If you like treasure hunting a lot and are looking for a standard metal detector for this, then this wonderful metal hunter called bounty hunter quicksilver can be called the perfect choice for you. But why is it perfect for you? And why is this metal detector so famous in Relic Hunting? This is what we are going to discuss in bounty hunter quick silver reviews.

Needless to say, this Hunter doesn’t have as many complex functions as other expensive machines. You can start working with this metal detector with great ease. This machine has gained so much popularity for this specialty along with other nice features.

Again this machine has nice built-in speakers so you can use the detector very smoothly without headphones. And it has an aluminum rod; you can adjust it if you want. Let’s know a little more about bounty hunter quicksilver reviews. Hopefully from our article, you will be able to know the details about this metal detector and buy it if you like.

Bounty hunter quick silver reviews


Bounty hunter quick silver Reviews: Feature

This metal detector is rich in all the nice features and because of all those features this metal hunter is quite convenient to use. Let’s see a little detail about the features of this machine.

Bounty hunter quick silver Reviews: Feature

Audio target identification

I mentioned earlier that this machine has a nice built-in speaker, and with that speaker, you can understand exactly what kind of metal is in front of your search coil. Also, you don’t have to look at the screen repeatedly while detecting metal. You can find the target object just by listening to the sound signal.

Low, medium, and high – these three tones allow you to hunt objects with great ease. However, there is a chance to look at the screen at any time if you want. You can always make sure about the object by looking at the LCD screen that comes with this machine.

Digital target identification

This detector called Bounty Hunter Quicksilver has brought this digital technology to make your metal hunting experience more amazing. This great feature will save you from having to dig out any unnecessary objects.

This feature can save you a considerable amount of time. You can understand exactly what kind of object is in front of your search coil by looking at the digital screen. And so you don’t have to waste time digging out junk.

This digital identification system works in four segments. There is no comparison to this feature to make your treasure hunting experience more beautiful and smooth.

Advanced Notch Discrimination

It is highly recommended for a metal detector to have discrimination. Discrimination is the ability to distinguish between different objects through a search coil. And this excellent management in this metal detector will make your metal hunting much smoother and easier.

Also, this feature will show you only those objects which will be beneficial for you. And the great thing is that you can specify which product you want to accept and which you want to reject.

Visual depth indicator

Bounty hunter Visual depth indicator


This awesome feature can save you a lot of time. What do we really want from a metal detector? We want this metal detector to be used with great ease.

We also want modern technology in a metal detector. And if you look from there, with this depth indicator you can know exactly how deep the object in front of your search coil is in the ground.

What will happen as a result? This will allow you to know exactly how deep you need to dig the hole. And you can prepare accordingly.

Easy to use

If you are new to a fantastic world like Metal Hunting, you can choose this machine as one of the beginner metal hunters.

This machine is very easy to use. There are no complex functions of any kind, so you have to face problems as a novice.

Especially the features that are there are very easy to use. And everything runs on a fairly automatic system, so you don’t have to deal with any kind of complicated settings. Rather, you can easily and easily detect metal using this machine.

According to our team of experts on metal detection, this bounty hunter metal detector can be purchased by any beginner without any worries. Specifically, if that beginner has a distinct weakness towards treasure hunting.

A large LCD display

bounty hunter A large LCD display


Whenever you go metal hunting, it is recommended that you have all the information related to the object that will come in front of your search coil in this display.

Again, not only the display but also the system so that you can understand it with ease. And from that point of view, this machine is absolutely perfect, because it has a large digital display. Due to the large display, you can easily understand any kind of information without any problem.

Affordable price

Metal detectors are a hobby that you have to pay a lot to fulfill. And from that point of view, the bounty hunter quicksilver metal detector price in the current market is much higher.

But yes! Metal Detector is no fun or boy game. It is because you have to spend a lot to enter this world. But yes! Several Kid metal detectors, with which children can play, are different. Bounty hunter junior can be a good option for that!

With such a high price range, it is very difficult to get the most features at the lowest prices. And considering that, in the bounty hunter quick silver reviews we are saying that you will get all the nice features at a very affordable price.

You can use this product on any type of surface. However, when using in the water you need to be extra careful. Because if there is water in the control panel, it is likely to be damaged. If you want a metal detector to dive with, then best underwater metal detector will be your place to choose from.

 Also, considering the overall situation, you are getting this excellent product at a very affordable price.

