If you go shopping in an outdoor department store, you will find a wide variety of “metal detectors” for babies or young children. The harbor freight metal detector is known as a great metal! The products of these models are not very expensive and not a rare item – why would you look at any other product after that?

This harbor freight metal detector uses different tones for each type of metal and an armrest for operator comfort. It is very easy to bring out coins and other valuable and hidden tools on the beach or in your backyard!

The problem, however, is that these detectors are basically like toys. If there is one thing on the surface, you may be lucky enough to collect it. And if you meet a target, the mind will want to celebrate it!

Fortunately, we have many models lowes metal detectors that work efficiently and to a high standard. And these are more affordable than premium models. This is one of the best metal detectors.

This harbor freight metal detector  review will guide you.


Where some new detectors are not well equipped, as well as the settings are not good, the brand’s products like Visual Target ID, Dept Indicator, and Notch Discrimination are producing good equipment.

And the biggest thing is that these metal detecter can detect and collect money, jewelry, and debris, even from the very deep ground (“6-8” deep but it depends on the type of ground).

Today I will discuss harbor freight metal detector to help you before you start this fancy profession. Before moving on to other discussions, I would like to ask what components would you look for in a beginner metal detector?

Harbor freight metal detector review

First of all, it’s the best basic detector out of 40 cams (25% off in-store coupons), maybe the one you’re looking for. And it can detect valuable substances from the deep ground, but it depends on the soil and those substances. But it is a very basic device! It is not a garret metal detector, bunty hunter metal detector, or 67378 metal detector, so don’t expect any miracles!

This metal detector is not magic, and also not a kids detectors that your child can play with. With this amazing metal detector, you will be able to hunt some basic gold, nugget and coins.  It can be counted as a basic level gold detector.

It is a better starter unit and the function unit of that unit is much better than the HFT cell because it is discriminated against! Its drawbacks are coil-shaped and small in size, as well as suitable for working in a large area such as a park.

Its tone is also of the same nature, suitable for all targets. Except for the aluminum shaft, the rest of the equipment is made of plastic. The combination of the two metal trench pieces is loose for me and I have to harden it again every 10 minutes.

The “Target Indicator” dial is useless – this machine is based on sound. The manual of harbor freight metal detectors, 9 function metal detector with arm rest will give you a lot of benefits. So here is how to use it (after installing some fresh AA batteries and unpacking it) you should also stay away from all computers, cell phones, power lines, and other electrical interference.

Even a needle of happiness will stick all over the place for no reason. It is said that there are many YouTube videos on how to use metal detectors. I would recommend you to watch the videos. And I also advise you to avoid unnecessary and unnecessary frustration.


Be careful when adjusting its height or when the shafts become detached. I lost two plastic threading lock nuts that were important for assembling things that could hold two shaft pieces together.

But I lost the mango, then I could not get it! So, learn from my mistakes and make sure you don’t lose your thing because you can’t order any part separately. You will be guided with this harbor freight metal detector review.

First, the coil must be turned on to detect something, which is true of most detectors. No alert will be generated if you are holding a piece of steel. So, every time you take a device on top of a metal, you have to pull this metal detector harbor freight backward.

Volume rock is important! Headphones or earbuds can be kept as options, and you can choose these two options even if you don’t want to disturb the people around you.


The knob is what kind of sensitivity you want. Start at 10, and move it closer to the ground (but do not touch the ground), and keep it away from any metal.

If it does not produce any sound, take it for granted. And if it starts alerting, find a different area where the same type of metal will not be.

And if it still alerts, understand that you have tested on “mineralized soil”. So, back up the sensitivity option until it gives the right track! Menards metal detector is another hunter with this feature.

Mode switch

It’s a confusing switch! Disc = Discrimination and acts as a conjunction with the disc/tone knob. All metals do this – it ignores disk settings and alerts to * everything *. It detects nails, broken metal, screws, etc.

Turning on the disk knob will help you find certain things with this harbor freight metal detector. First, it will detect the iron. Then it will detect aluminum (it can also detect gold), then silver! The tone works the same as a disc, the only difference being that it can distort the sound when it detects something.

