A wooden lathe is a very nice tool. This tool gives you the ability to create a very beautiful and smooth object on a very small piece of wood. And you won’t get this ability from any other tool except wood lathe. Usually, this type of wooden lathe does not take up much space. This type of tool is perfect for keeping your workshop or your garage in extra space. But now the question may come, why this kind of tool is perfect? These best mini wood lathes are available in a small size in the market which isa mini wood lathe. Today we are going to talk about some such mini wooden lathes.

If you are searching for the best mini wood lathe or pen lathe, then this is the right place.

Have you ever wanted to turn your pens into peppercorns or Christmas ornaments? And if you are looking for a wooden lathe, the answer is guaranteed to be yes.

Whether you are a beginner, novice, or an experienced woodturner, mini lathes are the best way to wood turn. These are more efficient and cheaper than large lathes, and they easily fit into a workplace.

Except for making large bowls or furniture legs, you can do almost all kinds of work with the best mini wood lathe. Let’s hope into these mini wood lathe reviews.

However, if you are interested in the best metal lathe and want to know how to use a metal lathe, you can check out our article.

Top 10 best mini wood lathe                                                                                       

Many of these mini wooden lathes are covered in our top 10 mini wooden lathes and their features are beautifully described in the guidebook. This proves that the mini wooden lathes are quite efficient and strong compared to their size.

If you are searching for the best mini wood lathe or pen lathe, then this is the right place.

I hope this guide will be helpful for you in making a decision and you can let me know what you think about these lathes below this article of mini wood lathe reviews.

1. Nova 71118 Comet 2 DR

Nova 71118 Comet 2 DR is one of the best Mini Wood Lathe


One of the powerful motors and larger swing capabilities of this small wood lathe is that it offers great versatility for larger wood projects while being portable. It is portable, space-saving, and yet carries almost the same performance as large lathes.

It is famous for its wide range of work on woodworking projects. This Nova Comet 2DR best midi wood lathe 2020 Lathe takes the Nova Mini Lathe and gives it a huge upgrade. It has a digital display with a speed control dial for maximum convenience and user experience control.

This mini wood lathe for sale has a powerful 3/4 horsepower variable speed motor that provides a range of 250-2000 rpm. This lathe is perfect for climbing from very low speeds to very high speeds and for various tasks up to the spindle. Its switches will give you extra flexibility so you can get a higher finish to your work.

The quick dial is used for work, material, and condition. You will not be limited to the potentially dangerous steady speed step. The speed at which you are not rotating is easily seen on the screen display.

It provides a range of motion through maximum flexibility. The step in the middle provides a sufficient range of applications to turn most wood. The additional 2 steps provide more torque for more demanding applications.

2. Delta Industrial 46-460

Delta Industrial 46-460 is one of the best Mini Wood Lathe


This wooden lathe makes a very large swing for different types of the woodwork so you can get the job done more easily. This Delta Turning MasterPiece will get any of your work done right and it will be to your liking.

It has a powerful one-horsepower that handles wood with high capacity and produces sufficient torque and speed at 1750 rpm. With the help of this, it can be fixed up to 250 rpm for various large types of work.

It is capable of changing the speed and electrical of the best mini lathe through a kind of system. Its patented belt tensioning system works quickly and easily to change speeds and set the right values ​​for high power switches and long movement of equipment.

The three indexes lock a total of 24 headstock spindles for flute and other woodwork. With a maximum of 1 horsepower saturated, the Delta 48-480, 12-1, or 2-inch variable powered by a 1625 rpm motor provides this oscillating power and is the largest in its segment.

It does not change the variable speed with three pulse-speed ranges for any task and thereby makes the task much easier. It gives the front and rear turner a high standard work gift for the accuracy of the work.

This makes the pieces of wood flexible and ready to form into different shapes. The process is done by flipping the fastest time of this lathe switch and it uses 47-480 rpm.

The job of this change is to transfer the most power and to fasten the belt correctly every time for the longevity of the machine. It has six belts which are grooved in shape and famous for changing places very quickly which prevents large objects from getting into any trouble. Hope these mini lathes reviews came very useful to you.

It is as stable as it is durable with construction. Due to which the 8-4 and 10-inch outfit incorporates 48-480 faceplates, adjusts the smoothness of the work while rotating in different ways, and helps the machine to rest.

