You may have been doing metal hunting on the beach or on the banks of several local rivers for so long. But best underwater metal detectors have the power to take your treasure hunting to a whole new level.

An underwater metal detector can give you a glimpse into a new world of mystery and adventure! And these are not actually a toy or best kids detector to play with. It is because these are quite expensive!

For those of you who already do metal hunting in different places, this new experience should be taken at least once. Because for those who regularly do metal hunting, this hunting becomes an integral part of their lives!

When your addiction and occupation are metal hunting at the same time, you should dive underwater with a metal detector, even if only for once.

Everything you have been thinking about metal hunting will change. Another door of mystery and thrill will slowly open in front of you.

But first, you need to know about what is the difference between a waterproof metal hunter and submersible detectors. It is because otherwise, you might go home by buying a wrong metal hunter.

Also, you need to know well about the best underwater metal detectors that can detect metal underwater, otherwise, there is a possibility of buying a wrong machine.

Since underwater metal hunting machines are much more expensive than other machines on the market and at the same time, they are a bit more complicated to use.

And so when you buy the wrong machine and go home, you may suffer from various complications. Because most waterproof metal detectors but you cannot dive underwater

To aid you constricted down your quest, we’ve assembled a list of the best underwater metal detectors. Ensure that you read every review cautiously; as we’ve comprised info about the assets and flaws of every detector to aid you to make a knowledge able selection.

Where Will You Use the Detector?

Whenever you go to buy a metal detector, you have to have a very good idea of ​​what you are actually going to do with this detector. Where exactly are you going to start metal hunting with this metal detector!

This is because whenever a waterproof best metal detector is mentioned, it can display different types of signals. Attempts have been made to shed some light on them.

The detector coil is waterproof, with which you can do metal hunting in some shallow water. In other words, if you want to go to the beach in the water, you can find the treasure with this machine.

But keep in mind that with this machine you will not be able to dive into the deep water and at the same time, you will not be able to dive.

Because only the coil of this machine is water-resistant, and the rest of the machine is not suitable for underwater use.

There are also some machines like the Garrett At pro, which have water-cooled coils as well as control boxes. As a result, you can go down into somewhat shallow water with these machines.

Also, when hunting in the water on the beach, there is no possibility of water waves coming and destroying your machine. But keep in mind that these Garrett underwater metal detectors are also not like diving, which means you can’t dive underwater with these machines if you want to.

There is another type of underwater metal detector, the coils, and the control box of which are waterproof and you can dive underwater with them.

But you must know exactly how deep you can dive. Because there are some differences between different machines and there are some limits to how far the water will work.

And so if you want to unveil a new world of adventure with an underwater dive, then you must know about the machine. It is very important to know how deep the machine can go underwater!

If you usually want to do more metal hunting on the ground and occasionally you want to take the machine down in shallow riverbank, then a waterproof coil is enough for you.

Because there is no ripple in the water and there is no fear of water coming up and destroying the machine. However, be careful not to let water enter the control box in any way.

But if you want to go a little deeper into the beach and detect the metal, you will need a waterproof machine with a control box. Because you do not know when the waves of the sea will come and wet you.

Moreover, we have a list of Best beach detectors to find treasure, that you can take a look!

Also if you go looking for treasure in the same way in saltwater then you must be able to adapt to saltwater and at the same time need a machine with a waterproof coil and control box.

Again if you want to take your metal hunter quite deep in the water with scuba diving then you will definitely need a submersible machine that can be taken completely underwater.

And so before you buy your Metal Hunter you must have a good idea about the whole thing. Otherwise, there is no point in increasing the complexity just by buying the wrong machine.

Should You Buy Pulse Induction or VLF?

The answer to this question is not so simple but there are some complex calculations. Because you need to know exactly how much mineralization there is in the water you are going to take the metal hunter in. Much also depends on the condition of the hunting ground you are setting.

There are two broad categories of metal detectors: Very Low Frequency (VLF) and Pulse Induction (PI).

Machines using the pulse induction method, usually as a rule of thumb, are better for saltwater or scuba diving. This is because sand has a lot of mineralization, and the effect of mineralization on the machines using the pulse induction method is negligible.

These machines are also capable of detecting metal deep into the ground. However, there is a downside to this machine, and that is that this type of machine does not have a lot of discrimination, and so a lot of unnecessary metal will be detected in this machine.

On the other hand, if you do not have much budget in hand, then the machines using VLF method can be a good alternative. However, with this type of machine you will not get a good advantage in the ground where there is a lot of mineralization.

