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Metal detectors, hobbies for some, fashion for others, and for some it’s a profession in the same way. We are not going to discussions about the duality of fashion or profession but we will give priority to your needs. Since you are reading this article, it means that you want to buy the best metal detector. And you came to the right place; our team has been working with metal detectors for a long time. And so you can use our long experience if you want.

Today we will talk about the best metal detector available in the market today. Through a lot of research, we have created a shortlist that can meet your needs.

But one thing to keep in mind at the very beginning, and is that there is no metal detector with all kinds of utilities such as universal metal detector. And so you need to buy exactly the metal detector you need.

Although there is a lot of disagreement about which is the best in the current market, reading this review based on our long experience will give you an idea about metal detectors, as well as some of the best metal detectors you need to make your decision much easier.

A Full professional metal detector can take up to $10,000 or even more! And obviously, they are going to give you a performance blast! Still, they might not be suitable for everyone—even you can get a nice one under $1000 or even fewer prices. It depends on your necessity and purpose!

Best Metal detector 2022

For Entry-level

1. Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector with Submersible Search Coil

2. Garrett ACE 400

3. Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector with Waterproof Coil and Headphone Plus Accessories

For Relic hunting

4. Fisher F75 Metal Detector

5. Minelab 3720-0002 Equinox 800 Metal Detector, Black

For Jewelry and Coins

6. Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

For Salt Water Beaches

7. Garrett ATX Deepseeker

Especially For Gold

8. Fisher Gold Bug 2

9. Minelab GPZ 7000

For Kids

10. Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D.

Best entry-level metal detectors

1. Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector with Submersible Search Coil

Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector with Submersible Search Coil is very good quality best metal detector with low price .


** 7” Concentric Elliptical Searchcoil

** 11” Triangulated ConcentricElliptical Searchcoil

** 11” DD Elliptical Open Searchcoil


Maybe you are new to metal detectors and are really surprised by the price of XP DEUS or other such metal detectors! But to reassure you, if you are brand new then you don’t need to use anything so expensive yet.

You will get a very good quality metal detector at a much lower price than that. And to meet that need, the fisher f22 metal detector is on the market just for you!

In light of my long experience, I personally like this best metal detector for beginners. But now the question that naturally arises is, what exactly is the reason I like this product so much?

First of all this metal detector can be used in any type of weather. The recovery speed is much higher and the Fisher F22 is much lighter in weight than many other metal detectors. Weighing just 2.3 pounds, you can see that it is very easy to carry.

However, it can detect very deep under the ground, this machine has the ability to detect only up to nine inches. But since you’ve just started, hopefully detecting up to nine inches is enough for you. However, the effectiveness of the machine depends on the type of soil you are using.

Like many other detectors, this model has a unique touch of modernity. Having a digital screen allows you to easily understand what you have detected. Besides, according to many, this screening process is one hundred percent correct.

This model also has a pinpointer mode, but since it is a basic and beginner-level metal detector, it is best not to expect too much professional performance from a pinpoint mode.

If you need more, you can buy a specially made metal detector for a pinpoint later

2. Garrett ACE 400

Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector has Waterproof Coil, Headphone, 2 year Warranty and 4"AA" batteries with low price is another best metal detector


** Product Dimensions 22 x 15 x 6 inches

** Item Weight 5.48 pounds

** 10 kHz frequency

** 8.5”x11” DD search coil cover


Like the previous product on the list, this one is a good quality entry-level metal detector. Yes, this detector is a bit more expensive compared to Fisher F22. However, there are several features behind the price is a bit high!

Yes! As you may have guessed, this metal detector has a few extra features that are not commonly seen in entry-level metal detectors.

Anyway, let’s get some more details about this wonderful detector!

Like the previous product, it also has a digital screen, through which you can enter the target ID. You can start detecting by targeting different objects. We hope that the basic ID function will help you a lot during metal detection.

It is because if you want to start metal detecting by targeting ID i.e. anyone substance then it will come in handy. It has the ability to detect copper, iron, gold, and many other metals.

It’s not always the case that you can detect 100% accurately. However, the company strongly claims that it can detect fairly well and most of the time these will be accurate.