3. WEN 3421 mini wood lathe

WEN 3421 mini wood lathe is one of the best Mini Wood Lathe


This best mini lathe WEN can do any type of work on the table with a wood width of 8 inches by 12-inch variable. Adjust the variable speed between 650 to 3200 rotations per minute.

This WEN Variable Speed ​​Benchtop Wood Lathe features an MT1 spindle and tailstock taper to grip the working piece very tightly.

Two more tools (4-1 / 2 inches and 6 inches) act as support for the chisels and the rest of the tools during an operation, and its 2A motor rotates the object.

This easy-to-operate lever clamping system keeps the tailstock and tool rest simple and beautiful. This WEN small wood lathe has a flat wrench, a headstock spare center, a tailstock spare center, a knockout rod, and a 5-inch faceplate that rotates bowls, cups, and other non-spindle workpieces.

Adjust the speed to 750-3200 rotations per minute and accomplish this with the variable speed knob.

This WEN lathe includes a knockout rod, two tool rests, a faceplate, a tailstock cup center, a headstock spare center, and much more.

4. PSI woodworking PENPAL pen making lathe

PSI woodworking PENPAL pen making lathe is one of the best Mini Wood Lathe


If turning the pen is your passion, then this is the pen-making pen lathe of PENPAL for you which you will appreciate for its incredible utility. With just 15 lbs. you can store this full-featured pen-turning workhorse indoors or outdoors and travel with it if you want.

It is used as a 2nd lathe and helps in sending, finishing, or making extra pain. It has beautiful engineering skills applied and is very easy to work with after setup.

It has a 2 “dust collection hood through which air is cleared and dust is reduced. Heavy-duty tools are preset to minimize adjustments and these are attached to it.

This best mini lathe carries mounting holes and flanges that secure mounts or clamps in any situation. Made of extruded and anodized aluminum. Its variable speed is 0-4300 rpm. Its Tailstock has the No. 1 Morse taper. And the headstock has a collect-type mandrel.

Even if you are searching for the best mini wood lathe in Australia, this lathe has a pen mandrel shaft and a closure nut for mounting, a mandrel saver, five 7mm drill bits, and two collect wrenches.

Although this best wood lathe for beginners is somewhat limited to item making compared to other item making, if you are initially interested in making pens or miniatures or if you are skeptical about the weight and size of others then this lathe is suitable for you.

5. JET JWL 1221VS wood lathe

JET JWL 1221VS wood lathe is one of the best Mini Wood Lathe


This Jet 1221VS lathe is very different from other lathes. It is very different from everything made by everyone. Its design is amazing. Its features are also very good. Its whole turning experience is very good. It is controlled by a concept. This is “control”.

Stability and portability:

This best mini wood lathe is a very large and very heavy cast iron lathe now known as Mini Wood Lathe. It is very heavy and difficult to move which is why many users keep it in a stand that does not have to move. Moreover, it cannot be easily used on workbench surfaces.

If you want to travel by this jet jwl-1221vs mini wood lathe, it is never an advantage. However, if you want to work with eccentric wood turn, it is ideal for you in terms of weight and stability.


This jet mini wood lathe machine has a reversible rotation feature, a tool rest, and an indexing head.


It’s basically for those who want to do big projects through it without having to spend thousands of dollars on the back of a full-sized lathe. It is a little more expensive than other mini wood lathes but its powerful motor helps a lot in speed control.

6. RIKON 70-105 Mini lathe

RIKON 70-105 Mini lathe is one of the best Mini Wood Lathe


It was originally designed at the request of Penn Turner for the craft of those who wanted a sturdy, dedicated machine. This scaled-down, a basic mini lathe is made of cast iron so that its vibration is not as affected as that of other aluminum lathes.

The 5 speed ranges for the boring barrel hole cover the base, pull out the pen billets and assist in shaping and finishing. This lathe has a live center, tool rest, knock-out bar, and ranches.

This model feature is a very smooth and sturdy design and it has very useful features. And it is designed to reduce the depressing vibration that makes this lathe perfect.

With its beautiful design, it has a range of customizable accessories and extensions that utilize it. Most extensions are attached at 80-100. And the rest is easy to purchase at any time. This gives the model a high rig for most turners.