And so these machines do not become very convenient for saltwater hunting. On the other hand, there is another issue for which many people prefer VLF method machines, and that is that good discrimination can be done with these machines.

And so many types of unnecessary metal can survive your detection during hunting. And so using this machine will save you a lot of time digging out unnecessary things.

Apart from the category of the detector and its water-resistant competencies, there are other issues to ponder. These comprise your financial plan, knowledge level, and which equipment you want. Ensure that your financial plan for additional digging gears and scoops, as these can increase the entire budget.

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5 Best Underwater Metal Detectors & Comparison

Best Submersible Detectors for Shallow Water Hunting

When you are searching for a decent waterproof metal hunter to hunt in shallow water, the Garrett At Pro and Garrett ATX is one of the best choices! You can put them underwater for 10’, and the performance is a blast!

There are lots of other products with a similar kind of name, so beware before buying something like that! Read our guidelines at first, and then make your decision accordingly!

1.Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector is a best underwater metal detector with 8.5" x 11" PROformance DD submersible searchcoil ,Premium volume-control land headphones with low cost.
Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector


By the name Garret At Pro at the top of this list, you may have already realized that this product is much more popular with our expert team.

This metal detector can detect many types of metals including coins, relics, jewelry in a very nice way. You can insert it up to about ten feet underwater if you want.

This metal detector can perform outstandingly for the beach due to this excellent feature.

Let’s find out a little more about the product. This product is very popular with its universal power. Many people think that this outstanding product has the ability to hunt any type of metal other than diving.

From very small coins to very large metals, it is very easy to detect with this product. You can also manually balance the ground of this product operating at 15 kHz frequency.

So if you are a little pro level or accustomed to manual ground balancing. Then we think that you will like the service that you will get from this product.

 There are also two different moods in this product and it also has a nice audio signal, custom search mood, notch discrimination, and many more nice features. As a VLF detector, you will get very nice discrimination from this product.

But yes! Since the VLF method is used in these metal detectors, it is better not to expect very good performance from this product on grounds where you have additional mineralization.

This is because the machine using a pulse induction method for additional mineralization ground like Saltwater can give good service.

Also if you are looking for the best underwater metal detectors that perform well in both soil and water then there is no substitute for this product.

Garrett metal detectors will take their place in the list of your favorite metal detectors in a few days with their outstanding service in any type of environment.

2. Garrett ATX

Garrett ATX is a best underwater metal detector with Land headphones, Soft storage/travel case and Garrett Detector Sling.
Garrett ATX


This excellent metal detector called Garrett ATX is basically designed to perform well even in many rough and extreme conditions. Since this machine is a detector using a pulse induction method.

So this product works very well in saltwater. Also due to the strong structure and design of this product will be able to provide you with a much deeper detection service for a long time.

This product usually comes in two packages. One has the ability to detect very deep and the ability to detect very small metal.

But if you want the option to detect even deeper, then this product comes with a 20 “search coil which will surprise you.

You can insert the product up to about ten feet under the water without any complications. And so you understand that the waterproofing system is quite excellent in this product.

Yes! This product may be perfect for use in saltwater and on the beach, but you can’t take it with you while driving.

Also, the mineralization of the ground can very easily ignore this product. However, unlike other plus induction machines, there is no discrimination in this product, which is not the case in any other pulse induction machine.

In addition to the other features and performance in terms of the outstanding performance of this product will satisfy you by providing a short service

Best Detectors for Diving

If you want a metal detector for scuba diving, it’s significant to deliberate how deep you’re probable to dive. Metal detectors have a deepness score, so check the model is appropriate before you purchase. Diving underneath this depth could enduringly harm the machine.

With all the important things in mind, we’ve put together the best 3 underwater metal hunters to choose from. These hunters are best for scuba diving!

3. Garrett Sea Hunter MkII

Garrett Sea Hunter Mk-II is one of the best beach detectors with Multiple Frequency Technology.Operating Depth to 200 feet with low cost.


We are going to discuss some of the metal detectors that can be dived into this part of us. If you want a metal detector that works with the pulse induction method and at the same time you can dive deep with it.

Then this product called Garret Sea Hunter MKII is able to meet all your needs. You will be amazed at just how deep this metal detector can go. This excellent product has the ability to hunt metal up to about two hundred feet underwater.

However, we have said several times before those detectors that work in the pulse induction system can never discriminate. As a result, you may have to spend a little extra time digging.

