One morning when you woke up, your little girl brought a piece of wood and said to you, “Daddy, make me a wooden doll.” Then if you have a nice wood lath like powermatic lathe, the whole thing can turn into a very nice dream come true for your little child.

If you want to work with your wooden lathe then this wooden lathe of Powermatic can provide very excellent service. And why not keep it because since 1921 this company has been making some very beautiful memories by making wooden chariots.

From the very beginning, the company has not offered any concessions in terms of quality and exceptional construction in the manufacture of powermatic 4224b wood lathe. We are always going to review the timber turner of this company that pays attention to quality control.

Best powermatic lathe buying guide will come very handy. Powermatic 4224b wood lathe is one of the best!


If you are focused on the possibilities, then this potential wooden lathe powermatic lathe can give you a hassle-free service for a long time.

Stay with us until the very end because we are going to review this wonderful wooden lath. And let me introduce you to the pros and cons of this machine.

In addition to the current experience of different customers using this powermatic lathe, we will also discuss it at different stages of this review. However, there is some powermatic metal lathe too, but we will discuss that some other time. Grizzly is another good metal lathe maker.

Powermatic 4224B Woodturning Lathe with Lamp Kit


Powermatic 4224b Review: Powermatic Lathe

The first thing that needs to be said about this powermatic 4224b wood lathe is that this wood lathe is a little more expensive than other conventional lathes.

However, even if the price is high, you can be sure that this product is of premium quality. powermatic lathe 3520c is also another premium product from this company.

Powermatic 4224B Woodturning Lathe with Lamp Kit

The kind of opportunity you get from this lath is not the same as other ordinary laths. There are updated versions of various features in this wood lathe.

For one thing, whenever someone goes to buy something expensive, they know it well. Just as seen in the case of metal detectors.

Be it a beginner metal detector or a professional underwater metal detector. All types of metal detectors are very expensive, and so it is better to buy this type of product in a country.

Best powermatic lathe buying guide will come very handy. Powermatic 4224b wood lathe is one of the best!

We are also going to give a detailed review today about the Powermatic Wood Lathe, hopefully, you will get all the information about this Wood Lathe from this review.

Hopefully, after reading this review you will be able to order this powermatic 4224 wood lath without any hesitation. Also, powermatic 3520b review and powermatic lathe 2020 is another article, that you can take a look.

powermatic lathe 2020

Iron casting construction

You can use this lathe out of the box. We believe that you will be impressed by the excellent and top-notch quality iron cast construction of this powermatic lathe 2014 to 2021 at first.

Slightly larger in size and due to the iron cast construction, the weight of this lathe is comparatively a little higher. And so, don’t forget to shift it alone.

Only carry this lathe with the help of a moving company or people who have experience in carrying heavy things. Weighing about 960 pounds, the shape of this lathe also matches the weight.

Also, once you set this wood lathe it will not move very easily. And so you can work with this machine daily with great ease.

When it comes to the sturdiness of this machine, you have to use this wood lathe for a long time without any problem due to the high-quality iron casting.

Headstock with sliding capacity

In the case of most wood lathes, we see that their headstock is fixed. However, in this case, this powermatic lathe is a little different from the others. Because the headstock of this lathe allows you to slide.

Best powermatic lathe buying guide will come very handy. Powermatic 4224b wood lathe is one of the best!

Since the headstock has a sliding capacity, you can expect some additional benefits from it. Because with this kind of sliding capacity, many big projects can be done quite comfortably.

This is because when the headstock is fixed you will not find a place to do any big work. But because of the sliding space, there is enough space here and you can do big projects here.

There are some best mini wood lathes that you can take a look!

Spindle lock capacity of powermatic 4224

If you’ve been working with wood lathe, you already know how wonderful a spindle lock is. And the spindle lock of this wooden lathe is also set in a very nice position in the machine.

This lock has a bar safety to hold the spindle which will make your use more comfortable.

This spindle lock can give you extra benefits if you want to create a drilling hole pattern or other routing flutes.

Functional Motor with Strong Power

The most important part of any machine is the motor of that machine. And the excellent motor power of this Powermatic 4224 can give you a wonderful feeling.

Rich in 3 horsepower capacity, this motor can easily reach a range of about 40 RMP to 3500 RMP with great ease. And just like that, you can understand how powerful this motor is from powermatic 3520b review also.

Best powermatic lathe buying guide will come very handy. Powermatic 4224b wood lathe is one of the best!

This powermatic wood lathes motor comes with an excellent poly V belt, which increases the speed of the spindle and motor. You can use this machine for a long time because of this great system.

Due to this feature, your working process will be very smooth and comfortable. You can turn wood for a long time without any complications.