Excellent sensitivity

You can set the sensitivity level of this machine if you want while detecting metal. And this way you can easily find the object of your choice. In determining this sensitivity level you need to keep in mind that the more sensitive the level, the more likely it is to find objects.

However, for the convenience of finding your metal hunting, you can reduce the sensitivity and do metal detection as per your choice.

Ground balance

Ground balance is a very necessary feature for a metal detector. If you want to do metal detection in any kind of ground, you have to balance according to that ground. However, you will not find any option to set the ground balance manually in this metal detector machine.

There is no ground balance in this machine, but that is not the case. This machine is made with a preset ground balance. As a result, you can easily do metal hunting on any mineral-rich ground.

Battery Level Indicator

You can use this wonderful metal detector for about twenty to twenty-five hours continuously. However, since no one usually uses it continuously for a long time, it is used for a few days after a full charge.

And by displaying this battery level, you can easily know how long you can use the metal detector. This will make your metal hunting much easier.

In fact, these little features have been added to make your metal detecting experience much more beautiful and sublime. And because of these features, the popularity of this machine is constantly increasing.

Very light in weight

This metal detector weighs only 2.4 pounds. And so you can use this metal detector with ease for a long time. A nice thrilling thing like metal detecting is very hard to stop once it starts.

And many times when we do metal detection, we don’t even notice exactly how long I have been using this machine. And so the metal detector must be a little lighter in weight to be able to use for a long time. From there, this machine can be a metal detector of your choice.

Very light in weight bounty hunter

Top features at a glance:


* This machine is very easy to use and anyone can use it with ease

* It is possible to detect any type of metal with this detector.

* This machine has the ability to discriminate in a very nice way

* This machine is built with an auto and pre-set ground balance, making it possible to hunt metal on any type of ground.

* The search coil is waterproof, so you can usually do metal hunting in the water.

* Even novices can use this machine

* The machine has a digital target ID system in four different segments

* Excellent has a large LCD display

* It is possible to provide audio signals through three different tones.


** Ground balancing cannot be done manually

** You cannot use this machine in deep water, as the control panel is not waterproof.

** It is not a special machine for other metals as it is specially made for relics or treasures

Things to consider before buying bounty hunter quick Silver

One of the highlights of this metal hunting machine is that there are many reasons to like it, just as there are several backlogs. As many people say that the construction of this machine is not exactly a strong one but many people have described this machine as a weak structure.

But again you have to consider at the same time that this machine is much lighter and because of this, you can use it for a long time if you want. If heavier components were used in its construction, the weight of the machine would have increased.

Another thing is that in order for this machine to work properly, its search coil has to be placed from an inch above the ground. And in areas where there is a lot of grass, the search coil cannot be placed exactly half an inch above the ground. This can cause some problems in metal detection.

However, this machine will always be on the list as the best metal detector for its treasure hunting capacity. If you want to hunt gold then a bounty hunter gold digger metal detector can be a good choice. But it will be wise if you go through the best gold detector list.

If you can’t adjust properly to its audio tone, it can be difficult to figure out what exactly is under the ground. And you may have to dig unnecessarily. Although we said at the beginning that it is much easier to use, so it will not take you much time to adjust to this audio tone.


What comes with the box of this machine?

With the box of this machine, you will get this metal detector called bounty hunter quick silver. You will also get an eight-inch search coil.

As well as getting an excellent guide on how to assemble these search coils and machines. You can assemble this machine yourself by looking at the guide.

However, several retailers can sell a combo package with this machine, along with headphones and several other accessories. And so you must look at the package when you buy it.

Is it waterproof?

The search coil that comes with this machine is water-resistant. And so with it, you can detect metal in calm water quite easily. However, when it comes to metal detecting on the beach, it is good to know that the control box of this machine is not waterproof.

And so your best bet for the beach is to buy a good quality beach metal detector. With that, you can get the best quality service.

Final thoughts

In the conclusion of bounty hunter quick silver reviews, it can be said that this machine is one of the best beginner metal detectors. If you want to compare it with Garrett ace 250 or other machines, you must consider the affordable price of this machine.

And there is always some comparison between this machine with bounty hunter tracker iv. Also,a bounty hunter lone star pro metal detector is another good detector of this company.

Yes! This machine may not be able to provide better service than other expensive machines but you can be sure that it is very difficult to get such a good feature among other machines at this price.

All in all, if you are a beginner and want to do metal hunting for a long time, you can buy this machine without any hesitation.

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