Has it been quite a while since you started Metal Hunting? Now you may be thinking, ‘It’s been a long time, now let’s move from beginner level metal detector to entry-level metal detector. And this Garrett ACE 400 Review article has been written especially for you. Since this machine can help you to jump from one level to another.

Also at this time, this machine may become the best choice for you. Let’s read this article to know why this machine is perfect for you!

The Garrett ACE series is so popular that there is nothing new to say about its popularity. However, the Garrett ACE 400 model in this series is an item with rich features including Digital Target ID, Iron Audio, Notch-Discrimination, and many more.

However, keep in mind that this is not a kids detector to play! From the Garrett ACE 400 Review, you can learn a lot more details and in-depth about this machine. This will help you a lot to purchase this machine.

Garrett ACE 400 review: Outlook, design, and ease of use

The Garrett ACE 400 is a new and nice addition to the ACE series. Our expert team has chosen this product with much higher quality than its predecessor ACE 350. Also when you are going to see Garrett ace 400 vs 300, then Garrett ace 400 specs will come first! This is because; it has some additional features that are not found in other models.

To put it simply, this product is a VLF Metal Hunter, which is usually run at a frequency of 10 kHz.

The great thing about this model is that it is much more sensitive to any small object. Especially if you are doing coin and relic hunting then you can balance enough for depth and sensitivity. But yes! If you want gold prospecting with this product, you will not get much support from this machine.

You will recognize this machine from afar because of its distinctive yellow shade. And this nice design is quite a favorite of many. Although I personally don’t like yellow, I know why it’s not a bad thing to see yellow with this product. Maybe there is a bumblebee type outlook in it!


With these four AA battery-powered machines you can do continuous metal hunting for about 25 hours. And so you understand, you will get tired, but the machine will continue! Also if you want to use this machine for two days separately with a single charge, then its battery indicator will be quite helpful for you. Because you can understand, how much is the battery charge!

We think that this machine, which is quite powerful in terms of structure, will easily become your choice. Also because it is quite light, you can use this machine for a long time without any problem. The size of the search coil of this machine, which can be used comfortably for a long time, is also quite large so it can cover large areas together very easily.

This machine also has the option of adjusting the frequency, which can make your metal hunting much easier and smoother. Especially if there are several of you doing metal hunting together. This feature can be very effective in preventing the frequency of other machines from causing any problems.

The features that enhance this metal hunter!

Even if you have any curiosity on how metal detectors work! This segment will give you very precise idea about one particular metal detector which is Garrett Ace 400. Let’s dive deep into it:

Audio feature

You will love this audio system with three different tones. This will provide a signature Beltone when your object metal is too large. Again when a little conductivity item comes up you will get a relatively low or mid-level tone.

Called “Pulse-Width Modulation”, this audio signal feature is very nice and can make your metal hunting much smoother. This tone system is also much easier to use.

Iron audio and discrimination

One of the features of the ACE 400 is its eared audio signal and discrimination. This is a specialized technology of Garrett Company, through which you will not only get the discrimination of iron but also the audio signal for it separately.

Discrimination plays a very effective role in places that have a lot of minerals. Particularly you can survive from various unnecessary targets by finding your specific target.

Also, if there is a lot of junk in a place, then discrimination can help you to find your specific target by separating them.

Garrett ACE 400 vs 300

However, in places where there is a lot of trash, it would be wise to turn off the separate audio signal for your iron. Because here you will continue to receive so many unnecessary signal that you will be annoyed. In that case, it is better to do metal hunting through Garrett ace 400 target id numbers by discrimination.

However, if there is a place where there is not much iron. There you will no longer have to worry about ordinary junk, such as bottle caps, cans, etc.

This machine is especially popular for finding your specific target by isolating this type of junk. One of these features will give you ample opportunity. And by this Garrett ACE 400 review,our expert team can suggest you this metal hunter for easier and smoother performance.

Digital target ID

Many consumers complained about the previous model of this model that this model did not have the target ID digitally. However, beyond that limitation, the company has integrated this new feature in a very nice way.

Now you can visually display object targets through this machine. Gold, Copper, Iron, etc. will display different IDs on your screen for the objects. The great thing is that there are a total of 99 different IDs.

Because you have a different ID, when you do metal hunting, you can see this ID to understand exactly which object is in front of your search coil.

Doing so will save you a lot of time by digging out the unwanted object. In extra time you will be able to do a lot more metal hunting and find a lot more metal.

Also, understand that having 99 different IDs allows you to do metal detection with much more accuracy. One downside, though, is that you may have to remember so many IDs differently.

But that’s why you don’t have to worry so much. The bottom of each ID will again show the name of the type of object in that ID.

