If you want to buy a metal detector that will make the most of your money, then the Discovery Elite 2200 metal detector can be one of the best choices for you.

It is a metal detector that has all the features of an expensive and advanced metal detector but is quite reasonable in terms of price.

And so, if you are an enthusiast of Metal Hunter, then all its advanced features can become quite interesting for you. Also, among the treasure hunters, this metal detector has already gained quite a huge popularity.

Elite 2200 metal detector has many features which make it exceptional .

If you don’t know how to choose a metal detector and how a metal detector works, then this article might be for you to choose this bounty hunter to discover 2200 elite metal hunter.

Also, audio and visual target identification, depth indicator, LCD, and all the other interesting and quality features have enriched the value of this metal detector much more.

This Bounty Hunter Elite 2200 Metal Detector can detect even coin-sized items with great ease up to great depth. Again, if the item is bigger this metal detector will be able to give you a signal to a much deeper depth.

And you can easily separate different types of metals through the audio signal in 4 tones of this detector. With this, you can easily distinguish between various hidden treasury jewelry and relics.

Whether you are a novice or have been experienced in metal hunting for a long time, with this metal detector you can do metal hunting in a very smooth way. It’s so easy to use that you don’t have to spend a lot of time behind it.

And when it comes to its design, the utility of this metal detector of extraordinary and aesthetic design will increase many times when you get a built-in speaker, adjustable aluminum stem, padded armrest, and comfortable handgrip.

Although very light in weight, this metal detector is quite strong and durable. You can use this machine for a long time without any complications. An hour after hour you can do metal hunting on different beaches, parks, or any other place with great ease while you will not get tired.

First-Hand Experience of Elite 2200 Metal Detector

Before going into the full review of this metal detector, we would like to briefly share the personal experience of an expert metal hunter. Our expert hunter lives in the Colorado area and you all know that the minerals in the ground of this area are much higher.

When our expert John Melan went hunting with this Elite 2200 Metal Detector, he was quite satisfied with the performance of this metal detector.

John Melan used this metal detector to detect and collect many clades in a single day from four inches to five inches deep. And what a wonderful thing it is to be able to detect metal three to five inches deep in an area with this type of mineral.

Elite 2200 metal detector is a very good and suggested metal detector for professional hunters.


Even John Melan received good quality silver while doing metal hunting at local schools several times. Whatever it is, the main thing is that our expert Hunter was quite satisfied by purchasing this metal detector considering the quality within this price.

Bounty hunter elite 2200 review: Best Features

First of all, let’s talk about the LCD display of this wonderful metal detector. This display has been enriched with a touchpad feature to make your use more accessible just like you get access to various features from this display.

Also, when it comes to sensitivity adjustment, you have to say that you can get the highest depth detection from here. And when you go for any kind of metal hunting, its digital depth indicator can make your hunting much more convenient.

This wonderful machine has three search modes and simultaneously the discriminating power of this machine can make you addicted to this machine. There is also a notch capacity that can bring a lot of benefits in terms of use.

And just as we were talking about the high mineral-rich ground in the Colorado area a while ago, there is a preset ground balance for hunting on the ground that can make your users much easier and smoother. You do not need to be a professional expert-level hunter to use this machine as you have preset ground balance.

Again, when you do metal hunting, hostile weather certainly becomes a cause for concern. In that case, because this search coil is waterproof, you can do metal hunting in the water and you don’t have to worry about hostile weather.

Besides, when you go out to do metal hunting, your machine will be able to search continuously and you will also know exactly how long you can do metal hunting through the elite 2200 metal detector battery life indicator of this machine. This will play a much more beneficial role in your hunting time and overall planning.

However, there is a discovery 2200 metal detector battery replacement available in the marketplace if you want some extra spare!

Bounty hunter elite 2200 review

Now we will try to give you a detailed idea about elite 2200 metal detector parts and feature saturation. Hopefully, after reading our review you will get a detailed idea about this metal detector and this metal detector will also help you a lot in using it after purchase.

Elite 2200 metal detector review will help you to get enough knowledge about this metal detector.