7. PSI Woodworking KWL-1018VS Turn craft Commander

PSI Woodworking KWL-1018VS Turn craft Commander is one of the best Mini Wood Lathe


It is a tool designed to handle any type of project. This plays a great role from small pen lathe turning pieces to large turning pieces. Most of the time it is used in the design of solid furniture.

Its Turn craft Commander Powerful Motor tackles a variety of projects to make it easier. Its smooth running and variable speed options are great for different expert-level workers.

However, when it comes to versatile tools, its lacquer reverse feature is very frustrating for expert-level workers and it interferes with difficult projects. Its powerful motor has a PSI that gives good news to hobbyists and most experienced workers.

It is a powerful mini wood lathe rich in decent swing size. It is a great option for a variety of rough treatments and materials that are suitable for experts at any level. The worst part is that the attachments are very light and the quality is not so good. Hope these mini wood lathe reviews came in very handy.

8. WEN 3424T 4.5-amp 12inch by 18 inch 5 speed benchtop wood lathe

WEN 3424T 4.5-amp 12inch by 18 inch 5 speed benchtop wood lathe is one of the best Mini Wood Lathe


If you want to start a future in Turning, this Mini Wood Lathe should be on your testing list.

Power tools designed like WEN, 3424 are within your budget and are also the best in terms of quality and performance.

This mini lathe model is the first lot manufactured with WEN’s 342 series. It has a list of great variable speeds. It comes with a 4.5-amp motor which is very powerful for a lathe in the Mini Wood category.

Small to medium-sized objects can be easily turned into it. This is a perfect package for a decent-sized bed space amount.

Wood Lathe has its standard features as well as many accessories attached to it which are in a word impeccable.

9. SHOP FOX W1704 1 / 3Horsepower benchtop lathe

SHOP FOX W1704 1 / 3Horsepower benchtop lathe is one of the best Mini Wood Lathe


Shop Fox W1704 Benchtop Lathe is very easy to use for various small types of cutting or project shaping starting from pen turning and it is a Woodstock International.

This best mini wood lathe is made with cast iron and is designed to fit very nicely. It can be said in mini lathes reviews, this lathe has a 1/3-horsepower, variable-speed motor on its workbench and it delivers spindle speeds of 800-3200 revolutions per minute.

It also has a Safety Paddle Switch, an MT Number 1 Spar Center, an MT Number 1 Live Center, a 5-1 / 4-inch and 6-inch tool rest with a 5-3 / 4-inch faceplate, and a 3/4 by 16 Inch TPI RH spindle.

Includes two tool rests:

The W1704 also has a 4-1 / 2 and 7-inch tool rest attached to it that works best for a variety of turning applications, and its lathe works very well for its 13-inch distance and 8-inch swing above the bed. This is why it is operated in a non-alternative operation for turning the variety of this lathe.

Variable Speed:

Its infinitely variable speed rises to 800-3200 rpm, and it is very useful when the operation of rotating hard or soft pieces of wood is done.

If you are looking for a lathe that is dependable, which is easy to use for turning small items then this is a very good option for you.

It has a Kid-Friendly Speed ​​Adjustment dial and is very easy to operate and easy to understand. Instruction based. It allows you to train next-generation training wood Trans.

10. Grizzly Industrial H8259

Grizzly Industrial H8259 is one of the best Mini Wood Lathe


This benchtop wood lathe is a great lathe to purchase and is affordable. It is great for sturdy built and small woodturning projects like pens and bowls.

Its speed range is enabled at 826-3337 rpm for different types of work in different types of projects so that you can complete the work smoothly.

This machine is very quiet and the biggest thing is that it has no vibration and the distance between it is above 18 “in this top bench lathe. It has an adjustable leveling fit and tool rest which adjusts your needs very smoothly and nicely.

This Grizzly H8259 is perfect for those who want to do small work or for those who want to work on small projects like bowl turning, pen turning pen lathe. It is very beautifully made and through its durable power it can survive year after year.

Its variable speeds will keep your flexibility and control just right for different types of projects and a quiet and low vibration system will enable you to work very comfortably.

And It can be said in this mini wood lathe review that, this is a solid choice for this type of work. This H8259 is a great choice for a variety of small beginner projects, and for those who want to start working on a casual basis.

It is quite amazing, even if you are searching for the best mini wood lathe UK.

What Makes A Good Best Mini Wood Lathe?

