhere. The price of this product is quite low compared to other detectors but you can expect excellent service.

This product can balance the ground with extraordinary craftsmanship. Also, the discrimination ability is very nicely placed in this product through which you can detect any type of metal separately.

It is very easy to use the Target ID method to target any type of metal. Of all the other great features that this model has, the one that is ahead of everything in its own glory is the fact that it is very easy to use.

As a beginner, you will be able to use this fisher gold bug pro metal detector very easily and comfortably. With a little use, you can instantly become familiar with the machine yourself.

Again, when it comes to frequency levels, you have to say that you can do metal hunting in a very nice way through in-depth signals. But yes! It may not detect metal as deep as a pulse induction detector, but you will not find it in any other machine at this price point.

And so this machine is becoming very popular among everyone in this price range. In exactly the same way, several of our expert team has different weaknesses towards this Metal Hunter.

Also, if there is a lot of mineralization in the soil, you should not worry at all, as its auto ground balance feature has been made much easier for you. Again, this product can serve very well in all the places where there is a lot of trash or iron in the soil

2. Garrett AT Gold

Garrett AT Gold is best gold detector with Frequency 18 kHz, Audio Tone ID Levels 3,  Standard Searchcoil 5" x 8" ( 14x20cm) DD PROformance with a smart price.
Garrett AT Gold


I would like to introduce you to another wonderful Gold Hunter. Called Garrett at gold waterproof metal detector, this remarkably high-quality metal detector is completely waterproof, and that’s why you can use this product in both soil and water if you want.

Due to this outstanding feature, these best gold detectors are gaining popularity in the field of Gold Prospecting. It is because in gold prospecting with a metal detector you may have to work on the ground as well as the Gold Hunter in the water.

Also, the ground balance capability of this great machine is so excellent that you don’t have to bother much. This product is able to give you great service with good ground balance even in different types of soil.

And that’s why with this product you can hunt with Target ID if you want, you may even be surprised to know that it also has a special type of audio signal for iron detection.

Yes! Many people may call this product an entry-level gold detector, but even if it is an entry-level, its features and performance will surprise you a lot.

But yes! It has all the nice features that you need to adjust and use. And so if you go to purchase this product, first set aside some time to get acquainted with the features and system of this product.

Once you get a little familiar, you can go down to Gold Hunting with this product. And our expert team believes that this product will not disappoint you then.

Also when it comes to discrimination, it must be said that the discrimination of this product is much higher. As I said earlier, its discriminating power is so good that it can separate iron in an instant.

If you are new to Gold Detecting, you can definitely buy this product.

Because all the great features of this machine will help you to do any work! However, after the initial time has passed, with this entrance-level product, you can start Gold Hunting just like the professionals.

Especially in places where there is a possibility of getting a lot of gold, all those soils have something special. You will need to purchase a metal detector that will give you the best service by adapting very well even in such special weather.

And considering all those aspects, you can be sure that this product will be able to meet the needs of all types of gold hunting for a long time.

3. Fisher Gold Bug 2

Fisher-Gold-Bug-2-Metal-Detector has 6.5 inch coil included, 'IRON DISC'' mode rejects iron targets with low cost.


One of the most popular names in the gold hunting world is Fisher Gold Bug 2. There are, of course, several strong reasons behind the popularity of this product. First of all, you can be completely satisfied with the money with which you will buy the product.

Like many other products, the Gold Hunter may not look or feel as advanced as the features. But if you are looking for a small gold nugget then you will never find an alternative at this price.

Also, the frequency level of this machine is very high, which makes this machine much easier for your metal hunting. At 71 kHz frequency, you will get such excellent sensitivity, which is able to surprise you.

The thing to say about this machine is that you may not find such a machine at such an affordable price. Also, since the machine weighs only three pounds, you won’t get a little tired of you doing metal hunting all day long.

Our expert team is confident that you will be able to choose this easily portable product in an instant.