There are also three types of audio that you can use to detect sound during detection. Among the three types of audio signals, light sounds for light metals and loud sounds for heavy metals.

3. Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector with Waterproof Coil and Headphone Plus

Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector with submersible Search coil, 3 FREE Accessories and Easy Stow Headphones also.


** Product Dimensions 10.25 x 6.25 x 28.5 inches

** Item Weight 4.7 pounds

** Batteries 4 AA batteries required. (Included)

** 11″ bi-axial coil

** LCD Display


Fisher Lab is one of the oldest and most reliable names for metal detector manufacturers. And this metal detector is very good for beginners because you can use it for multi-purpose.

Relic, Gold, Coins, everything you can detect with this detector very easily. And this is exactly the reason why the product is so popular!

This lightweight product is powered by a trigger system. This means that you can do metal hunting centered on a specific place. With excellent audio signals, you can easily understand exactly what kind of metal is caught in your hunting!

Also, this awesome metal detector has an LCD screen, which will make your metal hunting much easier.

It may not be possible to find the metal in any of the dirt, so this detector has a magnetic bar. This bar allows you to pick up metal found anywhere and brings it to another place.

Also, if you have to do metal hunting in the dark, this metal detector has a small light for your added convenience. With that light, you can start metal hunting quite comfortably even in the dark.

If you want a beginner metal detector to start hunting for coins, relics, beach hunting, or gold, I would personally advise you to purchase this product. It is because most of the professionals in our expert team have given special importance to the fisher metal detector.

Best Metal detector for relic hunting

4. Fisher F75 Metal Detector

Fisher F75 metal detector has powerful performance trigger, 4-aa alkaline batteries, double-d waterproof search coil and many other features also with a low cost.


** Product Dimensions 10.25 x 6.25 x 28.5 inches

** Item Weight 4.7 pounds

** Double-D Water-resistant Search Coil

You may have already guessed from the name at the very beginning of the Relic Hunting Detector segment that this metal detector must have some specialty.

Yes! You guessed it, and thanks to that specialty, this product has made it to the list of our best hunting metal detectors with its instincts.

Yes! The price of a good thing is relatively high. However, the reason for the high price is not always good quality, but sometimes it depends on the company policy.

And so if you can’t afford a slightly more expensive product like the XP DEUS, you can buy this Fisher F75. Because according to our expert team, even if the price is a little low, this product will never lag behind in terms of quality.

First of all let me tell you about the lightweight of this detector, its ability to maintain excellent balance even when it is quite light in weight can make you wonder. Hopefully, you won’t have to go too fast to balance when hunting metal for long periods of time using this product.

Also, this detector is a VLF Detector with a frequency of 13kHz. Yes! And that’s exactly why we’ve put this Relic Hunter on a little specialized product segment, not on a list of metal detectors used at an early stage.

In addition to some other amazing features such as the combination of both automatic and manual methods, its 11-inch search coil is much larger and of better quality than other cheaper products.

And so during metal or relic hunting, you can cover a lot of big places in a very short time.

On the other hand, you will not find any shortage of all the other good features like LCD display, ID display, tone-setting, etc. in this metal detector. But yes! You cannot use this product underwater as it is not waterproof. See Also: Best underwater metal detectors

5. Minelab 3720-0002 Equinox 800 Metal Detector, Black

Minelab 3720 0002 Equinox 800 Metal Detector Black has custom search profiles facility, gold detecting mode, waterproof design with many other features.


** Product Dimensions 26 x 12 x 5 inches

** Item Weight 2. 95 lbs

** Manufacturer MINELAB

** Frequencies: Multi


Weighing in at just 2.95 pounds, this aesthetically designed metal detector will appeal to you at first sight. But if it is just beautiful to look at, then it will not work for you, right?

That’s why this metal detector with eight custom profiling features will captivate you instantly with all the amazing features. This Minelab 3720-0002 metal detector is capable of detecting metal very quickly and accurately with different frequencies such as 5, 10, 15, 20, 40kZh.

The ability to detect metal at this multi-frequency seems to be greatly enhancing the performance of this best metal detector under 200. You will also have complete control over the frequency, which will make metal hunting better.

