The metal detector we are talking about today, called the Whites MX Sport, is a waterproof metal hunter. With this machine you can hunt on the beach with great ease.You can also search for Relic, Coin, jewelry, and even Gold with this Metal Hunter. At the same time, this metal detector is capable of providing excellent service in land and water in any weather. In today’s Whites MX Sport Review we will learn more about this product.

But we also need to know why we are going to do a review of this product. The product has long received rave reviews from its consumers, and many have requested that our expert team provide their own experienced feedback on the product.

We have already said many times that you can never expect all kinds of performance from one machine. For such needs, you have to take the help of different machines?When you are comparing mx sport vs at max, and then you will understand this machine’s suitability.

But today this metal detector is a bit different because with this machine you will get different types of performance at the same time. And this difference in service comes as a bit of a surprise to many professional metal hunters.

MX Sport detector

This waterproof machine has seven search modes, which will help you hunt treasure in water and ground at the same time. The most interesting thing is that the performance of this machine is of the best quality in both places.

You can also see all the information about this machine hunted through twenty target identification segments in its LCD display.All features enabled this count as one of the best metal detectors available in the market.

Another reason to create this Whites MX Sport Review is that many people are looking for a metal hunter capable of delivering several types of audio signals. And for them, this Metal Hunter can provide audio signals in twenty-two different tones.

This will help make your metal hunting much easier and smoother. When this metal detector was handed over to our expert team, within a few days of using this product, everyone appreciated this metal detector.

Whites MX Sport Review—Proven Performance

While the Whites MX lineup is at the heart of this wonderful metal detector, this legendary equivalent company is constantly coming up with all sorts of awesome metal detectors with ever new features and exciting technology.

Possessing an IP68 certified certificate, this white’s metal detector is capable of serving up to ten feet underwater. Also, you can keep with nice headphones when using in Land. You will get this headphone as soon as you buy the product.

But this is only 10 feet! If you want some best underwater metal detectors to dive in, then there are some other detectors specially made for this purpose. When you are searching for the best underwater detector, the list of best fisher detectors may help you with that!

Whites MX Sport review –some highlighted features

MX Sport vs AT Max

We will talk about some of the features of this mx sport cbd now so that you can easily understand how great service and performance this machine is able to give. First of all, let’s talk about the search mode of this machine; this machine with seven search modes can make your metal hunting experience much more beautiful and smooth.

And so that you can do metal detection anywhere, this machine has the ability to do automatic ground balance along with tracking. In this way you can use a metal detector in any type of place, the machine can make itself according to that land.

This machine has a nice display to make your metal hunting much easier. And in this display, you will get much better readings, even in inches and centimeters. You can also control the frequency of the machine yourself if you want. And you don’t have to buy a pinpoint machine separately but you will find the pinpoint option in this machine.

There are twenty different target IDs for finding different types of things, making it very easy to discriminate. And as we said before, you can understand the Audi signal in a very nice way. For this, this machine has 22 different audio tones, the volume of which you can control.

Other important parts of this machine are the ten-inch DD waterproof search coil, headphones, headphone adapter. Shoulder straps, battery holder.

Why you should use whites mx sport metal detector

Before you answer this question, you need to know why you are using this machine, what are you really looking for. And you also need to know how metal detectors work!

Our expert teams have been in this metal hunting experience for a long time.

And one of our team members is Ginny, who started metal hunting as a hobby in the beginning. When he started, he didn’t know much about this world of metal hunting.

Later many types of metal detectors have been used. And when he went to the beach or Gold prospecting during this use, he often had a kind of problem. And that’s what you know Gold prospecting and on the beach, you must do metal hunting in the water.

If you can’t cover the water part then you may not be able to find any good metal. Again, when you go for metal hunting with a metal detector that can be used in water, that machine would not give good service on land again.

This problem has been repeatedly realized by our experts. And he was looking for a machine in his mind so that he could go down to the beach for some distance in the sea and at the same time go for metal hunting in the sand on the beach.

Again when he goes to do Gold Prospecting, so that that mission gives him good service in the waters of the River Bank as well as in the surrounding shores. And all this brings together our today’s whites mx sport metal detector.

The man on our team was very happy to have his personal problems solved. And this joy will not just be in him. Rather, if you start using this machine, that joy will come to you.

There can be nothing more fun than doing metal hunting with a nice machine. Where you can do metal hunting with this machine in both land and water types. And so you can purchase this machine without delay and take your metal hunting experience to a unique level.

Whites MX Sport Review—let’s have a deep look

If you ask me to name a machine for any kind of general use, I will first talk about this machine. This is because the machine has the ability to work up to ten feet underwater as well as the convenience of being used on land.

With this machine, you can use it as the best beach detectors as well as a relic, coins, jewelry and even gold prospecting.

Many of our team have become fans of this machine after seeing the excellent service and outstanding performance of this machine. Personally, I also like this machine a lot.

This machine is always a combination of new technology and features. This can keep you at ease in terms of quality. Let’s learn a little more about the features of this machine

6 search mode:

This whites mxt has six different search modes, which will help you a lot to discriminate. With Coins and jewelry Mood you can hunt such coins, jewelry, relics, etc. anywhere.

On the other hand, with Beach Hunting Mood, you will also get good performance in saltwater. Even with the prospecting mood, you can find Gold quite well. Our expert team believes that you will not miss even a small nugget.

Anyway, if you want something specially made for gold detecting, then you can take a look at our list of best gold detectors.

You can also find aluminum or similar relics when you go hunting with a relic mood. You can set these moods according to your purpose. Discrimination allows you to find your assigned metal in the trash very easy.

There are lots of people who have always this question, do metal detectors detect aluminum? For them, yes! The metal detector can do that!

