Your little boy may be whimsical, Dad, make me a DIY metal detector! you told him, let’s buy a toy metal detector or a metal detector for kids. As maybe you don’t know how to make a metal detector out of household items! But he refuses to listen!

Yes! This type of situation is yours or not, if you want to make your metal detector, then this article is written just for you.

Making a metal detector on your own is quite a nice and at the same time fun activity. However, to make a simple metal detector you have to have a lot more control over different types of circuits. But today we will learn how to make a metal detector coil even with some common household things around.

If you can bring this matter under your control, it will become a fun time activity to spend time with your children. Even if you don’t know how to build a metal detector, then this article will come in handy.

Did you know that you can easily make a metal detector with very simple things in your home, such as a radio and a calculator?


Again, you can turn your own constantly used smartphone into a metal detector in a matter of moments. Anyway, this might not tell you how to make a metal detector to find gold, but you will have some decent metal detectors to play with your kids.

And finally, build your metal detector quite easily by assembling several parts of a conventional metal detector. But before you do that, you must know how a metal detector works.

How to make a metal detector

We will discuss some of the easy ways to make a homemade metal detector. So, if you are interested in how to make a homemade metal detector, then be with us. Within a few readings and practicing will be able to know how to make a powerful metal detector. Even you will be a proud owner of a homemade metal detector.

Making your metal detector is not that hard a job, this article will guide you through everything you need to know about how to build a metal detector.

The first method: Detect metal with radio and calculator

The first thing you need to do is move the radio to the AM seating. Also, keep in mind that it should be a static sound so that there is no setting in any one station.

This static sound lets you know if there is any metal on the front. That is why static sound is so important.

In the second step, you will convert this radio antenna as a search head. To do this you first need to turn on the calculator. Then the two devices should be placed on the back of each other.

However, in this case, care must be taken so that a pulse tone comes from the radio. For this, you may have to place both devices at a special angle or position. Then you can get this tone.

Thirdly, you have to tape these two devices to the position where you will get this pulse tone. Whenever this radio and calculator produces the right tone, it is in the same position but you have to tap, otherwise, your metal detector will not work.

If it turns out that you have to tap at an angle that makes it difficult to hold the device, then there is nothing to worry about. You can stick this whole device in a longboard. Then you can work only by holding the board without holding the device later.

Like a complete metal detector, this device will work like your search coil and you will get a distinct sound when you hold this device on top of any metal.

If you fit this search coil into a shaft, you will get a feel of a real metal detector. In this case, any old long stick of the house, or broomstick can come in handy.

Then you can test this device on any metal in the house if you want. First place a metal spoon on your table, then hold this search coil on that spoon.

You will see a kind of beeping sound coming from your radio soundbox. Then you need to understand that your metal detector can detect the spoon.

This is also an answer to the question, how to make a homemade metal detector with a magnet. Because the magnet from the radio soundbox comes quite handy in this process.


Recognize, now your metal detector is working well. You can then take your child out to the yard or somewhere else. Surprise everyone by detecting metal with this metal detector. Now you know how to make a metal detector out of household items. Now it’s time for you to explore some professional metal detectors for beginners.

Method 2: Convert your smartphone to a metal detector

So, you want to know, how to make a metal detector with a phone? Stay with us…

For this, you need to download a metal detector application. Now the question may come, why any kind of application installed on the mobile phone will work as a homemade metal detector?

The answer is that your mobile phone is also an electronic device. And that’s exactly why the magnetic field is created from it. This might be the easiest answer to the question, how to make a homemade metal detector.

And if you can control or detect the coming and going of this magnetic field, then it is possible to convert it into a metal detector.

And so, you go to the mobile app store and download a good rating metal detector application. If you search in the App Store by typing “Metal Detector”, then you will see some applications in the search results.


Next, hold your mobile phone with the application open on any metal. You will notice that there will be some changes in the magnetic field option on your phone.