This harbor freight metal detector  review will guide you.

It is better if the two metals are close together and the discrimination option can reduce the effect of both as it is made of iron! And metal detectors harbor freight is just set an example of this feature. To understand deeply this type of feature, you need to learn how a metal detector works.

To learn how to use harbor freight metal detector mods, take a nail, penny, nickel, dime, and pick a spatula that is not dirty or grass. Do not use the deck or floor. Because pinpoint metal detector harbor freight has more than one nail. Set the mode switch to disk or tone and set the disk/tone to zero or zero.


Push the coil a few times and keep in mind that each time an alert is generated. Set the disk/tone to K2 and push repeatedly on the nail. If it makes a good sound, keep pushing again and again until Neil turns this sound off.

But you cannot put it underwater because this is not an underwater metal detector. But you can hunt this in a shallow water area like a riverbank.

(Depending on which disc or tone you choose, it will sound or not) And yes, keep the knob on.

Put it on the coin and push it, you will see that the instrument is giving a good sound.

In this case, you should go to your home premises and find out any material that is not like coins, bottle chips, cans, etc.! Since this device produces the same sound for all metals, you should stop digging after hearing the solid sound.

This harbor freight metal detector  review will guide you.

More expensive models but great ways to collect things! For example, different sounds for different materials, indicators, etc. These will help you to understand which things have been identified. But without digging, your ID will not be quite good.

If you don’t want to dig a big hole, press the pinpoint button (the red button on the handle), and you can collect things with the coil in the center. You can find things by doing a little digging.

Famous for its chain-tech pinpointer price as a budget item! It does not produce any geyser-counter sound. It doesn’t even blow the whistle after detecting something! Buy this instrument if you want to fulfill this hobby at a low cost.

Practice with the object of recognition. Then give it a try. Then try the beach. Then search anywhere legitimate (if you get permission from the authorities). Then contact local authorities or property owners. And it is legal to collect equipment from these areas!

Some important features of metal detector harbor freight


As you may know, discrimination is a metallic identifying element to ignore unwanted waste. The better the discrimination, the less time you spend digging up unwanted things.

And for this, you have given so much effort to make Mimelab CTS 3030. This CTS is the best model discrimination target. To achieve this, the detector analyzes both iron and conductive components and displays them on the LCD.

This harbor freight metal detector  review will guide you.

Like other, this metal detector pinpointer harbor freight Discrimination Target Aura can categorize things. However, it tends to be more complex than the simple exceptions found on cheap devices.

However, it has a good and strong setting. You can use it well when you want to filter the target and understand how to use the iron-based properties.

You can say, for example, that the horizontal axis displays conductivity on a scale of 1-50. Low conductivity targets such as small coin coins, fine jewelry, and foil are displayed at the bottom of the axis. On the other hand, higher conductive silver and copper coins are on the higher end.

On the vertical axis, the iron properties of the target are displayed on a scale of 1-35. Non-ferrous objects like pure metals are displayed at the top of the screen, while higher ferrous targets (e.g. nails) are displayed at the bottom.

When a target is detected, both its maneuverability and its ferrous properties determine where the object will appear. You can quickly adjust the area on the graph to see if you have accepted or omitted it.

And it will allow you to control the audio signal. Of course, there are pre-set search modes for you if you don’t want to confuse the discrimination pattern yourself.

If you are looking for the best discrimination, then there are some professional fisher detectors are available in the current marketplace.

Discrimination and notch Discrimination of metal detector harbor freight

There is nothing more frustrating than digging out your tenth pool-tab or bottle cap without the only real find! For this reason, professional identifiers may discriminate or ignore targets depending on the type of metal.

It determines a marginal inductiveness and is found ignoring anything below this level. Knots discriminations allow you to “drive” the driver’s level instead of removing it “below a certain decade.”

Depth indicator

Many modern detectors have a basic coin depth indicator like harbor freight 9 function metal detector. This will give you an idea of ​​how deeply you need to plugin.