But yes! This product can overcome this obstacle of many other pulse induction machines. Because this product has a trash elimination capability. Which will protect you a lot from unnecessary metal?

This will save you a lot of time by spending extra time digging trash.

Apart from the discernment task, the Sea Hunter Mark II derives with numerous hunt modes, counting Non-Motion All Metal and Standard PI Discernment. There are also sets for exclusion and audialverge.

There are few disadvantages yet. There’s no pinpoint mode, such as, which can make it tougher to get a precise object position. The indicator likewise doesn’t deliver visual ID. So if you are looking for the best waterproof pinpointer – 2019, this is not the one you are searching for!

4. Tesoro Sand Shark

Tesoro Sand Shark is an Underwater Pulse Metal Detector with Great for salt water use with low cost.
Tesoro Sand Shark


The Tesoro Sand Shark is one of the best quality underwater metal detectors on the market today.

Combined with its own uniqueness and features, it has long been a popular metal hunter among consumers, capable of deep metal hunting.

Using pulse induction technology, this outstanding metal hunter allows you to dive up to about two hundred feet deep in water without any problems.

One thing you may have noticed is that almost all of the metal hunters on our list that can dive much deeper are hunting in pulse induction technology.

This is because there is a lot of mineralization in the sand under the sea, and in such conditions, you must use a pulse induction metal detector.

Otherwise, if the mineralization is high, you can suffer a lot of wrong signals.

What makes this detector well-intentioned of a dwelling on this list, however?

Initially, the Sand Shark has aptitude and mode that can’t be seen on other pulse induction replicas. There is a knob for deepness, for instance, which regulates the pulse breadth. Plus, this is a metal detector with vibration which is quite impressive and useful underwater!

Tesoro sand shark underwater metal detector permits you to alter the deepness by up to 50%rendering to the circumstances. There are also two working settings modes and the aptitude to transform audial frequency.

It also delivers outstanding compassion while being comfortable to use. The pulse induction technology delivers sufficiently deepness, plus the numerous alteration settings permit you to modify enactment to the atmosphere.

5. Fisher 1280-X Aquanaut

Fisher 1280-X Aquanaut is one of the  best underwater metal detector with low price and extra features.
Fisher 1280-X Aquanaut


The two products we have already mentioned about diving deep into the water have a depth limit of two hundred feet! But what if you need something that you have to dive below two hundred feet with a metal detector?

And that’s when this wonderful metal detector called Fisher 1280-X Aquanaut comes to you with a solution to this problem. You can even do metal detection for about 75 hours with a single charge.

Although this product is basically a machine with VLF technology, you don’t have to suffer too much complication in water or sand with a lot of mineralization.

Because it has some features of its own, through which you can detect metal in a very nice way even in such adverse conditions.

Yes! You need to be a little experienced in this because manually adjusting the ground balance is a very experienced job.

This product has an excellent ground balance option to survive this extra mineralization as well as the ability to survive trash in the discrimination method.

And you will be surprised to know that from the smallest to the smallest trash you can ignore with this detector quite comfortably.

In addition to the belt mount, waterproof headphones and sensitivity adjustments can make your metal hunting experience even more nice and attractive.

If you’re considering a submerged VLF detector that doesn’t charge a fortune, the 1280-X is one to think through. All the features permit you to tweak the enactment for equally saltwater and freshwater atmospheres.

However, the fisher cz21-8 underwater metal detector is also quite a popular product!

Where to Buy a Waterproof Detector?

Since you are thinking of buying a metal detector online, you must buy the product from Amazon.

But why buy a metal detector from Amazon? The reason is Amazon’s service and long experience!

Customer Care Service If you want to get better, be sure to purchase the product from here.

In addition, many times delivery complications can occur and you may need to return the product. In that case, you must choose Amazon. As because they have the best return policy available!


Detecting metal underwater is certainly a thrilling topic. But even in the midst of the excitement, it is important to make the right decision, that is, to buy the best underwater metal detectors according to your needs.

And one thing to know from there, if you see a text somewhere that is waterproof, it does not mean that you can go deeper into the water with it.

Apart from our list, minilab underwater metal detectors and, quest underwater metal detectors are some products that you can consider!

However, if you are a beginner, then we have a list of the Best beginner detectors that you can check out!

Depending on where you do the metal hunting and why? Hopefully, you can find your favorite product from this list according to your needs.

But since the product you buy and use, your right decision is yours alone. Good luck with your metal hunting life.

Hopefully, by choosing products from our list you are going to experience an exciting new and wonderful one.

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