Ground balance

Ground balance is a very complex issue for a metal hunter. This can lead to many problems, even unnecessary hunting. And to get rid of all those hassles, the company called Garrett has added this excellent feature of ground balance to the new model.

If you are a beginner, these problems are very difficult for you. Setting the ground balance manually requires a lot more experience. And so without this feature to do automatic ground balance, so even if you are a beginner, you will not have any problems.

Especially if there is too much mineralization in the ground, it can throw you into a lot of complications. In the meantime, if you go gold hunting in the wet sand of the beach again with ACE 400, it will be quite a struggle to give you the right direction.

But you will not need a lot more support from the ground balance feature from this model among other common grounds. But yes! One thing you need to keep in mind is that it is affordable. Our Garrett ACE 400 review suggests that you are not going to find such an excellent working machine without ground balance at this price anywhere else.

If you are looking for a much better ground balance even in the wet sand of the beach, then you will never find it in this budget. Then you need to find and purchase a metal detector according to your needs from best Beach Metal Hunter.

Different search modes

With this machine, you will get 12 different notches for discrimination. On the screen of this machine, you can also see digitally what kind of metal you are going to find for any type of segment.

Again this segment has ample customization opportunities, allowing you to select exactly which metal to display and which metal to ignore your machine.

Also, this excellent machine called ACE 400 has five different search modes, which are quite effective. This machine can even make your Metal Hunting experience much more beautiful and wonderful. The five search modes in this machine are as follows:


You will not find any discrimination in this search mode. On the ground that you have full confidence that there are some necessary things here, you can use this mood if you want.

Especially if you want to do all kinds of metal hunting and do not want to ignore any metal, then this search mode will bring you a very effective effect.


Understandably, this mood allows you to ignore all possible irons. This special mood is also very useful for searching for any type of bracelet, necklace, and ring-type expensive jewelry.


Many people buy different types of machines for relic or Jewel. However, with the search mode of this ACE 400, you can find Relic very effectively. You can even find brass and lead made of bronze through this search term.


This mode is used to differentiate coins from other common trash and junk in particular. For those who are very keen on coin hunting, this mood can provide special benefits.

Custom Mood:

The most fun mood is this custom mood. In this mode, you can set the discrimination as you like. But yes! To use this mode you must first be an experienced metal hunter.

You can set your own type of signal that your machine will accept and your machine will ignore.

Another nice thing about this mood is that you can save these settings for later use. After careful research, you may have set your specific discrimination, then if you switch off the machine, if that setting is gone, then there can be nothing sadder than this. At least this machine will keep you thousands of miles away from that frustration, rest assured.

This kind of custom mood option makes this machine called ACE 400 much more nice and attractive. Another thing you need to know, and that is that in all of the above types of moods, you can adjust your own notch. And after switching off the machine, that setting will remain on your machine.

The search coil is waterproof

The search coil you get with this wonderful Metal Hunter can make your Metal Hunting experience much more beautiful. The extraordinary combination of the shape of this 8.5 * 11-inch search coil can give you a lot more balance. In addition, this search coil is quite sensitive and has the ability to search very deeply.

metal detector coil

Our expert team says that this coil is the most effective among other models of the past. You can also get several more types of additional search coils with this machine if you want. Examples are the Super Sniper 4.5 inch search coil and the 5 * 8 DD coil.

Also, several more features of this search coil are bound to captivate you! Those features are as follows:

This search coil has a pinpoint function for you to search much more precisely. Although I personally prefer a dedicated pinpointer, having a built-in feature in the machine helps a lot when needed.

When the Sensitivity Adjustment comes on your list of needs, it has to be said that this machine has eight adjustments of Sensitivity. And this facility will help you to adapt the balance of depth and different types of ground conditions.

In addition to these types of search coils, this new model, called the ACE 400, has the Target Depth Indicator, just like any other previous model. This is a very useful feature that allows you to get an idea of ​​exactly how deep your targeted object is.

Also, when you look at Garrett ace 400 vs at pro, then at pro is submersible. And you can put it for 10 feet deep in the water! But if you want to dive with your machine, then you need some best underwater metal detectors.

Digital display and control panel

metal detector digital display

If you are using one of the other Garrett ACE models then you will love this new model display. What is special about this company’s new display is that it has made the previous displays in a new and improved way without making them completely new.

You can see that this display is very easy to read, despite several adjustments. You won’t be confused by the display.

Another highlight of this display is that it is very clean and much easier and smoother to use. The buttons are also set up in such a way that you can use it with great ease and you can easily remember the work of different buttons.