And the most amazing thing is that it has Bluetooth headphones, which will instantly transmit the signal from the machine to your ears very quickly.

Finding gold nuggets with different frequencies with this detector is a much easier process when you are looking for gold. So you understand that this wonderful metal detector is not only beautiful but also much more effective.

Metal hunting has now become much easier due to the combination of different processes and features. And since it is quite light, it will not be too difficult for you to carry.

For Jewelry and Coins metal detectors

6. Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

Garrett at pro metal detector with 8.5" x 11" PROformance DD submersible search coil and waterproof headphones which is sold separately.


** Product Dimensions 22 x 11 x 5 inches

** 8.5″ x 11″ Search coil

** Waterproof to 10 feet or 3 meters


Treasure hunting on the beach! The subject must be quite enchanting to you, isn’t it? And with the ability to take this thrilling treasure hunting to a unique level, this metal detector is now very popular.

The combination of its features is very good, so even as a beginner, you can start using this product. You can start using it in a more professional way by using it later and learning more details about this metal detector for coins.

If you can use coin seating and ground balance according to the manufacturer’s instructions, then you can think of yourself as a professional.

Because with its great digital screen you can easily guess what exactly is under the ground! And so you don’t have to waste time digging again and again, but you can do metal hunting on any beach just like the professionals.

Also, since this product is quite easy to use, you don’t usually have to face many complications. Personally, this product is one of my favorite metal detectors.

For Salt Water Beaches

7. Garrett ATX Deepseeker

Garrett ATX deepseeker with LED Indicators, waterproof speaker, frequency scan and many other advantage with low price.


** Search Coil: 11×13″

** Total Weight: 5.5 lbs.

** Detection Frequency: 730 pulses per second

** Progressive Pulse Induction


This metal detector has the ability to be one of your best choices to detect many targets at once. This product has a surprisingly simple process in use, and it’s so simple that you don’t have to change moods when hunting.

You can easily start detecting with four simple settings depending on the ground. And yes! Since the product is placed in the saline beach usable detector segment, you can easily understand its usefulness.

With an LED indicator you can understand your signal very easily. And the possibility of the speaker being damaged by water is very low. Because its speaker is completely waterproof.

To make RFI interference much easier, you can adjust the signal volume to suit your needs as well as the auto function.

The advanced level performance of Ground Balance sets this product apart from the other eight common products in the market. This product can detect any kind of small thing very comfortably without even slowing down the scanning speed of the coil.

For Gold Hunting

8. Fisher Gold Bug 2

Fisher Gold Bug 2 Metal Detector is 6.5 inch coil included metal detector with dual-knob ground control and low price.


** Weighs 2.9 lbs.

** Powerful 71kHz Operation

** 10″ Elliptical Search Coil

** Resistant to dust


The indomitable inebriation of gold hunting may have got you! But the only obstacle in the way of driving deep into that intoxication is the very high price of gold detectors.

But there is no reason to despair because the Fisher Gold Bug 2 has come to the market to save you from drowning in that gloom. One of the high prices of a good quality gold detector is getting such an excellent detector at such an affordable price; it will work to make you feel good.

However, the price may be a bit low, so you have no reason to think that this product is lagging behind in terms of performance. This best metal detector for gold will be able to guarantee the highest features and facilities at an affordable price.

In terms of frequency, this product will make your metal hunting much more perfect and effective by giving you frequency support up to 61 kHz.

In addition to this excellent system of frequencies, this wonderful gold detector has two separate seats for mineralization. And so even if the amount of water in the soil is high, you can easily do metal hunting in it.

The size of the coil is also quite large, and this 6.5-inch coil will be able to send your correct signal in any type of condition.

There is a very simple and smooth effect in this Fisher Gold when used. In addition to this, another interesting thing is that other detectors can miss the metal hut but this detector can detect in a very nice way.

In addition, this machine is resistant to air humidity and dust, which allows you to use it safely in any situation without any complications.

9. Minelab GPZ 7000

Minelab GPZ 7000 Gold Nugget Metal Detector has GPZ 7000 Technologies,waterproof coil to 1m/3ft, with a low price.


