One of the best-selling metal detectors available in the market, this detector reveals its greatness through its uniqueness. The Bounty Hunter pioneer 505 metal detector is lightweight and has long been a popular choice for metal detectors.

Weighing in at just 2.2 pounds, the metal detector will keep you addicted once you start using it with all these nice features and quality performance.

Coming with five modes, this metal detector is a VLF detector. And this metal detector working on VLF i.e. single frequency will make your metal detecting much easier and more comfortable.

When you consider all these features, because of the quality, this metal detector always stays on that list if you make a top list. Also, this Bounty Hunter company has already won the hearts of everyone with its various types of metal detectors.

pioneer 505 metal detector is a very good metal detector on the market.


This metal detector is especially popular among treasure hunters due to its ease of use. Even if you are a beginner-level metal hunter, you can safely use this treasure cove metal detector.

Besides, this metal detector has already occupied one of the most preferred lists among professionals. In today’s Bounty Hunter pioneer 505 metal detector Review we are going to tell you more about this detector.

By reading this review you will know exactly why you should purchase this metal detector. You can know even the smallest details in great detail.

Also, when you learn about a metal detector, you will have an idea of ​​how a metal detector works and how it detects metal.

About This Bounty Hunter pioneer 505 metal detector

This Bounty Hunter detector, which can detect metal with great depth, operates in five modes. This detector also has four levels of progressive level in the case of iron discrimination. So you need to keep in mind that, this is not a kids detector.

pioneer 505 metal detector is a very good metal detector on the market with many other features.


The Pioneer 505 Metal Detector is a full professional level detector. This metal detector can work very comfortably even if the soil has a lot of natural minerals. This metal detector can detect even the smallest items such as relics and iron through precision pinpoints without any problems.

Even if you want, you can exclude items that you want to exclude from detection through discrimination.

The metal detector, which is very nice to look at, is made up of a slightly S-shaped frame. There is also an adjustable shaft through which you can adjust it to your liking.

Also, the features in this bounty hunter metal detector with pinpointer are convenient for beginners as well as professionals can use it quite comfortably. Because you can use many features of this metal detector in an advanced way if you want.

Some specifications of pioneer 505 metal detector

Ability to detect in-depth

This excellent quality metal detector can detect large objects up to 5 feet deep. Also, small objects such as coins can detect metal up to 11 inches deep.

Also, when you use this metal hunter, the ability of this machine to detect solid stones, darts, mud, and even sand and cement can surprise you.

Detected through five modes

This machine has five detection modes to make your metal hunting much easier and smoother. Even if you are a beginner-level metal hunter, this mode allows you to do metal hunting without any complications.

These modes are:

** Non-Motion All Metal Mode

** Mission All Mode

** Metals mode

** Discrimination mode

** Notch mode and auto notch mode

There are four progressive levels of iron discrimination

Basically, with this feature, you can detect metal very well in high iron-rich soils. Even when you go to detect an expensive iron item, this mode can play a very effective role for you.

You can only detect iron. And you can also skip the iron items if you want during metal hunting. Again, this metal detector will be very effective in eliminating small ferrous items.

Automatic and manual ground balance

If you are a beginner-level metal hunter then when you go for metal hunting in a place rich in high minerals you can never do metal hunting with ease by avoiding that mineral.

pioneer 505 metal detector is a very good metal detector on the market with many other features which is very helpful for the beginners.

And in this case, automatic ground balance can help you a lot. This auto ground balance based on the minerals in the ground as per your requirement can prepare your detector for metal hunting there.

In this case, The Pioneer 505 first scans the metal detector and prepares the machine accordingly.

However, if you are a professional level metal hunter, then you must want to do metal hunting manually according to your needs. And to help you in that case, this metal detector has the feature of manual ground balancing.

Target identification in three tones

This feature is quite nice and will help you do metal detection with a lot of ease. When you detect different types of metal, you will hear these tones to understand exactly what type of metal is in front of your search coil.

Professionals often think that looking at the monitor is a waste of extra time. Since then, if you are an expert professional metal hunter, these tones will play a very useful role in saving your extra time.

For example, when low tonnage comes out of this detector, you have to understand that this detector has iron, nickel, and small gold in front of it.

Again, when you get a medium tone, you have to understand that your metal detector has zinc, large gold, or much more trash in front of it. Also, high tones are commonly used for silver and copper.

