Mr. Shiraz Balolia established Grizzly Manufacturing in 1983, and it is unquestionably manufacturing the best power tools, such as metal lathes, CNC, milling machines, and so forth. We will discuss Grizzly Mini Metal Lathe in this grizzly g8688 review.

They quickly attracted the interest of local machinists due to their excellent production of cooperative machinery and, most notably, backend assistance.

Furthermore, the cost of these grizzly mini lathes are comparable to similar metal lathes on the sector, however the quality of the job would astonish you in every way. You’ll see why in this grizzly g8688 review.

I’ll attempt to send you all a quick rundown of the notable features, efficiency correlations with different devices based on price, including the external consumables required for the Grizzly G8688.

They might be useful for potential references in this grizzly mini lathe review, and they are all based on my own lived experience as a professional toolmaker.

If you’re not using a lot of time and want to learn all about the grizzly g8688 lathe, I’ve put together such a short rundown of the Grizzly G8688 mini metal lathe. That’s what you’ll notice below:

The G8688 is among the most robust mini metal lathes in the category, characterized by its high parts.

Speed control feature that functions both forward and backward.

With such a typical thread range of 12 to 52 TPI, a threading dial indication is also included.
A four-position turret post allows you to carry several tools at once, making spinning more convenient.

It’s ideal for tiny to moderate workers in the lab, which is where it shines.
As of their founding in 1983, Grizzly Industrial has been a player in the machine tool market, and they have a long tradition of making dependable and high-quality lathes, as shown by rave reviews from happy consumers.

The whole model, in general, has a wide range of talents that can appeal to people of all skill levels without being too complicated. However, as you can see we are talking about metal, let’s take a look at some best metal detector like Barska Metal Detector.

Grizzly G8688 Review: Properties & Specs

To begin, it’s a good place to check over the grizzly g8688 mini metal lathe model’s features and specifications.
Let’s start mostly with dimensions, then move on to 3 things to think about and when purchasing a new mini metal lathe.

Detailed information
• And measurements of 13” x 30.2” x 13”, the total weight is 74 lbs.
• The single step, 110 volts 34 motors is used.
• Differential frequencies of 0-1100 RPM on the bottom end and 0-2500 RPM on the top end.
• 7″ swing over the bunk, 12″ among cores
• Tailstock movement is 2-1/4” and crossed slider movement is 2-34”.
• Pulley bore is 20mm.
• 5/16” is the device that allows bit dimension.
• There are 18 common thread pitches and 10 metric thread pitches.
• The chuck used has a 16mm bore capacity.
• As a whole Analysis of the grizzly g8688 lathe.
Let us just speak about the construction quality for a moment, and then I’ll equate it to some other grizzly 7 x 12 lathe.


Building in general

The structure is unquestionably solid. Whenever the lathe is used often, the vibration generated by traditional lathes may become intolerable at moments.

Chattering or shaking may now occur for a variety of causes. One of most important characteristics of vibration absorption is weight.

It weighs about 74 pounds, which isn’t particularly large, but it’s sufficient for small ventures. Cutting threads and designing little brush pulleys are two of my favorite things to do. And I never experienced any strange vibrations when working.

While extra weight might not be a best subject in this case, the mass can be offset by the amazing enhanced extras on board in this grizzly g8688 review.

I firmly advise you to tighten the bolts on the benchtop first. Regulates for varying the speed of the motor.

The technical dimensions are improving all the time throughout the revolution. For today’s lathe master, speed control is a must.

As a result, if the possibility of speed control is accessible, you must take it.
More like associates, the grizzly g8688 mini metal lathe has Speed control. The lowest range is 0-1100 RPM, and the maximum is 2500 RPM as you can see in this grizzly mini lathe review.

For incredibly low cost, you’ll get inch and meter dials, a turrets machine post, a chips rack, and a spill shield of this grizzly 7 x 12 lathe.

It comes with a 250W motor that is ideal for newbie and advanced machine operators working on compact tasks. In addition, to forward again and backward, both frequency choices include forward and reverse.



Strength is a term used to describe how much anything may hold
People always undervalue this sturdy unit, something I strongly disagree with.
Any turner I spoke with, including myself, was extremely pleased with the Grizzly G8688’s ability to manage turning strategies such as facing, turning, shaping, chamfering, and separating.

According to this grizzly machines review, the rim is a 12′′ long spindle with a 7′′ swing circumference, even if you want to. Small bolts, nuts, or some other useful power tool mallet may be made with scrap at any time for personal use as well as also for sale.
Regard loops as large as 10 meters can be made with a 2.75 cross slide and a tailstock and spindle measuring 20mm.