** 33 x 15 x 7 inches

** 1 Lithium-ion batteries necessary


We have already given you a hint about the direct involvement of high value with gold prospecting. And that issue has come up before us once again and we have come to you with another solution to this problem.

Yes, readers, we are talking about Minelab GPZ 7000, another product of a popular company called minelab. You are bound to be amazed at the combination of all the amazing features that are great at affordable prices!

There is no time to sit around thinking that high-priced products are good and low-priced products are bad. It is because now due to the company policy many good quality products are available in the market at affordable prices. And the Minelab GPZ 7000 is just such a product that is able to satisfy you by providing service.

The most special aspect of this product is that it has been developed with a new type of technology called zero voltage transmission. From other similar products, this Gold Detector is able to detect gold up to about forty percent deeper. Also, this outstanding quality Super-D coil is sensitive enough so that you don’t miss any kind of nugget!

On the other hand, mineralization, GPS, and all other modern features will bring a touch of modernity to your gold prospecting. Even with this GPS, you can keep a log in the software of your work progress and the covered area.

For Kids

10. Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D.

Bounty hunter junior T.I.D. metal detector has graphic target depth indicator


** Weight – 1.5 pounds.

** 6-inch water-resistant search coil

** 2 AA alkaline batteries

** Frequency 6.6 kHz


After watching you at different times or watching a treasure hunting movie, your little one might even want to do a little metal hunt! And that desire was constantly transformed into obstinacy. However, many children want to buy a metal detector, whether it is for fun or for fun.

And it is not possible to solve the problem by buying a toy like a simple metal detector because they want to play with real deals!

And to fulfill that hobby, we have included this wonderful metal detector for kids on the list. This product works just like a metal detector made for adults and professionals.

However, there are some limitations in terms of features. But where is the time to see so much? Because at such a low price you are getting a metal hunter like a children’s toy that doesn’t actually find metal, that’s actually a lot more!

This Metal Hunter even has the option to target IDs, which can easily target coins lying in the sand or on the ground. And it’s so perfect that you’d be a little surprised if you bought the toy at all? Yes! Readers, but it’s a real deal!

However, children will try to be a little careful when playing with it. Because this product is not waterproof at all, and if children take this product in the water, it is likely to be spoiled.

And since it was originally made for children, its weight has also been kept in mind. This lightweight product can be easily carried by your child very comfortably. And easy to use, this metal detector under 100 transforms your child into a perfect treasure hunter.

Buyer’s Guide—things you need to know

We’ve come up with a buying guide to help you find the metal detector of your choice and decide which product to buy.

But first, let me give you an idea, and that is that there is no such thing as a universal metal detector. That means you can never think that you bought a metal detector and started doing all sorts of things with it!

Because of the detectors, you will find in the case of metal hunting, each of them has a specialty. These are prepared with that specialty. And so you have to make the right decision according to your needs.

But if you are already a Metal Detector Expert, you know about this information.

Let’s see what exactly you need to consider when buying a metal detector. Because basically all types of metal detectors but metal detects, then these are some of the features that you have to think about.

If you are new to this special world, then you need to know about buying metal detectors specially made for newcomers.

In two hundred to five hundred dollars you will get a very good quality beginner detector. But keep in mind that there are no good detectors at all, the ones on the market are not detectors at all, and they are all toys.

Take the idea of ​​the budget first

If you have never used a metal detector before, the budget will make you think a lot in the first place. Because if you just start metal detection as a hobby then you must never go to fulfill your hobby with thousands of dollars, if you have a lot of money then that is a different matter.

And so you have to budget two hundred to five hundred dollars to buy a fairly good quality metal detector to fulfill your hobby.

What exactly do you want to detect?

What type of metal detector you buy depends entirely on what you will detect with that detector. Because specially made detectors are available for coins, jewelers, relics.

If you want to detect coins or jewelry, the detectors you need to buy will be budgeted within six hundred dollars. However, the things to keep in mind in this case, never go to buy a very high-frequency detector.