While the VLF detecting product is a favorite of ours, it’s good to know that you may not be able to hunt deeper with this product.

Since you want to metal deep into the soil, you must purchase a pulse induction machine. Especially if your hunting area is much more mineralized then you will not find any alternative to this type of pulse induction machine.

Also, although this product does not have a digital display, any metal detector will not be a problem for you because it has an excellent audio signal.

But if you want to buy a BLF method gold detector, you may not find any alternative to Fisher Gold Bug 2 in the current market at this affordable price.

4. White’s Goldmaster GMT

White’s Goldmaster GMT is a best gold detector with Auto Ground Balance, Optional Audio,  bar graph with low price.
White’s Goldmaster GMT


Another great machine as a VLF detector is this white gold master GMT, and the frequency level of this product is very nice which can greatly facilitate your metal hunting.

8/9 inch search at 46 KHz frequency With this rich metal hunter you can find small gold nuggets with great ease even in very high mineralization-rich soils.

Also, the most sought-after feature in a Gold Detector is the manual and automatic ground balance, noting that this feature is included in the Metal Hunter.

This feature will make your metal hunting much easier and will help you a lot to become a professional-level metal hunter.

You might get a digital display in this nice metal hunter, but the thing to keep in mind is, you won’t find much information on this display.

Although a fairly standard display, this metal detector can be considered as one of the best in our list of other features.

This metal detector can be used comfortably by anyone as it has a very nice audio signal, as well as the rules of use of this product, are very simple.

Again, when it comes to the battery capacity of this product, we believe that you will really like this detector, which is capable of providing battery support for almost forty hours continuously.

5. Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ

Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ is a best gold detector with best features with low cost.
Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ


At number five on the list, we are going to introduce you to another wonderful Gold Hunter called Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ. The price of this outstanding metal hunter is somewhat mediocre, that is, not too expensive and not very affordable.

Whatever it is, if you get a little more familiar with this machine, you will soon realize some of its special capabilities. Our idea is that this metal detector, which works at a very good 16.6 kHz frequency as a VLF detector, will be quite your choice.

However, when it comes to the outstanding ground balance of this Metal Hunter, it has to be said that this Metal Hunter has the ability to move forward, leaving behind many other contemporary machines.

Needless to say, a combination of two excellent features can give you quite an outstanding service when a metal detector capable of detecting quite deep displays excellent ground balance capabilities.

In addition, its sensitivity ability is quite excellent, as well as the ability to discriminate. All in all, our expert team believes that if you go to purchase this product, you will get very good quality performance.

And when all the features are able to provide the best service in its own performance, then you will get the audio signal quite well. You should not have any problem in understanding the audio signal through a very nice, cool and clear sound.

Best High-End Gold Detectors

If you are quite serious about the gold prospecting, then these high-end hunters will give you a blast! You will be amazed to see the performance and the depth of their ability. However, you need to understand that, these are not quite cheap; you have to be ready to pay more than $2000 or even more! On the other hand, think about how much you can gain from these gold detectors under $2000 or even more.

6. Minelab GPZ 7000

Minelab-GPZ-7000 is a best gold detector with low cost.
Minelab GPZ 7000

There is no comparison between the Minelab GPZ 7000 and the eight metal detectors available in the market. Outstanding performance, service and excellent

This product has already won the hearts of professionals through its features. Yes! The price seems a bit high, but the price is quite reasonable compared to the service and features!

First I will talk about circuitry. The other detectors on our list either use the VLF method or the pulse induction method.

However, this product is made with zero voltage transmission technology that has the ability to surpass all other products in terms of performance.

But in fact, we have to understand the real meaning of this word, in fact, among other products, sensitivity and depth are given some concessions.

But in the case of this product, none of these features are given a minimum discount but all the quality standards are kept intact.

As a result, this product can detect even the smallest gold nuggets at great depths, and you are unlikely to miss anything.

Our current product can be called a combination of all kinds of good quality VLF method and all types of metal detectors with pulse induction method.

