Even if metal hunting is your hobby, you can still benefit from saltwater hunting. You will almost always see a group of people hunting with a metal hunter on the beach, have you ever wondered what they are actually doing and why?Yes! If it was just a hobby, is there any need to buy a metal detector at such a high price and use it to detect only useless metal? Yes! That’s why best beach detectors can make you rich just as it satisfies your hobbies.

Every now and then thousands of people go for a walk on the beach and their valuables get lost on the beach. And so Metal Hunters can find them and make a lot of money for themselves.

Yes! Now maybe you’re feeling pretty excited about doing metal hunting on the beach. But be aware that with any type of best beach metal detector under 300 but you cannot detect metal in saltwater.

The machine you are going to use must have the right features and the right settings, otherwise, you will not be able to do metal hunting well in this type of soil.

There are even many metal detectors that are not waterproof, and if you go to the beach with such a machine, of course, your money will just go to waste.

It is because if you want to hunt on the beach, you need water in your machine. And if you need water, your machine will be damaged.

And so you can select the right beach detector, that’s what we organized today. We will tell you in this article, exactly how you can do metal detection in the saltwater of the beach in the right way and with the best beach detectors. Hopefully, with this article, you can come to the right conclusion.


First of all, find out about our favorite beach metal detectors

This is the Garret ATX Deepseeker

If you are very serious about metal detection on the beach and you want to make your experience excellent with a good quality machine.

Then find out a little more about this metal detector. It is because this machine will never disappoint you. Many members of our expert team personally like this product.

But yes! If you want to hunt deep soil mulch in saltwater on the beach, you have to buy a good quality machine.

And it will not be as cheap metal detectors as other ordinary machines at all. Yes! Although a little is more expensive, this product can meet all your needs.

Is it a little difficult to do metal hunting in saltwater?

Saltwater and hot rocks on the beach can cause quite a good complication. This is because the high minerals in the soil can give a high signal in this saltwater. And so this type of saltwater is more likely to get the wrong signal from the soil.

And so this problem is more common in VLF detectors. In particular, machines that have a pre-determined ground balance must give the wrong signal on such ground.

Then you understand, not only the metal detector is good, but you also have to be an expert if you want to do metal hunting in this type of soil.

That’s why you need to buy a metal detector that is a saltwater specialist. The correct signal from such a wrong signal so that this machine can get you out.

While any type of metal detector works well on ordinary ground, you must purchase an expert metal hunter on this type of beach.

If you think that with the Best beginner detectors or entry-level metal hunter you can detect metal in the saltwater of the beach then you are wrong. Because when you go to the beach with this kind of machine, you will constantly suffer from frustration for the wrong signal.

Features that you need in best beach detectors

Since you are going to the sea, then why are you afraid of water? Let’s find out what are features of a Saltwater Detector you need to have.

We have already told you that you cannot do beach detection with any type of entry-level VLF detector. However, some modern models of this type are currently available in the market.

These include state-of-the-art technology for ground balancing, which allows you to start metal hunting on the beach with ground balance as soon as you become a little expert.

But is automatic enough for this ground balance? Or you have to set the ground balance manually.

It really depends on what kind of machine you are using. It is because there are some detectors that can balance the ground very well.

But yes! No matter what the automatic system is, there must be manual seating. Because not all types of ground can be the same. It is very normal to have variations in the ground and therefore there must be manual seating to set the ground balance accordingly.

Yes! This does not mean that VLF Hunter is a good choice for you. However, this means that even in saltwater, there is a possibility of good metal detection with this type of machine.

This type of machine also has a good ability to discriminate; all in all, you can use some modern machines if you want.

Now a question may come to your mind. And that is, if the VLF machine is not good for saltwater, then what kind of machine is good for this type of saltwater?

And the pulse induction machine will be able to provide the best quality and best service for your beach detection. Because these machines have very nice technology, and that is that this machine never gets confused and gives wrong signals through ground minerals.

This type of machine has the ability to ignore a large number of minerals on the ground. This allows you to hunt metal very comfortably in the salty waters of the beach, even in the ground with extra minerals.

And another great advantage of this type of plus induction machine is that it can detect very well up to very small metals very deep. And that’s why this type of machine is used more for gold prospecting. Best Gold Detectors.