In the case of relic hunting, you have to go on the field with exactly the same budget. However, in the case of relic hunting, if you want to hunt at a more pro-level, you need to pay special attention to several features:

* The coil must be relatively large

* Frequency must be at least 10 to above 20

* The audio signal has to be much better

* Must have the ability to hunt in saltwater

But if you only want to hunt in the sand then you need to buy a machine that has a very high PI or multi-frequency.

See our complete guide on beach metal detectors.

Pulse induction in saltwater

Such machines specialize in hunting in an aquatic area. They also weigh a little more, and so you need to use a special type of chest or shoulder harness to use them so that you can carry this weight with ease.

But if you want to hunt in full sand then this type of machine is definitely not for you. Only buy this detector machine if you are very serious about hunting at the beach.

Saltwater and multi-frequency

Saltwater should use a machine that has the ability to diagnose multi-frequency. Because it makes it possible to avoid a lot of unwanted things.

Freshwater Metal Detecting

Only if the machine is suitable for use in water and all other features are the same.

Technical features

From a technical point of view, the focus is on VLF (very low frequency), PI (pulse induction), MF (multi-frequency), coil size, etc. One of the distinctive features of these coils is that the larger the search coil, the deeper the metal hunting capability.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that the shape of your coil should be considered based on the soil condition. And so if you use a much larger coil on a more mineralized soil, detecting too much will often not be able to give you the right signal.

Again at the same time in the case of hard soils, the small coils will not be able to detect much deeper.

Screen vs. no screen

Many pro metal hunter doesn’t use screen, they do detect by the audio signal i.e. sound. But for the beginner, a screen can come very handy and quite useful.

However, some of the hunters are always boasting about the necessity of the screen. But it actually depends on the situation. And, it’s not a big deal if you are a pro.

Accessories included

Lastly, usually, the metal detector comes with some basic accessories. And this is quite important for you if you have a very tight budget!

If you’re newfangled to the hobby, some accessories you’re going to find yourself purchasing at some point are:

* Pinpointer

* Earphones

* Digger

* Bag

* Transport bag

* Scoop (if beach hunting)

Don’t worry about the price! It is because these accessories are not quite expensive.


Do metal detectors find gold?

A: Yes! Of course with a metal detector, you can detect gold. There are different specially made metal hunters available in the market to detect gold. The Fisher Gold Bug 2 on our list is a very nice product.

Also if you are doing prospects then Minelab GPZ 7000 is also a product to consider for you. Both of these products are great as gold detectors and at the same time quite affordable from other more products.

A: Basically metal detector works on the frequency-based system. Every metal has its own frequency and you can find that frequency with a metal detector. Anyway, this picture might give you a better idea:

How Does A Metal Detector Work? Metal detecting is becoming more ...

Can a cell phone be detected with a metal detector?

A: Yes! It is possible to detect the phone with a metal detector. But in this case, you have to be a little expert. Because first you have to understand the frequency level of your phone, and accordingly you can find the phone with your metal detector.

What type of metals can metal detectors detect?

This is a bit of a tricky question because a metal detector actually detects metal. And all types of metal can be detected. However, for special types of metal, you will need a specially made detector to detect that metal. In this case, if you want to hunt gold, then Minelab GPZ 7000 might be a good choice!

And if you want to search for coins then Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector is one of the best options available in the marketplace!

What’s the best and cheapest metal detector?

A: if you are a beginner then the cheap and best product is Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector with Submersible Search Coil. This product has emerged the price and quality pretty amazingly.

But if you are a pro, then actually there are no cheap metal detectors for the pro level. However, for kids, you can go with the bounty hunter metal detector. You will be amazed by the quality of that product!

How far down can a metal detector detect metal?

A: It usually depends on the shape of the metal drawing and how deep it can be detected with a metal detector. Suppose very large metal can be easily detected with any detector. The shape of the coil is also an important factor, as the larger the coil, the deeper you can determine the metal.

What is the best metal detector for a beginner?

When you are a novice then the most economical and finest product is Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector with Submersible Search Coil. The company has combined both the quality and low-cost in the same product which is quite remarkable!

However, Garrett ACE 400 is another best choice available in the marketplace though it’s quite expensive the Fisher F22.

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