Also, when the interlocking grain of your motor gets stuck while working, the reverse feature of this powermatic lathe machine can save you a lot of trouble.

Built-in lamps

This special feature is very nice. Especially if you work with a machine in a place where there is no proper light sourcing.

Because many people work by keeping the machine in the extra space of their garage. And, so this built-in lamp option can give you enough light so that you can work comfortably even in low light with this powermatic wood lathes.

Also, if there is light all around, if you want to do some kind of intensive work, then you will need a little light. And in that case, this lamp from powermatic 3520b review also can help you a lot.

powermatic metal lathe has also that feature in-build!

Tailstock and handwheel

This tailstock has been significantly upgraded from previous versions of this powermatic 4224b wood lathe. Besides, you will get a lot of benefits from this machine because of this handwheel.

Also, whenever you go to do any kind of woodturning you will see that you will need space to keep some of the equipment. In that case, you will get some extra space in this powermatic 4224lathe so that you can work by leaving some here.

Besides, I was talking about the functionality of this hand wheel a little earlier. It has been upgraded so that you can work with more ease than before. You can also buy some used powermatic 3520c lathe for sale to give it a try.

Variable Speed ​​and Amazing Frequency of powermatic lathe

Most laths have different ranges of speeds. Price and model as well as the safety price of your wood is a special consideration here, but in this case, these excellent powermatic wood lathes from Powermatic can give you a very smooth wood-turning experience, rest assured.

When this motor rotates at around 40 to 3500 RMP your work will be much easier and convenient. Also, one more thing you should know is that such a nice speed and nice smooth woodturning is not very much to be found at this price.

One more thing you need to know is that if you are a Newbie then this machine is not for you at all. Because using a machine of such high speed for a new food becomes very risky.

Digital readout

For a long time our expert team has been looking for such an excellent and at the same time expensive wood turning machine. In this case, when it comes to digital read-out, in a word, you will be quite satisfied with its actual reading.

This is because the opinion of our expert team, as well as the opinion of other Wood Turners in the market, is that if you do not get very nice very accurate readings then your beautiful craft is much more likely to be ruined very easily.

Best powermatic lathe buying guide will come very handy. Powermatic 4224b wood lathe is one of the best!

However, in the case of this powermatic 4224b lathe, there is absolutely no possibility of losing your life. Due to its excellent speed and digital reading, you can use this machine for a long time with great ease without any complications.

Some additional benefits of the key feature of the powermatic lathe

Anyone who thinks a little about powermatic 4224b wood lathe has to come to this wonderful company lath. This is exactly what happened to our expert team. Also, powermatic metal lathe is another great machine that we will discuss some other time.

All its nice features like motor, spindle lock, sliding headstock etc. guarantee good quality just like it gives good service at the same time. From there, you will always get some extra benefits like excellent speed and a perfect sense of work.

No matter how critical or complex your project is, with this wonderful lathe you can do your work with great ease.


Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this woodturning machine will play a very useful and effective role for you. But yes! Since this motor has a lot of speed, you need to be a little expert before using the full speed of this motor.

Again, when you think about the capacity of a machine, this machine can keep you in suspense. You can work with this machine for a long time without any complications. You can also try some best beginner wood lathe.

Resistant to vibration

When you use this machine for a long time, this machine can become your best friend. I hope this friend will never disappoint you, from simple projects to complex projects.

And it can go with this kind of service because it will not vibrate so much when working with this machine. As can be seen in almost all machines, the machine cannot be stationary in one place due to the push of a powerful motor to do a little work.

Best powermatic lathe buying guide will come very handy. Powermatic 4224b wood lathe is one of the best!

However, you do not have to face any such complications when you use this machine. This machine can stay in a stable place for a long time. You don’t have to worry about shivering at work.


** Due to the iron casting construction, this powermatic lathe machine will be able to give you an excellent working experience for a long time.

** You never have to worry about the vibration-free operation. Because this machine is vibration resistant.

** Digital Readout allows you to do very simple and complex projects with great ease.

** You can control the speed just like your advantage. With a lot of speed, you don’t have to worry unnecessarily.

** The tailstock is much more upgraded than the previous version so you can get better service. Because here you can keep a lot of emergency items.

** Sliding headstock allows you to solve any type of project without any hassle.

** Due to the speed of 40 RPM to 3500RPM, you can use the machine as you like.


** If you are a beginner, take extra precautions to increase the speed. Because beginners usually can’t handle that much speed.

** As always, there are many complaints that the price of this machine is a little higher. However, the funny thing is that many people are making this kind of complaint before making a purchase. However, once they have purchased and can take the quality service, they have no regrets about the price.