A pulse induction metal detector is not only easy to use but also very easy to use. But yes! Due to the current technology, VLF machines are now no less than any other machine.

Multi-frequency detector

Multi-frequency detectors also usually follow VLF systems to detect any metal. However, since the name itself is written in multi-frequency, you may easily understand that it can be set to several frequencies.

While these types of models are a little more expensive in comparison, they are the best detectors for use in several types of soil. My personal choice of this type of product is XP DEUS. We have reviewed this model in this list, you can find out more about this model there.

With this remarkable and excellent quality detector, you can detect metal at frequencies from 4kHX to 18 kHz quite well. And with so much variation in frequency, you can hunt any kind of small metal in a very nice way with this detector.

So exactly what kind of machine should you use in your saltwater?

In that case, the whole thing depends on your personal purpose. If you want to spend most of your hunting time on the beach, you must purchase a Pulse Induction Detector.

But yes, if you want to cover other ground besides salt water then you can try using a VLF detector. Hopefully, you will never get frustrated with the performance if you hunt through this system.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the reason we talk about VLF over and over again is that the pulse induction detector can never discriminate, and so if there are many types of iron trash on the beach, you may get frustrated with the pulse induction machine.

If there is a lot of iron or trash on the beach and you only want to find a certain type of metal in it, then you must say that you will not find an alternative to the multi-frequency of VLF.

However, if you want to do metal hunting in other soils as well as saltwater, you must purchase an additional metal detector. And that’s why those who want to do metal detection in a very professional way must buy more than one metal detector.

Waterproofing design and construction

While reading reviews of different types of machines, you may have read about three terms, which are waterproof, weatherproof, and submersible. But you should know that there are many differences between these three terms.

Manufacturing companies can often confuse you by displaying advertisements using such different terms. And so you will understand the difference between these terms and buy the product accordingly.

A full submersible detector is a complete water insulator; you can use it underwater without any worries. Even with scuba equipment, you can go underwater with these underwater metal detectors without any problems.

On the other hand, there are many types of machines available in the market, the only coil of which you can insert underwater. In that case, you need to be careful about the same thing so that water does not get into the control panel of the machine, in that case, your machine is likely to be damaged.

And so should you use a completely waterproof product in a little water? Probably not, but if you want to use it in a worry-free way, it’s best to buy a waterproof product.

Because if you go for metal hunting in the waves of the sea, you will get wet through the waves and your metal hunter is also likely to get wet.

And so if you want to do metal hunting in the water on the beach, it is better to buy a metal hunter that is completely waterproof. However, if you want to hunt only in the wet sand of the beach, then buying a metal detector rich in waterproof coils can also give you good quality service.

The shape of the search coil

Yes! The shape of the search coil of your metal detector also becomes a very important issue when you go for metal hunting.

Because the smaller your search coils, the less deep you can detect. On the other hand, if your search coil is small again and at the same time specializes in pinpointing, then it can be easily separated.

And so the search coil is a very important thing to consider in the case of metal hunting.

On the other hand, the search coils that are much larger, you can probably detect them much deeper. However, you may have some problems there, such as large search coils are quite heavy in weight. Besides, large search coils are not very effective in distinguishing targets.

However, with large search coils, you can cover a large area together. Where it becomes possible to cover only small areas with small search coils. Again there are many types of relics and treasures that cannot be missed if you can detect much deeper.

And so considering all the aspects you have to buy the metal detector according to your choice and need.

We’ve come up with a list of the top five best saltwater metal detectors to make your choice and decision a lot easier. Hopefully, this list will help you overcome your confusion and come to the right decision. Before choosing the right one must read: How metal detectors work

5 Best Saltwater Metal Detectors

Hopefully from this list, you can buy the ocean metal detector of your choice and need. In terms of performance, we have compiled this list through long research and in the light of personal experience.

1. Garrett ATX Deepseeker

Garrett ATX Deepseeker is a best beach detectors package with 11x13" closed DD coil package plus 20" deepseeker coil.
Garrett ATX Deepseeker


With this excellent model, you will be able to detect most of the targets at the same time. You don’t have to go into a particular mood or sittings to focus on one target after another. Rather you can work with equal importance through all the targets.

