Is pricing a barrier for you when you are in the market for a powerful wood lathe? In this Shop Fox W1758 Wood Lathe review, we will talk about every feature this shop fox lathe has and the benefits and drawbacks it offers.

This lathe surpasses others in its class and at its price range because to its 2 horsepower engine and 10 speed setting. To make rotating the outboard bowl simple, the head of this machine includes a swivel feature and a digital tachometer, making it easy to monitor the speed of the spindle.

It has a solid base that doesn’t need additional money and a cast iron bed, legs, tailstock, and headstock to help increase stability.

If you are thinking about your wallet and want a top-of-the-line wood lathe, this is a game-changer.

This Shop Fox W1758 lathe comes with a 2 HP engine, 10-speed variable speed, and heavy-duty design for improved woodturning capabilities. So you understand that there are a lot of large predators out there.

This shop fox lathe small benchtop wood lathe is unlike any other mini-lathe. Shopfox wood lathe is larger and much heavier than this model.

Shop fox lathe is the perfect one if you are wondering which one to buy. This shop fox w1758 wood lathe review will come in very handy .


The great thing about it is that it surpasses any of the wood lathes in this price range when it comes to its unparalleled power output.

I observed the performance of lathes vary when it came to the motor’s power. However, in the case of Shop Fox W1758, the performance of the lathes was not adversely affected by the in-built motors.

Its bowl head has a unique swivel design that makes it extremely simple to rotate the outer bowl. Shop fox lathe w1758 is designed to please any wood turner on the precise ground.


Even when it comes to equipment and tools, people still find it easier to look at something if it is attractive. This W1758-16″ x 46″ cast iron stand, with the 3-Axis Headstock-mounted Digital Readout, is a late in the style of all-white, with a cast iron platform that keeps the whole shop fox lathe solid and robust.

The MT#2 motor features a 6-inch faceplate, MT#2 spur center, MTOR #2 live center, and a tool rest extension. At 46 inches, the greatest separation of the centers is i3.
This is a very large piece of equipment, and you will definitely notice it in any space. The overall length is 76.5 inches, and the width is 19 inches, while the height is 48.75 inches.

Looks don’t always matter, but you now have the assurance that this shop fox lathe w1758 can help you accomplish your objectives. When you have the proper tools, woodturning is simple and precise.

However, if you want to know the difference between mill and lathe, then this article will come in very handy.

Shop fox lathe is the perfect one if you are wondering which one to buy. This shop fox w1758 wood lathe review will come in very handy .


Pre-emptive project appraisal.

This lathe will be an excellent addition to your workshop. It is a precise and accurate machine with which you may do things. The 2 horsepower engine with 10 speeds and a swivel board for outboard turning is responsible for this being such a great model, in accordance with shop fox lathe reviews.

The stand on which it rests is strong, and because of this, it will help you achieve your goal. With this machine, there is no vibration, so you can maintain the job steady and fluid.

It is needed for creating anything that requires precise detail, like a bowl.

This lathe is a heavyweight machine, which will anchor your workshop as the main workhorse. It is without a doubt one of the finest lathes available.

With an RPM range of 600 to 2400, it may vary speeds. When you have this shop fox 1758 and its standard three-way tool rest extension, inboard turning is a snap. You will get the assistance you need while you are working with this feature of the shop fox wood lathe.

They are simple to adjust and maybe locked in place for maximum safety. The wood-to-headstock angle is 90 degrees, so you may utilize the tool rest extension as needed. This shop fox metal lathe has the benefit of being able to do outboard turning, a kind of faceplate turning variant.

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Shop fox lathe is the perfect one if you are wondering which one to buy. This shop fox w1758 wood lathe review will come in very handy .


This is a machine that can be trusted and is powered by a heavy-duty engine. To summarize, this implies you need to be very cautious while using it. As you can see in this shop fox lathe reviews, when you’re not using it, be sure you turn it off and disconnect it from the power source.

According to this shop fox w1758 wood lathe review, even if you believe you will just be gone for a short period of time, Rather than live in fear, you’d rather be safe than sorry. Another thing is to turn it off anytime you need to make changes. A severe injury or even death may occur.

Another good point is to make sure that you are dressed properly while working with this shop fox lathe. That implies that you should keep an eye out for any pieces of clothes that may be suspended over the lathe and end up becoming tangled up in it. Keep everything where you can get to it, but out of reach.

Additionally, you must bear in mind the need of wearing personal protection equipment. This consists of dust masks, which are to keep out hazardous particles such as dust.