Some Best woodturning Tools to use with powermatic 4224blathe

LehomHss Woodworking lathe chisel set: Great option for low budget

The Hss Lathe Cecil set has 6 pieces that are perfect for woodturning

This wood lathe is designed for woodworking, lathes, and carving projects. It is very simple and easy to use. Its blades are made of high-speed steel and its handles are made of quality polished wood so that you can grip it easily. These tools are also very easy in storage and transportation through durable cases and compact designs.

Hss Blades

Each blade is made from high-speed steel which provides precision and comfort for cutting and turning work in your workshop.

8types Chisels design

This set has 8 fundamental seams, sturdy and durable, and has about 6.3 inches blade length, 10-inch handle length, 16.3 inches total length. As easy as it is to use, it has a compact design. It is a perfect option for professionals or beginners. It also works well for woodturners and lathes cutters.

Wooden storage case:

This woodworking lathe Cecil set is protected by a switch wooden box. Cover it with a small hasp. No need to worry about dust after work. Turning tools are very easy to take care of.

Savannah Hss Woodworking lathe chisel set: Another worthy option for beginners

Savannah Hss Woodworking lathe chisel set

It is one of the most used and complete toolsets. Each of its blades is made from M2 high-speed steel and outlasts 6 to 1 standard carbon steel.

Each blade is about 5-1 / 4 “long and will give you many years of dependence. Each tool handle turns nicely hardwood which is about 10-3 / 4” long and it makes a perfect set that is preferred by both beginners and experts.

During the turning, each tool is well-fitted with ferrule and balance, which is very impressive in performance. The tools can be sharpened when needed. When the tools are ready to use after taking them out of the box, sharpen the tools at the grind angle you need, and then you will start working for the first time.

When it comes to handles, the first thing to say is that the handles are about twice the size of the blade. It is easier to hold than other tools and shows proportions. Its control and accuracy are some of the best for this category. You will not regret taking this set.

Savannah Carbide 3pc set: for Easy Woodturning

Savannah Carbide 3pc set

It is very easy to do lathe woodturning with Savanna Carbide woodturning tools. It is designed to be easy to work with. This is an ideal thing for woodturners and it has been a success from the beginning. It has a rotatable cutting head which does not require sharpening of turning tools.

For clean, sharp edge, and continuous turning you just need to rotate the cut head. Its solid carbide has been sharp for a long time compared to other steel tools. Once a cutter head is completely used, it needs to be replaced with a new carbide cutter.

To make the turning thing more enjoyable, this Shavanna Carbide tool has a feature called Flat Back which works during turning. Its solid wood ash handle has a comfortable rubber grip that allows the wood to rotate in harmony with the top part of the handle.

Robert Sorby H6542 Eight pieces set: High-Speed Steel Blade

Robert Sorby H6542 Eight pieces set

This tool has a high-speed steel blade that works perfectly for hardwoods. These Robert Sorby blades are made to high standards so you can understand that your money is being spent on a premium set of Seychelles. The blades secure their corners so that they do not have to be sharpened repeatedly like other Hss.

Each of its Seychelles has ergonomic wooden handles that are durable and comfortable. This handle has an excellent gripping facility so that you will not feel pain in your hands even after working for hours. It helps to reduce the vibrations created during work and gives maximum comfort.

When we talk about the handle, it must be said that it is fun to touch. These are neither rough nor slippery. This ensures a firm grip for the entire duration of the work. And every tool in this set is also very classy to look at.

So, without a doubt, Robert Sorby H6542 deserves to be the best woodturning tool for any project. This Seychelles set is impeccable for its unmatched aesthetics and premium construction. It has the best selection of tools for which it deserves a top spot.

Final word

We’ve said it a few times, and at the very end of the article, we’ve said that the price may seem a little high before you buy.

However, after purchasing the benefits of this powermatic lathe machine and getting excellent performance, you will be impressed by the performance of this machine.

And so according to our expert team, you can purchase this product without any hesitation. This machine will be able to provide you with such excellent service that you will be satisfied thinking almost all the time at work, to purchase such a wonderful product.

Ultimately the decision not to purchase is entirely yours. We want your wood-turning experience to be beautiful and successful. Congratulations on purchasing your best woodturning machine.


Why are lathes so dangerous?

Maybe not everyone uses these kinds of tools so much. But there is no point in just pointing a finger at Wood Turning’s tools. Because the machines that are used to cut wood can be much more dangerous in comparison. Even in various horror films, we see that someone is always chasing with a wood-cutting saw.
However, if you are extra careful when using a woodturning machine, you may not have much trouble. And so whether this powermatic 4224b lathe is dangerous or ordinary depends entirely on your use.

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