Seeing its swing, motor power, and variable speed is a very important factor that must be considered when purchasing a small wood lathe. Each of them has a different type of variation. Maybe these variations are too subtle. And one of them you will find useful for your work.

We were able to compare the variety and features of all the best mini wood lathes on the market. When you purchase the perfect lathe for you, you must decide which one is best for you by looking at the comparison of tossing and turning. The description and customization process of all the types of mini wood lathes we have found in the market are mentioned.

Swing and center to center

This measurement works very well for the object you want to work with. Manufacturers often present the swing in two numbers (e.g.,8 “by 10”).

Its small number (The swing) indicates the distance between the spindle and the lathe bed. With the help of which you can work with wood blanks of maximum diameter. And the larger number indicates the distance between the spindle centers, which means the maximum length of blank of your work.

If you are searching for the best mini wood lathe or pen lathe, then this is the right place.

Motor power:

A strong motor is very important for hard and knotted woodwork. We have seen in this section why the importance of powerful motors is immense.

In the case of the Mini Wood Lathe, most motors are mapped by horsepower. And some things are measured by amperes. We’ve added some approximate conversions for horsepower that are very easy to compare.

If you are searching for the best mini wood lathe or pen lathe, then this is the right place.

Variable speed

It plays a very important role in giving Wood the smoothest cut at different stages during turning. The lower speed is one of the most important for rafting out of the blank and the higher speed will guarantee you a smoother finish. We have seen how variable speed is used to get the best result.

Stability of best mini wood lathe

This stability affects the accuracy of turning when mini wood light potentials are unstable for their counterparts when they cannot rely solely on the weight of the machine to stabilize it.

Although these mini wood laths are the best on the market and it is not an issue for these models, it is still interesting how different manufacturers ensure stability.

Some people remove the cast iron from the base to gain weight, while others find it easier to place it on the workbench.


This Mini Wood Lathe is perfect for any location or workshop. This is a very important issue for those who do not have much space in the workspace or for wood-turners craft shows and club meetings.

If you are searching for the best mini wood lathe or pen lathe, then this is the right place.

Extras and attachments

Here are some tools most woodturners need but often need to purchase separately. If they work with this machine, it is a bonus for them.

These additional attachments can be different types of wheels, faceplates or non-spindle work, or more than a tool restaurateur. We will let you know what extras can be in any mini lathes. Read the section below and understand how to use any tools/attachments in a mini lathe.

The Smaller, Benchtop Lathes are sometimes divided into two categories, one with Mini Wood Lathes and the other with a small wood lathe. Although manufacturers do not always agree on this share, we have included all Benchtop lathes here which are perfect for moving or traveling in your workshop.

However, we’ve talked about wood lathes in this article, but when it comes to the metal lathe, we have some machines to search for metal which are metal detectors. We’ve compiled some best metal detectors that might grab your attention if you have an adventure mind.

And for that, we’ve selected things that swing around 12 inches or below. And in the case of center-to-center measurement below 22 inches. This was the cover-up of our best mini wood lathe.


What can you do with a mini wood lathe?

Let’s see what can be done with a mini wood lathe. It’s basically great for rotating pens, but also a lot of work can be done with the mini-lathe. It can be used for bowls, platters, hollow vessels, drawer pullers, chair spindles and table legs. And these things can be done in mini wood lathes at a lower cost than mid-size lathes.

What is the difference between a midi and mini lathe?

The midi lathe has a great combination of power and performance and is about the size of a mini lathe. It also has optional bed extensions; with this lathe you will get turning capacity just like a full-size lathe. Its maximum turning diameter is 12 inches and the maximum center distance is 20.

Are wood lathes dangerous?

People can be severely injured and sometimes killed by spinning wood. Again, it can break in a fast rotation. The kinetic energy and fragmentation given to the lathe motor flies in a parallel line after the lathe breaks. Then after the lathe starts with the key it can become destructive.

Can I turn metal on a wood lathe?

Although the wood lathe is not designed to rotate metal, it is still possible to rotate metal in a wood lathe. And if you don’t have an engineering lathe or you’re not interested in metal lathes, you’ll be able to turn things like metal, aluminum and steel through it.

Is wood turning expensive?

Wood Turning is just as safe as it is a budget thing that allows you to complete your woodwork very quickly. The more woodturning you do, the more your skills will increase and you will be able to complete the next tasks very quickly.

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