Above all, spend time reading the instructions so you can understand how it works, and take precautionary measures to avoid accidents, and perform the job well. This is dangerous equipment, and careful handling is essential to prevent damage.

However, the jet is also another very good woodturning machine that might grab your attention for a while.

Shop fox lathe is the perfect one if you are wondering which one to buy. This shop fox w1758 wood lathe review will come in very handy .

This product is excellent for whom?

To effectively operate with this shop fox 1758, you must have the proper expertise. Trained experts utilize it best. Before you utilize it, learn about it or take a class to figure out how best to use it. As you can see in this shop fox w1758 review, this machine may be misused, and this misuse can be extremely harmful.

However, if you are looking for a metal lathe, then Bolton lathe is somewhat one of the best in this category.
A Strong Structure

Most wood lathes on the market have a common flaw: The solidity component of the lathe is missing. As for the Shop Fox W1758, it’s regarded as a rather mid-level lathe (According to this shop fox wood lathe reviews).

The iron bed and legs are both of high quality, and together they weigh 338 pounds, which is critical for producing little noise when working with wood.

We also know that when you are close to performing extremely rapid woodturning, the Shop Fox W1758 has ten variable spindle speed settings.

Full-speed operation is anticipated to cause a lot of vibration for an imbalanced workpiece on the lathe.

The Shop Fox W1758 build is so effective at vibration purging that it is quite successful in this task.


Would you want to practice woodturning for a lengthy period to fulfill your client’s deadlines, but the lathe you are using has just broken down? Due to the Shop Fox W1758 wood lathe, such is not the case.

So you know why I’m telling you this? This is due to the performance-grade motor included in the lathe having 2 horsepower.

To use these motors, all you have to do is plug them in and go. For precision work, the machine can offer 600 RPM to 2400 RPM.

Shop fox lathe is the perfect one if you are wondering which one to buy. This shop fox w1758 wood lathe review will come in very handy .

Variable speed control is used.

I told you in previous evaluations that I have sampled many lathes for prices ranging from $300 to $3000.

For some, a higher-priced lathe is of better quality, but the lower-priced lathes appear to be less powerful and equipped with just a slower-rotating motor that operates in two- to three-step increments.

Shop Fox W1758, however, let me see the differences. Despite this, the shop fox lathe features ten precisely-controlled spindle speed settings that can tailor the wood’s curvature. That’s a very excellent answer.

Additionally, for beginners who are just getting started in woodturning, the Shop Fox W1758 wood lathe is the perfect piece of equipment to fine-tune their skills since it is a semi-professional lathe.

This machine has a Spindle Tachometer and a Digital Readout.

The Shop Fox machine has a digital tachometer for the lathe. When doing this, it’s helpful to display to the user the speed at which the spindle is spinning.

Each spindle speed variation at a different speed yields a different reading and results in a varying tachometer readout.

To help beginners, this setup is designed so that new turners may familiarize themselves with the working of the lathe. By managing all the lathe’s functions, the user has the full power of the lathe.

The ability to quickly and easily secure or release
Shop At Fox, the company’s research and development (R&D) sector has considered customers’ productivity and efficiency at every step of the process.

Making precise fitting adjustments is made easier by a lock and release feature in the headstock and the tailstock center.

The situation is completely under control, and everything is in the same state it was before to all the modifications.

A three-way adjustable tool rest that has an extending feature is also included.

Shop fox lathe is the perfect one if you are wondering which one to buy. This shop fox w1758 wood lathe review will come in very handy .


When the stock diameter of the lathe increases by more than 12 inches, the lathe will need to be modified with an outboard turning mechanism.

An outstanding feature of the W1758 model is the outboard turning mechanism, which Shop Fox has implemented.

This function also has the ability to allow the headstock of the lathe to be oriented between 0 degrees and 90 degrees. Another option is to headstock the lathe 180 degrees, which is the best way to do larger-diameter work.

This implies you may now make a broader variety of objects, each capable of doing many tasks in a single normal-sized capacity.

Is it possible to have the RPM go slower than 600?

Unfortunately, the lathe’s maximum speed is 600 RPM. Some users would rather go slower at the beginning of a project so they can better control the depth of the cut.

Is the vibration low or high?

Many machines in the lightweight range are difficult to spin since they don’t provide enough resistance to keep things from shaking. The weight is about 300 pounds, which is described as pleasant and steady in customer evaluations.