Furthermore, the thread’s dial meter has very normal completions. This benchtop grizzly g8688 mini metal lathe has a thread range of 18 regular 12-52 TPI and 10 metric thread pitches.


Tool rest

The threading gears are constructed of plastic and are much tighter than those used on most lathes.

But it might have been far cooler if it had been manufactured from metal rather than rubber, I think it’s just fine with this grizzly 7 x 12 lathe.

As a result, the housing gears’ head is also constructed of plastic, which is acceptable but should have been easier given that these are semi-professional mini metal lathes.

A four-position turret post is also included, which is aerodynamically built for easier gripping in the side.

Finally, if you really can manage it, you are eligible to replace the plastics equipment with a steel one. It will require work as you can see this grizzly mini lathe review.

Robust Motor

Since the grizzly mini lathes is a smaller device, it’s reasonable to conclude that certain functions would be challenging.

This is not the case, since the lathe is ideal for hobbyists and occupations that aren’t technical or commercial in nature.

According to this grizzly g8688 review it can be said that, the grizzly mini metal lathe is driven by a single-phase motor for efficient output in your workspace.

Each small metal lathe’s engine has a horsepower of 34 and runs on 110 volts. It was not the strongest metal lathe on the market, but it is unquestionably among some of the best in the mini-metal lathe segment.

It would be capable of completing the most of your home and workshop tasks.

What Sets The Grizzly G8688 Apart From Others?

We’ve looked at the grizzly g8688 lathe’s main features, but what about the ones that set it apart from the majority of the mini-metal lathes on the market?

If you disagree with either of these – or believe something should be included – please let me know in the comments section.

First, we’ll have a peek at the architecture of grizzly machine lathe.

Design & Longevity: grizzly g8688 review

When it comes to the materials used to make this model, I’ve gone into great detail regarding Grizzly’s consistency.

The high standard of the construction often decreases spindle friction, allowing for precise and reliable turning without the risk of errors caused by shakiness.

The grizzly mini metal lathe will comfortably fit into the majority of small spaces in your workspace due to its lightweight size. The mini metal lathe thrives in this environment – the workshop.

That isn’t to mean you can’t use it for other things; but, due to power constraints relative to these top-notch advanced ones, it’s probably not the best lathe for industrial applications.

The speed can be changed.

Metal turning is a task that necessitates maximum focus in order to produce accurate results. Accuracy falls in the form of shifting speeds, and Grizzly Industrial has thankfully provided this feature on the G8688.

This grizzly machines lathe model’s variable speed is divided into two ranges: low and fast. The low level will give you a speed of 0-1100 RPM, whilst the high range will give you a speed of 0-2500 RPM. This is ideal for dealing with various metals and giving you greater price stability.

You may also transform in both forward and reverse directions, in addition to the variable speed feature. On both the low and high range speed levels, this can be noticed.

Doesn’t it sound fantastic?

Perfect Value for money

Finally, I’ll go through the last feature that distinguishes the Grizzly G8688 from the competition: value for money.

Not only can you obtain a mini metal lathe capable of handling most small and medium jobs you will bring at it for under $1000, but it will also be designed to last a long time.

You won’t have to think about changing the grizzly mini metal lathe in the future because it’s both reliable and robust. This is a win-win situation for your pocket and yourself when you won’t have to adapt to a fresh mini metal lathe until you’ve mastered this model’s learning curve.

A selection of other such items is also incorporated, that we covered in detail earlier in this review.

Doesn’t appear to be that terrible in this grizzly g8689 review, does it?

In this grizzly g8688 review: What else is included in the package?

• Unlike other mini-lathes, this grizzly metal lathe arrives with a few additional accessories, saving you a few dollars.
• A faceplate is a piece of metal that covers the face.
• Maintain a steady rest.
• 2 Morse taper in the center.

Interlock turn for the motor

That Grizzly team has a clear idea of offering the finest customer experience before and during deliveries, but they’ve discussed giving away required tools and accessories for free.

A method that has been ground to a point to correctly place a workpiece on an axis is known as an MT#2 Dead center.

A washstand shield, a stable resting device, a Jaw chuck with exterior jaws, a chip pan, and a 6-1/4-inch faceplate are among the other accessories.

These resources are much required, and having them for free feels very pleasant and convenient. If you need a drill chuck for your tailstock, you’ll have to look for one online because it’s not included with the kit.