So you don’t have to spend a lot of time learning about the work of different buttons, but it will come to you very quickly. In addition, this visual display shows much other important information.

Different target IDs, iron audio signals, depth indicators, and different moods are displayed here in a very nice way. If you are a new level metal hunter, you can still master this whole thing with a little bit of time.

Also, the target ID that shows in this display will probably be the most used option for you. Especially if you want to find a specific object, this feature is able to give you a lot of comforts.

Affordable price

The most interesting thing about this new model of Garrett ACE is the affordable price of this product. One thing you need to understand first is that metal detectors usually cost a lot more than other gadgets.

But when you go to compare other metal detectors and all the nice features, you will be amazed at how all the nice features can be brought in at such a low price!

Also, when you use this metal hunter for a long time, you will feel good about yourself thinking that you can use such an affordable machine for a long time.

Rich with all the modern features and one of the best performance and service, you can buy this machine from Amazon at a very low price. So why delay, go to Amazon.com now, and order this wonderful metal detector.

Garrett ACE 400 review: High Performance

The Garrett ACE 400 is a nicely designed metal hunter that is easy to use and smooth. It is so simple that even if you are a beginner level hunter, you can take control of the machine in a short time. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Also, this machine is very accurate and at the same time lightweight so you don’t have to bother too much while using it. In a very short time, you can get the maximum service through this machine.

It is very different from many other machines in terms of sensitivity and it is very sensitive in terms of target picking. And so you will be completely satisfied with its robust performance for a long time.

Again when it comes to frustration in any trash-filled ground, the maximum discrimination power of this machine will give you a much more comfortable hunting experience even in that type of ground. And since you can get a machine with such excellent discriminating power at a very affordable price, you have to be satisfied.

Garrett ACE 400 review

Also, iron audio signals in any situation can make your metal hunting much more beautiful. But yes! Our team has found a downside to using this machine for a long time. And that is that the wet sand of any beach means that this machine will work in all places where there is a lot of mineralization, but it will not give much better performance.

However, it is not right to expect such a perfect performance at this affordable price. Especially where there is high mineralization on the ground, many expensive machines can also go to great lengths to provide accurate signals.

But yes! If the beach sand is not wet but very dry, then you do not have any problem with this machine. Rather excellent performance you will get even in dry sand.


What accessories will come with this machine?

With this machine called Garrett ACE 400, you will get a nice headphone, which will also have volume control. There will also be a manual on the coil cover, ACE cover and quite useful for your ease of use. For Garrett ace 400 tips, you can read the manual.
But yes! There are several retail shops on Amazon that offer a lot more with the Bundle. However, it depends on the specific package of the retailer. You can also get additional search coils in those packages.

Is this Garrett ACE 400 waterproof?

Nah, with this machine you can’t do metal hunting in deep water. But yes! You can do metal hunting in shallow water if you want, as the search quail of this machine is water-resistant.
However, you need to be extra careful when detecting metal in this way. Since only the search coil of this machine is water-resistant if water enters in its control box but there may be a problem.

Is the Garrett ACE 400 machine suitable for beach use?

Unlike many other VLF methods of metal detectors, this machine was not specifically designed for use in saltwater. So you can use it if you want, but you can’t take advantage of the wet sand of the beach with this machine.
Rather if the sand is quite dry then you can use this machine quite comfortably. At the same time with this machine but you cannot use it in the work of Gold Prospect, as this machine cannot give a good performance in very high mineralization soils.You need to find some best gold detectors for gold prospecting!
However, if you are looking for some all-around metal detectors, then Whites MX Sport Review will guide you through one of the best of them!

Where can I get ACE 400 for sale?

Since this Ace series from Garrett Company is a very popular machine in the market now. So you can get it at any metal hunting store.
However, if you go shopping online, we will definitely give more priority to the Amazon site than other sites. Not only do we say that we are affiliating with Amazon, but if you look at the popularity of Amazon, you will see that this is the best site for you.
This site is currently the most popular because of Amazon’s return policy and excellent price adjustment.
But yes! If you want to buy from somewhere else, be sure to check the condition of the machine and know the return policy of that online shop.

Final thought

In conclusion, it can be said that hopefully, you have benefited enough from our Garrett ACE 400 review. And all your curiosity about this machine has been met by this article.

Since we create reviews in the light of our own actual experience, we can say that this machine is quite a nice attractive design and lightweight. One of the best entry level metal detectors currently on the market for any type of coin, relic or jewelry hunting for a long time.

Because the automatic and manual ground balance is not available, you will not be able to do much with it in very high mineralization rich ground.

And so if you are not planning to do metal hunting in the wet sand of the beach, then this machine will be able to provide you the maximum service.

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