With the mineralization of the ground, you will get four special modes to fix the ground balance, which can make your metal hunting much easier and smoother.

In addition, this machine has an LED indicator, through which you can get the signal according to the strength of the signal. The speakers in this machine are waterproof to give the audio signal quite well. And so you don’t have to be afraid of getting wet in the water.

You can go hunting with this product very comfortable even in the saltwater on the beach. Meanwhile, even though we talked about the ground balance a little earlier, the seating and features of the ground balance are so nice that we have to talk about it once again.

You can definitely detect metal well in any type of mineralized rich ground without any complications.

On the other hand, the search coil of this machine is also made with excellent quality and advanced technology. Even the smallest metal of any kind cannot escape the sight of this coil.

If you are looking for a multi-functioning metal detector then this detector is a must-see for you at least once. It is because for a long time this product will be able to keep you satisfied with all kinds of excellent service and performance.

2. Garrett Sea Hunter Mk-II

Garrett Sea Hunter Mk-II is one of the best beach detectors with Multiple Frequency Technology.Operating Depth to 200 feet with low cost.
Garrett Sea Hunter Mk-II


If you are interested in diving in saltwater, you can definitely buy these best beach detectors. It is because this type of diving can handle this product very easily.

The Metal Hunter of this Pulse Induction Method allows you to take much deeper into the water. This Metal Hunter is capable of diving up to about two hundred feet.

And the nice thing is, with this product you get waterproof headphones, with which you can dive deeper into the water. This headphone works very well even in very deep water.

And another great feature of this sea hunter Mk-ii is that even in very deep water, this product is able to detect in a very nice way by eliminating unnecessary trash.

As I said before, most pulse induction machines cannot discriminate, but the specialty of this product is that it is capable of discriminating quite a good amount.

But the funny thing is that this product is not only for diving but with this product you can also do metal hunting on the beach. However, you can understand that this product is very well mixed with saltwater.

Just as this machine can be your friend in hunting under the sea, you can also rely on this product on the beach.

You can also cover both large and small spaces with this coil. On the other hand, with this product weighing only 5.75 pounds, you can easily dive.

Yes! Although it is a bit difficult to do metal hunting with this heavy product on the water, on the beach, you will not feel this pressure at all under the water.


XP DEUS has XP Deus Metal Detector, XP Deus features Audio Response with 4 non-motion modes with a low cost.


This excellent metal detector offers much better service than many other metal detectors. And the price is comparatively much higher than the entry-level metal detector.

But you must understand that we are not talking about entry-level metal hunters here, you have to pay a little more to deal with full professional issues.

This metal detector is very light in weight and can be easily carried anywhere. And the features of this outstanding Metal Hunter cannot be overstated.

Multi-notch, discrimination, ground balance audio response is not here? This XP DEUS has everything you need in a good quality metal detector.

With this outstanding metal detector capable of operating at a total of thirty-five frequencies, you will be able to do a great job of metal hunting on saltwater beaches. Being able to separate the targeted metals allows you to easily stay away from different trash for discrimination.

Also in terms of ground balance, this product shows its outstanding qualities, you must be very satisfied with this product to do metal hunting.

This product will show you a lot of information about the metal before any excavation starts when any signal is received. So you can easily decide whether or not to dig here.

There is no comparison to this product to make the work of an expert much more beautiful and good. Personally, this product is my favorite. And if you want, you can get very good performance with this product.

4. Whites TDI BeachHunter Extreme

Whites TDI BeachHunter Extreme is a best beach detectors with 12" Dual-Field Search Coil,  2 Year Limited Warranty, 8 "AA" Batteries with low cost.
Whites TDI BeachHunter Extreme


Another good quality waterproof metal detector is this white TDI BeachHunter Extreme. With this detector, you will receive signals up to a maximum of twenty-five feet through the pulse induction system.

Also, this product will get a very good tone as the audio signal is very nice, so you don’t have to read any kind of problem to understand the signal. All you have to do is familiarize yourself with these audio signals very quickly.

You can also get a lot of benefits from this product through the Pulse Delay system. With this system, you can reduce the sensitivity of the machine and detect targets much smaller and much deeper if you want.

Again with its twelve-inch search coil, you can get very nice performance. And this search coil has a limited warranty of two years.