LCD display

The LCD display of this wonderful machine makes the machine much more user-friendly. And when it comes to being user-friendly, we have to say that the touchpad of this machine.

Thanks to the touchpad, you can easily access all the features of this machine through touch.

Even with this kind of feature, in the current technological age, you can easily control the overall use of the whole machine. We are already familiar with touchpads for technological progression.

Also, when you manually control the features of your machine a few times with this touchpad, the whole thing will feel very comfortable and smooth to you.

And because of this wonderful feature, you will not have to face any problem in using this machine if you are a beginner, even though it is a professional-level machine.

When it comes to the LCD display, then the fisher f22 metal detector has some amazing LCD.

Adjustable sensitivity

Another nice feature of this machine is its adjustable sensitivity. In this case, if you are a professional metal hunter then you can use this metal hunter in high-sensitive conditions if you want. This advantage is given because it is a full professional metal detector.

Also, with this feature, you can get the benefit of detection up to maximum depth. Essentiality is the ability of a metal detector to detect metal of any specific type and size.

And in this case, the more sensitive your metal detector is, the more you can detect small metal objects with this machine.

However, in this case, you need to understand that if you keep the sensitivity of the metal detector too high, you will start expecting a lot more signals from it. In this case, you must be an expert to understand the correct signal from that signal.

With the sensitivity garret at pro and garret at gold are of great quality and one of the best metal detectors.

Also, if you are not an expert, you can reduce the sensitivity a bit and start hunting big objects if you want. It’s relatively easy and in this case, you don’t have to be confused between many types of signals. Only a large object in front of the search coil will signal from it.

Digital depth indicator

This wonderful feature can save you a considerable amount of time. Because whenever you do metal hunting, an object is in front of your search coil and if you don’t know exactly how deep the metal is, then you can’t prepare accordingly.

Because it happens that you only have a shovel with which you can dig just a few inches to see the metal.

And in that case, if you see that the item under the search coil is quite deep in the ground, you can put a mark there. And later you can prepare and dig out the item according to that mark.

This is almost always the case with professional metal detectors. And so if you don’t have a lot of deep digging tools then with this feature you can do metal hunting in a much more efficient way.

3 search mode of elite 2200 metal detector

If you are a beginner-level Metal Hunter then this feature will be very useful for you.

With these search modes, your metal hunting will become much more convenient.

Also, with the discrimination model of this metal detector, you can avoid any type of metal at your convenience with great ease.

Elite 2200 metal detector has e search mode. It's really exceptional .

Even as a beach detector you can use this metal detector through discrimination mode.

But if you are looking for a full professional beach detector then you should check our list of best beach detectors at least once.

Hopefully from this list, you will be able to find an excellent beach detector of your choice and meet your needs.

Notch filtering capacity

The notch filtering capacity that this quality metal detector has will play a very beneficial role for you and will make your metal hunting much smoother.

Is it possible to exclude a specific category or a specific metal through a notch filter? Now a question may come up why this notch filtering is so important?

And the answer to that question is, suppose you are doing metal detection in a ground where there are lots of bottle caps or cans. And you don’t want to do this kind of metal hunting.

And so, this notch filtering capacity can give you a lot more benefits so that your metal detector does not give you a signal in case of any such metal.

Only with this feature can I avoid metal hunting by avoiding a specific metal on that ground such as a bottle cap or can.

Audio target identification

You can do very accurate metal detection in such LCD displays. And that digital target will become identified in the case of any metal. In the same way, if you want, you can understand through the audio tone that there is exactly what kind of item in front of your search coil.

You can get this signal through four different tones. Bass tones let you know that your search coil has an iron, steel, or similar item in front of it.

With a low tone, you can tell if there is a piece of nickel or small gold in front of your search coil.

Through medium tones, you can understand many large types of gold items, zinc, bottle caps, etc.

Also, when the high tone comes you will realize that there are no coins, relics, or jewelry in front of your metal detector.

Yes! Initially, you will not be able to detect metal using this tone with much ease, unless you are a beginner. However, after a few days of practice, you will not want to check the digital display again and again.

Electromagnetic interference

When you adjust the sensitivity you are basically trying to create compatibility with your machine above this electromagnetic field.