Whites MX Sport depth

Pinpoint Mode

This mode is a very nice feature. You will not find any alternative to this feature at all when you want to find metal slowly in a particular place with maximum attention. There is a small button that by pressing the button you can enable pinpoint mode at a specific time.

Again when you want to go back to normal mode you just go back to the previous mode just by releasing that button. This mode is used by many because since only metal detection is done in a small space, the accuracy of this metal hunter is much higher. Many people have liked this feature of the whites mx7 and this feature has been appreciated by everyone because of its accuracy.

Backlight display

This feature is very nice especially when you get addicted to metal hunting and you don’t want to stop metal hunting. Whether you have sunlight or not, this feature can help you a lot if you want to continue your metal hunting.

Or it may be that the place where you live is so hot during the day that a little metal detection in peace does not become what it would be. This feature contains solutions to all your problems.

This back light feature allows you to detect metal with great ease, even in the dark. This feature is great for detecting metal even in the dark of night. You will also have no problem understanding the readings of this display.

MX Sport screen display VDI Numbers

If you have previously used a machine that has discriminated through that machine, then only the lower part of the search coil is discriminated against. But then some precious metals can be lost through discrimination.

And in that case with this VDI display, you can understand what kind of metal this machine is currently discriminating.

The full format of VDI is a visual discrimination indicator. Previously, only the audio signal of discrimination was available in many types of machines.

However, with the new feature of this machine, you will be able to know the detailed information along with the audio signal through the display. Everything there will be shown in a very clear way which will not be a problem for you to understand.

Target Identification

Just below the VDI readings, you will find all the information about it. That means you will never miss the metal you are going to target.

Even the metals that have some of the target IDs here will appear in front of your search coil when it will be written in your display what kind of metal is under the search coil.

For example, suppose your target ID is set at 18 nickel type metal. And when your search coil goes over this nickel type metal, it will show in your display that you have found nickel type metal and its target ID is 18.

Because of this awesome feature, many people have this machine at the top of their list of favorites. You must put this machine on one of the few metal detectors that I personally like very much. And along with our expert team, I will also personally recommend you to purchase this machine.

Selectable Tone Identification

Those who have been doing metal detection for a long time,they do not look at the screen of the detector again and again to understand everything. They rely heavily on their hearing.

And this machine can help a lot in that direction. Because the audio signals of this machine are very different from each other. You don’t have to face any problem to understand that.Whites MX Sport Review will guide you to understand more about this machine.

Depth Indicator

This feature is very nice because when you go for metal hunting in different places, you will also get the signal of metal being there. But you never know exactly how deep you might have to dig. But this feature of this metal detector can save you from that problem forever.

In addition to signaling you to find any type of metal, it will also tell you exactly how deep that metal is in the ground. Otherwise, you may not understand exactly how deep the metal is.

But yes! This feature is especially needed in beginner metal detectors, as beginners cannot understand depth just by listening to audio tones. And Whites MX Sport Review will be very helpful for beginners.

Automatic or Manual Ground Balance

Ground balance is a very necessary feature. Because different types of ground require different types of specifications. And everything has to be set according to that soil.

This feature is very striking in this machine. Because even if you are a beginner, you do not have to worry too much about ground balance. On the other hand, if you are a professional, you can manually balance the ground according to your choice.

Yes! This machine has two types of ground balance systems, automatic and manual. And this feature can take your metal hunting experience to a unique level by making it much more beautiful and smooth.


This feature is quite helpful in the brackish tidal and it will work pronounced to remove any chatter, static or meddling produced by its salt content. This is one piece you’ll certainly need to read more about in your white’s mx sport metal detector manual before trying to practice it.

Self-Adjusting Threshold (SAT)

This feature is of great help, especially when you are looking for all metal! This feature comes very handily, but personally, I like the regular threshold setting because I find them more adequate.

Voltage-Controlled Oscillator (VCO)

This feature upsurges the beep-beep tone as your coil approaches an object. This feature solitary works in the above-listed suites and Pinpointing. It fundamentally makes a consistent swipe sound like it’s pinpointing.

Iron Grunt

Likewise, it only works in the All Metal modes itemized overhead. The robust grunt sound allocated to strong iron signs just makes it palpable when an object is an iron. This works precisely likewise to the garrett at max and garrett at proIron Audio, so if you loved it on that machine, you’ll obviously like it here.

Comfortable usability of this best metal detector

MX Sport vs Equinox 800

This machine weighs about 4.2 pounds, and you can see that it is quite heavy. Personally, this machine is one of the heaviest machines I have ever used.

But yes! These machines may be heavier due to the richness of various features in the machines of this company. However, this particular machine is again quite lighter than a few other machines of this company like whites gold master 24k.

However, this weight is not the problem that you will have too much. This is because the machine is designed in such a way that you can use the machine for a long time when you set the machine with the arm with the strap.

However, if you change your hand regularly after about twenty minutes, then it is not a problem.

Rather you can use this machine quite comfortably if you use it in this way. And if you use the machine especially at night, you will be able to enjoy special benefits because of the backlight.

This machine with good service and performance for a long time will always keep you satisfied with the quality and meaning.

However, this is not for kids, and if you want something for your kid then there are lots of best kids detectors available in the present marketplace!

Final word

Generally, we are tremendously mesmerized with the White’s MX Sport such as an overall-use appliance and one of the lower-priced but top-notch performing selections for those demanding a completely submersible device.

In conclusion, we hope that our Whites MX Sport Review has helped you a lot and has been able to satisfy all your curiosity about this machine. You can try this machine from your expert team if you want. We will definitely recommend this machine. There white metal detectors for sale,but yes! The ultimate choice is definitely yours. And so good luck to you for that! ‘

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