But yes! This product has a downside, and that is the complexity of using the machine. However, in that case, it can be said that we said at the beginning that it is a metal detector made for professionals. If you are a beginner, you can try some of the first products in this list. However, we have a Best beginner detectors list, that you can take a glance too!

Although this machine is a difficult one to use, there is no problem, as professionals are usually as skilled as using this type of complex machine.And so if you want to take your gold prospecting to the next level, you will not find any alternative to these best gold detectors.

7. Minelab GPX 5000

Minelab GPX 5000 has Armrest Strap, Armrest Wear Kit, Coil Wear Kit, Bungie Cord with Clamp, Detailed Instruction Manual ability with 3 years warranty.
Minelab GPX 5000

The GPZ 7000 to GPZ 5000 is an excellent alternative at a slightly lower price, and it must be said that this product is the second best product in the current market. Many people are loyal to this product as an excellent alternative to the GPZ 7000.

Let’s find out now why this product is called the second best and why this machine has such a good performance!

The Minelab GPX 5000 is a type of pulse induction detector, designed specifically for gold hunting and gold prospecting. This product combines all the nice technologies, for example, its Dual Voltage Technology (DVT), Smart Electronic Timing Alignment (SETA). In addition to these features, multi-period sensing has also been able to take this machine to a unique level.

The most important thing about gold hunting is the ability to detect all types of gold nuggets, from small to large. And from that point of view, this feature exists in this product is a very nice and good way.

Gold nuggets are likely to be easily missed among other machines; all types of nuggets can be detected by this machine.

This product maintains its uniqueness from several other Hunters through a variety of timing settings. As a result, you can do Gold Hunting on the beach in a good way with this product with complete ease.

Besides, it would be superfluous to say too much about the quality of the LCD back light and search coil.

Because first of all you have to understand that out of all these features and quality since this product is one of the best products, you are going to get the best service through this machine.

As we said at the beginning that this product is the second best, and so the name of the first best product you may have already guessed. That is the GPZ 7000, but the GPZ 7000 is no less than the first.

There are a few features you might find less of it, but they offer some different benefits, such as GPS. Except for a few extra features like this, the two products are pretty much the same for quality and service.


XP DEUS is a best gold detector with Excellent sensitivity, Hip mount case for Remote Control, lightweight and compact with low cost.

We have already mentioned some of the best metal detectors. However, if a name is not added to this list, it can be said that the uniqueness and quality of this product will be treated unfairly. And this product called XP DEUS will always keep its place on the list of the best.

This is because the product has taken itself to a completely different stage from the familiar boundaries of any common pulse induction or VLF machine.

Different types of settings and options of auto settings Gold hunting with this machine is much easier and more beautiful due to the different types of facilities for all gold hunting.

If you want, you can adjust the frequency system of this product to your liking considering the condition of the ground and many more.

With a variety of options, you will be able to do your job quite comfortably even in the midst of many highly mineralized grounds. Even if we leave out some of these settings, we have to talk about the outstanding service of ground balance.

Just as you as a beginner can do metal hunting with its automatic ground balance, in the same way as a professional you can set the ground balance manually.

In addition to all the other interesting features, many people like this product because of the feature of setting the ground balance according to one’s convenience.

In addition, to pinpoint mode and LCD display, this product runs on a completely wireless system. And you can also do metal or gold hunting with this product through Target ID.

This product processes any subject very quickly from many other machines. Even in places where there is a lot of junk, you can do metal hunting with this product very comfortably and comfortably if you want.

Thanks to all the awesome features and settings from Gold Hunting, Gold Prospecting to Coins, Relic Finding, and even on the beach you can get quite outstanding service with this product. But for beach there are some best beach detectors that can handle the salt water too!

Many people say that this product has the ability to handle anything, and the machine is really to maintain its quality and popularity but has always been to satisfy customers with outstanding service for a long time.