When you are a Hobby Metal Hunter and do metal hunting with the Elite 2200 type of metal detector then you need to understand that these metal detectors are not kids detectors at all.

These types of metal detectors are much more sensitive.

Elite 2200 metal detector has electromagnetic interference which is a very important feature for an metal detector.

Electromagnetic fields are usually created in the ground for a variety of reasons. For example, if you live in an area like Colorado, you need to know that this type of ground contains a lot of minerals. This creates a kind of magnetic field.

If you want to avoid these and do metal hunting with great ease, your metal detector must have the capacity to make sensitivity adjustments.

Also, other metal detectors also create electromagnetic fields. These are called manmade electromagnetic fields.

And so, if you are doing metal hunting together with a friend, then you will understand that his metal detector can also cause problems in the detection of your machine.

Final verdict

Yes, the bounty hunter discovery 2200 metal detector with pinpointer may look a lot like any other ordinary metal detector. Especially, because of the design and the discovery 2200 metal detector parts this machine gain lot of popularity recently. However, when it comes to the performance of this excellent metal detector and the quality of various features, it must be said that this metal detector is much better than other metal detectors in terms of quality.

Also, because of its lightweight, you can use this metal detector for a long time. If you are a metal detecting fanatic, because of its extra padded grip and lightweight, you will never know when the time will pass once you start metal detecting.

As it is very easy to carry, you can also carry this metal hunter with you to your designated place. And you can do this job quite comfortably.

Bounty hunter elite 2200 metal detector price is not much high! overall, this machine is much more efficient than other metal detectors available at this price.

Especially if you want to buy a Best Gold Hunter and also spend some time hunting on the beach, then you will not find any alternative to this machine in the current market.

May this Elite 2200 Metal Detector, made with a very attractive and aesthetic design, be your companion in your daily metal hunting and wish you a long service without any complications.


Is this the Discovery 2200 metal detector waterproof?

In general, if you mean water insulation that you dive underwater with a metal detector, and then discover 2200 metal detector Costco is not suitable for that job.
For this, you must purchase the best underwater metal detector. For this, you can take the help of our list if you want. On the other hand, with this metal detector, you can easily do metal hunting in different mud and water areas.
It is highly probable that the search coil of this metal detector is water-resistant. However, care must be taken to ensure that no water gets on the control panel. Then you will be able to face different kinds of complications.

Are Bounty Hunter metal detectors any good?

Yes, of course. It is safe to say that this metal detector is one of the best professional-level metal detectors on the market if you are considering a budget.
If you are a hobbyist then you need a highly sensitive metal detector. And in that case, this metal detector can provide very excellent service for you.
With a very good detection capacity and a variety of top-notch features, this metal detector is already on the list of favorites of many professional metal detectors.

Can a Bounty Hunter metal detector find gold?

Yes! This metal detector can detect gold. But if you want to buy a metal haunting machine for just one gold detector then our list of best gold detectors will play a very useful role for you.
However, since this metal detector is specially made for treasure hunting, you can do gold hunting with this machine quite well.

How do I use my Elite 2200 metal detector?

Elite 2200 is a professional-level metal detector. And so, before using this machine you need to get the same basic idea about the features and usage rules of this machine.
However, if you are not a professional level metal hunter, then there is no reason to worry, then there are some suggestions for you.
First, you need to adjust the sensitivity of this machine and move it towards some low. If you want to do metal hunting with high sensitivity, you must be an experienced and professional metal hunter.
And if you reduce this sensitivity, you will get several benefits of beginner-level metal detecting. And so, if you want to buy a beginner level metal detector then you can buy this metal detector.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this machine is not for indoor use, this machine is designed for outdoor use only. Many household items such as TVs, refrigerators, ovens, etc. can cause you problems while detecting this metal detector.
And so, whenever you turn on this metal detector in the house, you will immediately see that the detector has started beeping irrationally. You need to turn off the machine immediately.
You should also read the manual that comes with the machine to know more details about using this machine. This will make the whole thing very clear to you. And you will see that you can start using this machine without any problem.

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