If the data in the application changes when you put it in a metal object in the cell, then you will understand that your metal detector application is working properly.

Now the question that may come to your mind is how to detect metal in the application. The answer is that when you place the smartphone on a metal, the magnetic field of your phone will also change.

With the application, you can diagnose the change correctly if you want. And this is how a smartphone can be easily converted to a metal detector.

And that’s why when you place your smartphone on a metal, you can see that there is a metal in front of your phone by noticing the changes in its magnetic field.

Method 3: You can assemble the hardware of the metal detector

You can easily make your own metal detector by purchasing this type of separate hardware. However, these will be very early metal detectors.

It is better not to expect the service of Beach Hunting, Gold Hunting, or Underwater Metal Detector from these.

You can buy different types of metal detector kits in the market. Which of these includes coils and shafts. Other kits were found to have only the control box. This way you can properly verify the kits you need to build a metal detector.

For a control box, you need to solder all the circuits. And so, when buying a kit, you have to buy a soldering gun.

If you have never soldered before, you will need the help of a professional. Also, you have to learn to solder first.

When you have assembled all the components, it will be time to test your metal detector. And so, put different types of metal on the floor and put your metal detector there. See how well your new metal detector is detecting all metals.

Some metal detector soldering kits

1. Elenco K-26 Metal Detector Soldering Kit

Elenco K-26 Metal Detector Soldering Kit


With this old-school metal detector kit, you can do soldering with great ease. The funny thing is that you can see from the price of this kit that is not very expensive.

However, a little earlier we showed that the combination of radio and calculator techniques to make metal detectors follows the same procedure. But the difference is that it contains only the circuits.

If you solder these circuits, you will see that you can easily detect ordinary metal with it. Yes! Indeed, these may not be the best metal detectors on the market, but these metal detectors can be a good alternative to metal detectors made for children.

You can also use this metal detector as a science project if your child is interested in a variety of science projects. This DIY metal detector is amazing when it comes to price and performance.

2. DGZZI 1Set Soldering Practice Kit

DGZZI 1Set Soldering Practice Kit


With this metal detector kit, you will find about 16 items in all. But one thing you must know. And that is, if you want to assemble this kit, you must have prior knowledge about these different circuits. You need to know how to make a metal detector with kits and circuits.

You will not receive any instructions with this kit, so you will need to assemble them yourself. Also, the nice thing is that the price of this kit is much lower.

You don’t have to worry about the budget to buy this kit. After assembling this kit, you will see that whenever any metal falls in front of this detector, you will be shown a light signal in this detector.

Another thing is that you can run this detector through the battery. And that’s why with this kit you will get an excellent battery holder.

3. Ximimark 2Pcs Metal Detector Kit Electronic Soldering Practice Kit

With this soldering practice kit, you and your child can have a wonderful time. With this kit made up of many items, you can own an excellent metal detector.

This detector is a bit more powerful than the other items on our list. And so with this detector, you can do metal detection at any gate for security purposes.

And you can easily assemble these circuits. Even doing this will revitalize your old welding skills.

This detector has a red-light indicator, which allows you to easily see if there is any metal in front of your metal detector.

If you have the basic knowledge to assemble different types of circuits and electronics products, then you can assemble this kit. You do not need to have any professional knowledge related to this.

Yes! It’s probably no better metal detector than Fisher or Garrett. However, when you consider the price aspect, you will be quite satisfied with the performance of this DIY metal detector.

4. Davitu DIY Electronic Kits

Davitu DIY Electronic Kits

By assembling a few circuits, you can own an excellent metal detector at a very reasonable price. You have to be well known about the process of how to make a metal detector.

Even if you want to surprise everyone by creating something new in the school science project, there is no comparison to this project.

In addition to the science project, you can keep your children busy with this metal detector for a long time. This kit can be an excellent option for learning science with sports.

With this kit, you will get a battery holder, through which you can ensure the electric supply of the metal detector. This kit will help you to make your metal detector.

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