Buyer’s Guide

Even though the prototypes overhead are all outstanding for gold pursuing, it’s significant to comprehend the numerous features and equipment obtainable. This aids you to select the correct model for your atmosphere, financial plan, and objectives.

Nonetheless, before we go some advance, let’s clear something up. It is very important to know where to look for gold with a metal detector!

There’s a collective delusion that only definite kinds of metal detectors can discover gold. There are also some best kids detector, that can do some fun with the gold! But obviously they are for kids not pro!

This just isn’t factual. Gold is just a different sort of metallic, so all detectors can catch it…in the correct circumstances.

Hence, why can’t you using any finder rather than paying additional for one that’s planned for gold? And how do gold detectors work?

The cause is that gold is habitually tougher to notice than the regular coin or relic.

First of all, gold bits are closely continuously minor, which makes sensing them tough. You’ll frequently be examining for bits that ponder less than one gram, rather than comparatively big coins.

Maximum gold is likewise found in extremely mineralized earth. Low-frequency VLF detectors tussle with these circumstances, as the mineralization and high iron gratified creates heavy intrusion.

Deprived of gear that’s intended to grip these problems, you won’t be capable to reliably find gold nuggets and flakes. The regular metal detector just isn’t fit for the work.

Let’s take a closer peek at all the features that you need, especially for gold hunting.

Type of Detector

Mainly two types of metal hunters are basically utilized in gold prospecting, and they are VLF and Pulse induction method machine.

Equally,they have their benefits and weaknesses, so there’s not a “best” choice for best all round metal detector. Here’s a transitory impression to each kind.

High-Frequency VLF Detectors

This type of metal hunter can usually detect gold at very high frequencies from very low frequencies. However, since Gold requires some frequency and requires quite high intensity, the VLF method hunter can play a very effective role.

Why the difference in frequency?

The advanced the frequency, the better a VLF sensor is at discovering minorbits of gold. This approaches at the price of profundity however, as inferior frequency sensors “see” deeper into the earth.

A benefit of a VLF machine is electric discernment. This lets you screen communal junk substances, such as those prepared form steel and iron. VLF finders are also inexpensive than pulse induction prototypes.

However, there is a downside to VLF detectors, and that is that there is a potential for a lot of incorrect signal powers in the ground with too much mineralization. And in the meantime the best quality Gold Hunter is one of those instruments that can make the right decision.

But yes! It is true that no metal detector is perfect, and so when you become a professional by constantly practicing, you will be able to get the best service from any product.

Pulse Induction Detectors

These types of metal hunters are relatively expensive, but you can get excellent service from such devices even if they are expensive. Especially if your ground has completed high mineralization then you can get the best service gift from this pulse induction machine.

It is because the ability to ignore high mineralization remains in this type of product. But yes! There is always a sense of hesitation when it comes to price, and many people think that this is the biggest downside of a pulse induction machine.

Another thing is that junk type metal cannot distinguish this pulse index. And so if you have a lot of junk on your ground then you have to think of some alternatives.

Also, machines that work with the pulse induction method will always lag behind in finding the smallest gold nuggets.

Which Should You Choose?

In a word or two, it is never possible to say what kind of metal detector you would like. It is because there is no such thing as the best product to find metal at all. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

And so if your ground has not undergone such mineralization and you want to find small nuggets there, then you must resort to a good quality VLF detector.

But yes! If you want to find a large nugget that is quite deep in the ground, you must look for it at a slightly lower frequency, and then the chances of finding it will greatly increase.

On the other hand, if your ground has undergone a lot of mineralization then you must take the help of a good quality pulse induction method machine there.

This is because such products have the ability to ignore mineralization in a very good way. If you want to use the VLF method machine in this type of ground then you have to face a lot of wrong decisions.

But yes! This is not the end of the story, but it may be the beginning of something here. More importantly, you need to know how much trash or junk you have on your ground.