Ground balance

As I said before in this harbor freight metal detector review, ground balance can reduce chatter and increase the depth of detection in mineralized areas. Most beginner detectors can “pre-set” ground balances based on average ground conditions.

However, it is fine for low or medium mineralized space, but not for “heated” space. The more advanced detector like harbor freight 9 function metal detector brings automatic ground balancing, which allows the detector to adjust to current conditions.

If you are going to hunt in a high level mineralized or wet sand place, you need to maintain manual or automatic ground balance.Thebest beach detector can be a great help in this type of high mineralized ground.

Target ID

Target ID will give you an idea of ​​how your detector responds to different types of targets, so you can predict an item before you dig.

Most elementary metal detectors show a “signal strength” that shows the size and conductivity of an object. Others (such as the Garrett AC 250) show a category of target IDs that give a rough idea of ​​the types of metals. However, if you want to know the difference between Garrett AT Pro Vs AT Gold, then this article will come very handy.

This harbor freight metal detector  review will guide you.


More advanced harbor freight metal detector has different types of target IDs that range from 0-99 depending on the target conductivity. It identifies more precisely.

Search coil

The stock search coil of the detector should be suitable for the initial detection of this metal detector pinpointer harbor freight. As you get more advanced you will find additional search coils of different sizes and technical advantages.

Larger coils are great for depth and digging large areas of ground but smaller coils also bring better fun with better target separation!

Tips for working in a different environment

Many factors affect the sensitivity and uniformity as well as the detection of items such as angle, depth, size, and oxidation of the target object. So, getting the idea from a metal detector buying guide might help.

Different types of soil or seawater conditions and electromagnetic materials around the target can also affect the work. Other metal detectors in the area will also interfere, so when multiple units are in use, make sure they are at least 10 yards away.

Some Ways to Increase Success:

1. If there is an obstacle to finding the same thing in your sarsing area, then lower the sensitivity setting a bit. This will remove the barrier

2. If an electric cable, TV, radio, or other electrical device interferes with your excavation, lower the sensitivity setting.

3. This unit can sound when digging in highly mineralized areas, even if there is no metal there. Set the Sense setting to low, set the disk to high, and increase the distance of the search coil from the grind until the wrong signal is removed.

To set the disk set, test the metal object once in a high mineralized area or on wet ground. Set this setting before starting.

4. When exploring any garbage area with harbor freight tools metal detector, set the disk settings in the middle so that the unit can remove unnecessary metals such as nails, bottle caps, cans, and small pieces of iron.

5. Move all the metal digging tools while searching.

6. Usually the sensitivity level is opposite to the sensing disk setting. The higher the sensitivity level, the less discrimination there will be. It is better to reduce the sensitivity level for better discrimination.

Cleaning and preserving

1. Before each use, check the general condition of the device. Check for loose hardware, misalignment or part binding, cracked or broken parts, the transmission of damaged electrical wires, and any other condition that may interfere with the safe operation of the instrument.

2. Operate the metal detector carefully and cautiously. Leaving it out can cause damage to the circuit board and the case, and it can also cause problems during detection.

3. After use, wipe the outside of the tool with a light wet clean cloth, then dry. Do not use harsh chemicals or cleaning solvents or strong detergents to clean the machine as we said in the harbor freight 9 function metal detector review.

Does Harbor Freight carry metal detectors?

This harbor freight metal detector can easily retrieve coins and hidden valuables from the beach or your backyard. These harbor freight have different tones for each metal type and the operator uses armrests for comfort. Pick the device of your choice today and enjoy it by purchasing it at an affordable price.

How deep can metal detectors find metal?

Some metal detectors can detect equipment from the deep ground up to the basic level of the soil. It is determined by its scope. If it is small in size, it can detect from a depth of about 5 to 10 centimeters. Again, a medium-sized instrument can detect almost twice as many objects within 10 to 15 centimeters with a metal detector pinpointer harbor freight. High-range detectors can go up to 25 to 35 centimeters deep.

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