It appears tough and has shown itself to be strong while dealing with it. Another user review claims that the shop fox lathe did not shake at all while turning symmetrical five-inch containers before it was weighted down.

If my lathe is vibrating, what will happen?

A wood lathe may vibrate due to many reasons. The main issue is that you aren’t properly centering the board you are rotating, which makes it less stable.

While this will be truer while you are turning at a greater speed, it is also particularly visible. The irritating kind of vibration you get when you press the back button on your phone isn’t typically harmful, but in rare cases, it may be hazardous. If you can, please adjust the project to be centered or you may shave a little off one side.

Another explanation of why the lathe is more likely to vibrate than should be the fact that you may be using an RPM that is too high. You should reduce the RPM here since you don’t want your project to be tossed off the machine.

Additionally, use even pressure while working with your wood. Until you get used to turning, you may be cautious and timid, which is normal, so apply equal pressure with a steady hand.

To what extent is the Grizzly G0462 superior to this item?

This shop fox lathe seems to be similar in characteristics to its neighboring machine, thus it would seem that they are almost identical. In reality, Grizzly and Shop Fox are the same business; they are both branded under the name Grizzly, and Grizzly is the primary retail line, while Shop Fox caters mainly to wholesalers. The main difference is that they are the same machine. While the Grizzly brand usually provides a longer guarantee, the Shop Fox brand is also often preferred because of this.

Shop fox lathe is the perfect one if you are wondering which one to buy. This shop fox w1758 wood lathe review will come in very handy .

If my lathe produces a grinding noise, what will happen?
It’s unusual for a lathe to make a grinding noise. In this situation, you should pay special attention to ensuring the machine components are properly cleaned and oiled. An occasional dab of oil will halt the racket and get things going again. Bearings and seals in the machine are important to keep it well-maintained. You should use a high-quality lubricant to keep them running smoothly.

What will happen if I splinter my wood or if I tear it?
Those who have never done it before may encounter difficulties when they initially begin. It may be the kind of wood you’re using if the bowl rips out at the end grain on the inner edge of the wood. In softwoods, ripping is considerably more likely than in hardwoods. Other times, dull instruments are at blame, so make sure your tools are sharp.

First, make sure the lathe is adjusted at the correct RPM. Slow speeds may occasionally cause fragmentation. You should know that additional things that may lead to this include dull tools. If your tools don’t have sharp edges, they will catch on the wood, causing it to split.

Created with large, hefty cast iron legs, it is a very durable and sturdily constructed piece of equipment.
It is a speed control with 10 changeable settings, allowing for more personalization.

A good feature is the quick-release and quick-locking lever mechanism.
Especially suitable for outboard turning.


It’s a robust, multi-purpose wood lathe that’s helpful for many tasks. It would benefit from a reverse option, but it doesn’t have one. For the majority of people, this is unnecessary since it’s simply a matter of turning your project the other way to sand in the opposite direction. Quality tool Fox is well-known for, have a look at their W1819 table saw as an example.

The Shop Fox W1758 Wood Lathe lives up to its reputation. The fully adjustable swing with a digital display and strong two-horsepower motor allows it to swing a full sixteen inches over the bed. Changing the speed is simple, and the design is extremely robust cast iron, so it lasts a long time. Setting it up is simple, and it includes a seat. You can even utilize shelf supports if you want to. It is an absolute deal at this price point with this power and features.

There is also some other model of the shop fox, and they are shop fox lathe m1112, shop fox lathe w1836, shop fox lathe w1704, shop fox lathe w1704 manual, shop fox lathe mill combo, and shop fox w1704 1/3-horsepower benchtop lathe. You can choose anyone from them.

Who makes Shop Fox lathes?

With its intentions of being the leading choice for woodworking and metalworking professionals and amateurs, Woodstock is dedicated to making the SHOP FOX® equipment brand the leading option.

Why are lathes so expensive?

The high price of lathes is due to the fact that the expensive cast iron bodies, motors, and components needed to manufacture them are employed in their construction. This contributes to the total cost because of the amount of work required in the processes of machining components and calibrating the final assembly, which adds to the ultimate price. Shipping is also an important factor.

Are Shop Fox lathes any good?

The Shop Fox W1758 Wood Lathe is a well-known brand, and the machine doesn’t disappoint. This behemoth has a full sixteen inches of arc, which allows it to completely overhang the bed, and it comes with a digital display and a strong two-horsepower engine. You can easily adjust the speed, and the cast-iron structure adds additional durability.

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