The discrimination system is under your control

This nice feature allows you to determine exactly which metal you want to exclude and which metal you want to detect.

This feature allows you to reject items for any specific metal reject coir. Again, you can accept any particular metal in the same way if you want.

Waterproof Metal Hunter

The search coil of this great metal detector can be hunted by dipping it in water if you want. However, this does not mean that you have to intentionally submerge this search coil in water. Usually, your target will be to keep the search coil dry but if you are hunting in riverbank or water you will not get any kind of complication.

pioneer 505 metal detector is a waterproof metal detector which is very helpful for the beginners.

Also, if you have any kind of problem in the face of hostile weather. Because any kind of rain can handle this search coil with great ease. However, in this case, you have to take care that the control panel does not get wet in the water.

But if you want to dive with your detector then you need to buy the best underwater metal detector.

Coin Shooting Ability

There are usually many who hunt coins professionally. And many take it as a hobby. There is no shortage of people who spend their time hunting coins in their spare time.

And those who work with this type of hobby usually call coin hunting coin shooting. If you want to shoot coins as one of the most wonderful leisure time, then this metal detector can be one of your companions.


CACHE means ordinary cache. It is usually said to hunt for treasure or to find something hidden under the ground. And for this type of work, this metal detector will be able to provide you with excellent service through its quality.

Notch filtering

With this Metal Hunter, you can eliminate any item you want by notch filtering.


When you use this feature, you must first practice. Otherwise, you will have a lot of trouble using this feature.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you want to do pinpointing, you must hold the coil straight. If you hold this search coil while drawing, you will not be able to use it with ease.

Battery indicator

This metal detector has a nice feature called a battery indicator. This feature lets you know the service status of your detector’s battery.

Even in a hurry, your battery is not likely to run out because you will know in advance that your battery is running out slowly.

With the help of an indicator flashlight, you can easily understand this and take action according to your need at the right time.

Depth indicator

This nice feature lets you know exactly how deep your detected item is in the ground. This feature is especially useful if you are searching for a coin-sized object.

You can easily figure out exactly how deep you have to hunt and why you have to dig.

This depth indicator lights up whenever an object appears in front of your search coil, and it stays bright until the next object appears in front of the search coil.

And hold the search coil on the object several times to find out exactly how deep your item is in the ground. Then look at the display to see exactly how deep your desired injector is.

If each sweep shows a different depth, then you try to sweep from any other angle. Then hopefully it will show you the correct reading.

It all depends on the professionalism you use. These things will become much easier for you as you gradually become more expert.

Sensitivity adjustment

In fact, this feature is a bit of an advanced-level feature. When you go to search in any ground and if there is electromagnetic interference in your search. Then this feature will become a very effective solution for you.

This electromagnetic interference is natural and can be man-made. And when your search coil is read in front of this kind of field, it will behave very irrationally.

And just then you can eliminate EMI if you want through this sensitivity adjustment. And if you want to test using this machine at home, you must turn off your TV and microwave, because you will never get accurate readings because of these.

LCD monitor

With this monitor, you can easily see the information of various features of this metal detector. You can find out exactly what kind of metal is in front of your search coil and how deep that metal is in the ground.

pioneer 505 metal detector has LCD Monitor with many other digital features.


You will also find all the information related to the Gold object on the left side of this monitor. Also when you go to search for Silver Object you will find all this related information on the right side.

However, one thing you must keep in mind while using these indicators is that there are different types of metals and they can fall into different categories. In this case, if you start regular metal hunting, you will gradually become an expert. Also, if you are already an expert metal hunter then you may have a lot of ideas about this.


This metal detector price is not very high, and this is one of the best cheap metal detectors that are available in the current marketplace!

How to use the motion mood technique through this machine?

When you select one of the operating modes, light your search coil and swing it side by side.

And at this time try to keep your search coil at least 1 inch above the ground. And if you want to start the search slowly, you can lift it upwards.

Any item that is usually detectable will be able to signal you repeatedly. And if you see that an item is not signaling repeatedly, then understand that the item is trash at all and there is no need to waste time behind it.

Because most of the time the false signal comes from the type of item. You will easily understand these types of false signals, as they will be very broken.

The pioneer 505 metal detector eBay is quite sensitive. While not as loud as other metal detectors, it does provide a very loud in-depth signal.

In all of these cases, the only thing you need to keep in mind is to dig out only those items that will give you a repeated signal. If it does not provide a repeated signal, you will not be able to dig out the item.