You may also purchase a new DRO to use on the compound slide.

Related lathes are compared

Mini metal lathes with reported that approximately and diameters are available. To be frank, the majority of them, like this Grizzly lathe, are manufactured in China. The main distinction is that they all vary somewhat in terms of features and costs.

Take Harbor Freight central equipment, Precision Matthews, Siege, Eastwood, Hi-Torque, Best Equip, among other manufacturers. They’re both pretty decent at what they do, and the Grizzly is no exception.

When it comes to robots, everybody has their own preferences and tastes. I like grizzly mini lathes because of its fast customer service, reasonable prices, and parts availability.

In terms of cost, I recently purchased their G0766 wood lathe for half the cost of a Powermatic. That is their level of decency. Let’s have a look at some of the significant gaps between them.

The section that concerns me

In the field of machines, no computer is flawless and that will also reflect in this grizzly g8688 review. They all have their drawbacks, which forces businesses to update their computers on a regular basis. You should be aware that a bench lathe is a highly advanced metalworking instrument.

People function on a variety of tasks and use a variety of turning techniques, which may add to the difficulty. Not all of the problems would be the same.

Grizzly lathes, in my opinion, can support you well in the long run before you drive these micro metal lathes beyond their limits like best midi lathe.

Everything you have to do is clean the pieces from time to time and keep them lubricated with the proper oil.

The first thing I like is a shipment that is both clean and courteous. For anybody, bad delivery may be a disaster. You can see that a component is missing, damaged, or loosening, among other things.

They can replace it if you call them right away. Review the tool post for a fast shift, as this is a popular problem with mini lathes and midi lathes. To be on the safe side, use a plastic chuck guard.

Again, you can hear concerns about quality measures, such as dents on the base plate, and both of these are due to poor shipping like other grizzly g0462.

So, look up some obvious disadvantages of this benchtop metal lathe on Google or ask a real user, because as far as I’ve seen or used it, it seems like a nice decent machine for managing tiny works.

Take advantage of this fantastic customer service firm.

Could there be a stronger Grizzly G8688 version?

This is the most thrilling and potentially wise component. G0765 is a new unit from Grizzly that improves on the G8688. They increased the center distance and operated with motor power.

Features that have been improved:

• The motor’s output has been increased to 3/4 HP.
• The distance between the centers has been raised to 13-3/4′′.
• Weight increased to 110 pounds.
• The finishing design has been retouched.

Obviously, the value has dropped as well, as is to be anticipated. Grizzly fans, on the other hand, will gladly pay a couple dollars extra for a 2 inch gap and increased engine horsepower.

It’s a good move forward for any machine operator.
I’ve also discussed the Grizzly G0602 lathe, which you may be interesting in.
The Grizzly G8688 is a fantastic small lathe that will carry your passion towards the next stage and train you for a proactive attitude.

Also it’s worth noting that something like that isn’t designed for hard rock spinning. Since this micro lathe is relatively simple to use, and first newcomers are invited to get their hands dirty.

Heavy metal lathes, such as the Grizzly g9972z and other grizzly mini wood lathe, have many of the functionality of this cool gadget, but only to a small extent. However, if you want to know how to use a metal lathe, then you can take a look at our article.
So, if you’re going to play tiny, why bother with a large lathe machine when you can have the simpler and more portable version instead?

Which, to me, is the allure of the mini-lathe. It’s a fantastic machine tool that can save you space, time, and money on repairs as you can see in this grizzly g8688 review.
We think this guide aids you in your buying choice.

FAQs of grizzly g8688 review

Are mini metal lathes any good?

The M1015 design from Store Fox, like most of the mini metal lathes tested currently, is targeted at consumers who operate on smaller tasks. This apart from its small size, the M1015 mini metal lathe has a sturdy, durable build, that is ideal for anyone searching for a long-lasting lathe.

Where are grizzly wood lathes made?

The Client Experience and Technology Consulting Teams at Grizzly are headquartered in the United States. The lathe’s components and products can be ordered online and delivered from the Grizzly parts warehouse in Springfield, Missouri. Specs INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: 2 HP, single-phase, 110V, 14A motor. We have compiled some of the best wood lathe that might grab your attention for a bit.

Why are mini lathes so expensive?

The expense of maintaining extreme accuracy on the lathe, the speed control engine that must withstand long working hours, and the expense of the Cast Iron that is used to maintain the lathe are the key factors that render a wood lathe costly.

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