In this case, if you find that there is a lot of junk in your ground, then you must buy a good quality VLF method machine. This is because, in the case of discrimination, machines from the pulse induction metal hunter to the VLF method are much more necessary.

The words may seem confusing at first glance, but we are not to blame. Because it’s really a bit complicated.

And so the first thing to say is if you don’t have much budget then you must buy a good quality VLF method machine.

And even if your ground is much more trashed, you still have to lean towards VLF method machines. But if you have a sufficient budget and your ground is much more mineralized then you must lean towards the metal hunter of pulse induction method.

Price and Budget

Needless to say, metal detectors are a very expensive product.

And the price of a metal detector of the best quality can be much more than ten thousand dollars. And in that case, you understand, it’s not a toy or throws away product at all.

But yes! The higher the price you go to buy this type of metal detector, the more it will affect the service and performance.

And if you want to get very outstanding performance, you have to buy a good quality expensive product; you will not find any alternative in the current market.

But yes! Since these best gold detectors are very expensive, if you do not need such an expensive detector or you do not have a budget, then you will always get some metal hunters at affordable prices.

And so you need to know a lot about how much money you want to spend. And exactly what kind of needs you have i.e. your ground and purpose will have a lot of impacts here.

On the other hand, since the price of pulse induction type metal hunter is beyond the reach of many people, many of them want to get the best service with the VLF method metal detector.

In that case, it would be much wiser to look at it better and buy a VLF metal detector according to your needs.

If you do not have any problems with your budget, you can buy the best products like GPZ 7000 or XP DEUS. There is nothing new to say that you are going to get the best performance from these.


It’s quite common to get overawed when you twitch to look at the feature angles of gold metal detectors. Because there are lots of companies that always boast of different features and new tech like gold detector app!

Though different and innovative features might aid your quest for gold more efficiently, the utmost significant are continuously going to be ground balance, discrimination, aptitude to lever mineralization (which we’ve talked about previously) and functioning frequency.


Q: What are the differences between gold metal detectors and treasure metal detectors?

The basic difference between a gold detector and a relic or treasure detector is the specialty of the product and brands. While the VLF detector does the best in gold detecting, but other coin detector or treasure detector does not have the best performance of gold. But they are quite specialist of the treasure.

Q: Do metal detectors find gold?

Yeah, obviously they do! And we have the very finest list of gold detectors here!

You may be able to find coins or relics with other common metal detectors available in the market. But if you want to find gold in a small river of thousands of stones, you have to buy a good quality gold detector, there is no alternative.

Q: How Deep Can Gold Be Detected?

The whole thing depends on what type of detector you are using. It also depends a lot on the shape of the gold nugget.

Gold nuggets are usually detected up to five to six inches below. However, some machines have much better service, with the possibility of another deep gold detection.

But if the nugget is bigger in size, then a hunter can detect it quite deep! 


The whole post is pretty long and in many cases, you may forget where and in what part it is said! In that case, I will tell you, read the whole thing a little better.

Pay close attention, because before you go for metal detecting, you need to know a lot about metal detectors, otherwise you will not be able to work well.

Basically, you need to know what kind of ground mineralization is, what the trash is like is also an important issue. But the most important thing is to buy the right metal detector according to all such information and data.

Because it is very difficult to find out which of the thousands of metal detectors in the market is good or bad. And in that case, we are organizing this to help you.

The eight excellent metal detectors we’ve discussed will not require any other metal detectors at all in the case of Gold Hunting.

The Minelab GPZ 7000 is our favorite, but yes! Its price is also much higher. And if you can’t afford it and you want to buy a similar device in a slightly lower budget then our expert team will suggest you buy Minelab GPZ 5000.

Hopefully, through this article, you have got a complete idea about what kind of metal detector is needed in the case of Gold Hunting.

Hopefully, our article has helped you a lot in choosing the best gold detectors of your choice. After all, no matter what we suggest, the decision is entirely yours.

And so good luck to you for making the right decision and purchasing a product from our list.

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