And so, you need to understand the difference between a false signal and a repeated signal in the first place. Then you can do metal hunting in a very nice way with this machine.

Even if you are looking for a beach detector, this machine provides you with good service. However, we believe that our list of best beach detectors can help you a lot in this regard.

Also, when you go to search for a trash ground again, be sure to start scanning first with a small area. And this is where you can make the most of the pinpointing feature.

Pros- Pioneer 505 Metal Detector

Many people say that Pioneer Bounty Hunter 505 Metal Detector is a beginner-level product. However, you can get professional service if you want.

In this case, the design of this metal detector is very nice and aesthetic. Also, most beginner-level metal detectors are as light as this product but it is far ahead of other metal handlers in terms of performance.

It can also be called perfect for use. Again, this product has an adjustable shaft through which you can use it small or large if you want.

Even if you are a hobbyist or a newbie, this S-shaped metal detector can give you the highest guarantee of use.

It also has a padded grip to ensure smooth use. And when it comes to the control box of this metal detector, it has to say that this metal detector has all the nice features to ensure your overall smooth use.

Most of the metal detectors usually have a nice set of audio settings, so this metal detector should be put forward. Because when you go out for metal hunting, this feature can help you a lot and save you a lot of time.

Even if you are a professional metal hunter, you can get a good idea of ​​the ground through this audio signal. And later based on this idea you can fix the ground balance of the metal detector.

And you will get all these wonderful benefits only when you can use the Bounty Hunter Pioneer 505 Metal Detector.

Another great feature of this metal detector is the Target ID of 9 segments. With this feature, you can detect different types of metals differently with great ease. Also in a sense, this feature can save you a lot of time.

Suppose it appears that you are doing metal hunting only for the specific metal. Then you can easily understand through the indicator exactly what kind of items are in front of your search coil. And because of this, you can save your time from unnecessary digging very comfortably.

Also, in this Metal Hunter, you will get all the other nice advanced features. Other features include awesome ground balance, notch filtering, and more. These features will give you an excellent opportunity to use and provide a professional level of service.

Again, if you want to hunt a special kind of treasure, then this metal detector will be the perfect machine for you. On the other hand, you will avoid wasting your time through its target ID.

If you want to find such a perfect ground balance then you must buy a more expensive metal detector. You will not find such a nice metal detector at this low price.

Cons of Bounty Hunter 505 Metal Detector

It is a fact that no matter what price you buy, there is a downside to everything. And from this point of view, even this excellent metal detector is not at all free from the downside.

Yes! There are several downsides to this metal detector but they are mostly user-based. This means that each user does metal hunting for different purposes, and not all metal detectors can successfully perform all types of purposes.

The main downside of this metal detector is for a beginner. If you are a beginner then this metal detector has some advanced features which will make you a lot of time to master. You can’t easily use those features even if you want to.

Especially when you go to work with the sensitivity of this metal hunter, you will understand that in order to use it properly, you have to be a professional metal hunter.

And the hardest part is if you can figure it out somehow and start metal detecting. However, when you turn off this metal detector again, you will see that it has no option to save the reference value. This means that when you turn on the metal detector again, you have to set everything from scratch again.

But one thing you have to keep in mind is that there are solutions to all the problems in the world. And so, if you want to master the features of this metal detector, you have to read the manual that comes with this machine very carefully and practice accordingly.

Even with the youtube bounty hunter metal detector videos, you will also learn some basics. And in a few days, you will see that this metal detector has transformed you from a novice metal hunter to a professional metal hunter.

Final verdict

There are lots of different types of metal detectors available in the marketplace! Some of them are beach detectors, and some of them are gold detectors. And this pioneer metal hunter is quite amazing if you are a treasure hunter or coin hunter. Hopefully, this article gives you a proper understanding of this metal detector to choose and buy it.


FAQHow do you use a Pioneer 505 metal detector?

This is not very hard to understand. There is a manual that comes with the machine. And you can read the manual. Plus, with some practice, you can easily operate this metal detector at ease. And if you can understand how a metal detector works, then it will be a blast.

Which is the best metal detectors for beginners?

At first, you need to understand how to choose a metal detector! Plus, there are some best beginners’ detectors available in the marketplace! You can take a look at our list, among them fisher f22, garret at pro, and Garrett ace 200 metal detector with a waterproof search coil and treasure sound headphone is quite amazing. And at last but obvious one is the pioneer 505 metal detector.

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