The customer care service of this company is very popular. And since you are going to be hunting on the beach, it is good to know about the special quality of this product.

That is, this product is able to provide a good signal in any condition. Weighing just 5.2 pounds, you can carry it with you. The price of this easily portable beach hunter is also much more the best budget metal detector than other such products.

If you are looking for a good quality metal detector for deep metal hunting then this product is a must-have for you. We believe that this machine will impress you with all its outstanding features.

5. Garrett AT Pro

Garrett AT Pro has 8.5" x 11" PROformance DD submersible searchcoil, Premium volume-control land headphones and many other features with low cost.
Garrett AT Pro


Much more affordable than the other products on our list, this machine is comparatively much better quality. This machine can adapt very nicely to any type of weather.

Especially for saltwater hunting, the ground balance of this product has to be mentioned separately. Automatic ground balance If you like, you can automatically balance the ground of this machine if you want.

However, if you want, you can also balance the ground of this product in the manual method. So, you can understand, this product is remarkable in terms of quality and is quite effective for saltwater hunting.

You can also differentiate between different types of metal if you wish with its discriminating power. Even pinpoint mode has brought a touch of professionalism to this product. However, Garrett ace 400 is a pretty choice, if you are looking for an entry-level detector.

Also, this product is completely waterproof but you can’t dive deep with it, as this product can serve you up to a maximum of ten feet. If it goes too deep, the product is likely to be damaged. I Hope, this Garrett metal detector review will help you a lot to choose the best one. Moreover, there is some best metal detector for coins, if you are looking for coins!

Frequently Asked Questions

What accessories do I need to hunt at the beach?

If you are in the beach detecting game, then it needs different accessories to hunt. Let’s talk about some very important items that you need to bring with you.

Water-resistant earphones

If you’re preparing to go into the marine, water-resistant earphones are important. The earphones are likewise required to lump outer noise so that you can catch pale signs over the wind, waves, and other beach operators.

Sand Scoop

The correct scoop is contingent on your favorites and pursuing location, but I constantly endorse expenses a bit more on an excellent tool. Bear in attention that an arid sand scoop has a dissimilar form to those intended for damp sand. Lengthier grips can also decrease back straining but are less contented to transport.

Carry or Hip Harness

A shoulder or hip yoke can decrease the straining on your upper limb – particularly if you’re consuming a weighty detector and coil. If you’re preparing to quest entirely day at the beach, I ponder this avital piece.

Finds Pouch

If you want to carry your recovered targets then this pouch is quite important. But you have to make sure that it is secured to carry—particularly if you’re pursuing in water.


When your detector has established an object, a pinpointer can protect time by tapering the hunt zone. Pinpointers are littler significant at the beach, as sand is informal to dig than soil. I still endorse bringing a water-resistant exemplary with you, however.

People, who roam the beach with metal detectors, what have you found?

You will see many people on the beach with metal detectors. It’s not just that they’re doing it just for fun; they’re also making a lot of money.

It is because many valuable things are lost on the beach by the people who come to visit the beach regularly. It is possible to earn up to a certain amount by finding and selling these.

But that’s why you need a good-quality beach detector, and hopefully, you will find such a hunter from our list.

How often do folks with metal detectors find valuables on the beach?

It actually depends on a number of things. First of all, how many people are constantly on the beach. And secondly, how good is the quality of the hunter machine you are detecting? Because of the amount of treasure that can be found with a good quality detector, it is not possible to go near its edge with a normal detector.

Are metal detectors still effective in finding worthwhile stuff on the beach sand?

Not with all types of metal detectors, you will not get equal service. This is why you must purchase a good-quality beach detector. All the products available on our list are of good quality. Hopefully, you will be disappointed if you buy one of these best beach detectors.

Is it worth it to bring a metal detector to the beach?

Yes! Of course. And that’s why you will see a lot of people walking around the beach with metal detectors in their hands. It is a very difficult task to find. If thousands of people come and go to the beach all the time, it is not very difficult to find a treasure from there. However, a good quality detector is needed for this.

What is a really good metal detector to use on a very mineralized beach?

If you are looking for an amazing beach metal detector with high quality to ignore high mineralize in the ground, then XP DEUS is one of the best metal detectors available in the present marketplace!

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