Exactly which metal detector needs to be purchased between Garrett AT Pro and AT Gold. And today we will talk about which metal detector will play an effective role in your metal hunting according to your necessity. Our expert team has been working for the past several years to come up with a nice comparison between these two machines to dispel the confusion between you about Garrett AT Pro Vs AT Gold.

It is worth mentioning at the outset that Garrett is a well-known name in the marketplace of current metal detectors. The company has created a place of trust among the consumers by making some remarkable professional metal detectors with high quality.

Garrett AT Pro Vs AT Gold: Let’s draw a cold comparison!
Garrett AT Pro Vs AT Gold: Let’s draw a cold comparison!


It is because each of these machines is very reliable and the quality is better than many other metal detectors in the market.

Beginner’s Metal Detector, Kids Metal Detector to Professional Level Metal Detector – what’s not on this company’s list of metal hunters!

Garrett AT Pro Vs AT Gold, are two of the most popular metal detectors on the list of all these wonderful metal hunters. And these two metal detectors in the market are appreciated by everyone together, which has created confusion between the two.

Yes! There are also some differences between these two metal detectors. In the light of that difference, you can understand which of these two the right metal detector is for you in terms of quality and budget!

Before reviewing in more depth, it is worth mentioning that the AT Pro and AT Gold is almost the same level devices. The two devices have all the nice features that allow you to use this metal detector on any terrain.

Metal hunting can be done by waterproofing both metal detectors and immersing them up to about ten feet deep in water. These two machines are very popular among metal hunters and their processing response time is also close.

Yes! Despite the many similarities, there are some differences between these two devices! And today we have created a comparison article between Garrett AT Pro Vs AT Gold with those differences.

Hopefully, this comparison made in the light of the personal experience of our expert team will be of great benefit to you and you will be able to purchase the right metal detector as per your requirement without any confusion.

Garrett AT Pro Vs AT Gold: Quick Comparison

Both metal detectors are excellent and quality metal hunters. Most of the metal detectors made by Garrett Company have been able to create a lot of brand value in the market. Both the machines detect metal through target ID, which is quite unique in terms of sensitivity. It can also do metal detection on any terrain through manual ground balance. Both metal detectors can be submerged in water up to ten feet.

Garrett AT Pro Vs AT Gold: Quick Comparison

Garrett at Pro’s Pros

** An excellent all-rounder metal detector at an affordable price

** With the search coil being a little bigger in size, you can do metal hunting with this machine to great depth.

** Metal hunting became much easier as the frequency was also quite high

** One of the best saltwater metal detectors

** There is notch discrimination which you can adjust if you want

** Slightly lower in price than at Gold


* It is not able to provide a much better sense if it is a small target

* Cannot provide very good service in all modes of audio threshold adjustment

Garrett at Gold’s Pros

** Metal hunting can be done excellently at 16 kHz frequency

** Garrett at gold specs is quite amazing!

** Provides good sensitivity to even the smallest metal

** You can also adjust the audio threshold manually

** Provides quite an excellent audio signal for any target

** If the entry-level metal detector is able to provide professional performance

** One of the best metal detectors available in thousands of dollars

** Its utility is at its highest level through a variety of moods and features


* Although it is quite expensive from AT Pro, you will get great value for that price through some features

* You will not be able to adjust manually in case of notch discrimination

* Cannot provide the very best performance when used in Saltwater

Garrett AT Pro Vs AT Gold: Basic Feature


In terms of frequency, it needs to be said that At Pro works at 15 kHz, and At Gold works at a relatively high frequency of 16 kHz. But the most important thing is how important is this frequency in terms of the performance of the two machines?

First of all, let’s talk about At Pro; this wonderful all-around machine is capable of giving a very good performance at 15 kHz. It also provides excellent performance in relic and coin hunting in a variety of conditions. And this is exactly the reason why the machine has gained so much popularity.

Garrett AT Pro Vs AT Gold: Basic Feature


Needless to say, the lower the frequency, the lower the sensitivity of the machine to smaller objects. And in that case, you can get good performance in the case of small objects at 16 kHz frequency of At Gold.

However, when it comes to depth and conductivity, the AT Pro can provide slightly better performance.

Also due to the high frequency, with AT Gold you can hunt small targets with great ease. However, it is good to know that if the frequency is a little higher, you will not be able to detect the metal much deeper.


In terms of display, both machines have almost the same type of LCD display and control panel. In fact, this LCD screen is quite beautiful and easy to use. However, if you want to do metal hunting in low light or dark, you will not get any additional benefits from this detector. But when it comes to the Garrett at gold vs at max, you will find this wonderful feature in Garrett at max for gold or Garrett ace 400 which are also great metal detectors from this company.

Garrett AT Pro Vs AT Gold display


Here are some guidelines for using this display that will give you more details on how to use this metal detector:

* Mode: On the far left side of this LCD display is the mode option. There are different modes in this mode; you can change it if you want to see the details.

* Target ID: You will get this wonderful feature in both the metal detectors. And that is the idea about the metal in front of the search coil through the target ID.

* Depth indicator: The lifting machine has this excellent depth indicator feature, which lets you know exactly how deep your targeted metal is in the ground.

* Sensitivity: The sensitivity of your metal detector needs to be quite good to find it through a search coil, whether it is a small or a large object. In this case, you will get a good amount of sensitivity in both.

* Battery indicator: The last part of the display is the level of the battery. With this battery indicator, you can understand that your metal detector can run on this charge for a longer period of time.

The above information is provided in the same way between the two screens. But yes! Even after having so many similarities, some differences will remain. And that difference can be seen in the button configuration.

You can distinguish between Iron and Sensitivity with a button, but you will not be able to distinguish between At Gold. The discrimination you can get in Garrett & Pro. Gold also has a threshold function, which allows you to adjust the audio of the target object.

Target identification and discrimination of both the machines

The great thing is that both machines have the ability to find metal with a very good quality target ID. AT Gold and AT Pro can easily distinguish these metals from numbers 0 to 99. Usually, a mid-level metal detector needs to have this feature called Target ID, and in that case, both metal detectors have been enriched with this essential feature.

At Gold have three search modes, All Metal, Discrim1, and Discrim2. And all these moods can provide audio signals in a very nice way.

On the other hand, At Pro is not lagging behind in any part, here also you can do metal hunting in three different patterns. Those are Custom, Coin, and Zero. Whether you are a professional hunter or a mid-level feature, this feature is very useful for you.

However, it is good to know that the At Pro does not have a separate feature mode of all-metal type, but it does have a feature called Zero Mode. This, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. But technically, the At Pro has the notch discrimination ability that can make your metal hunting experience much more comfortable.

On the other hand, the detection depth and sensitivity of this wonderful metal detector called At Gold are quite good, especially when you put it in all metal modes.

Gold, however, does not have the notch discrimination power. Whatever it is, both metal detectors have the ability to work in pinpoint mode. This feature is quite handy when doing metal hunting.

Ground balance

Although the Garrett AT Pro Vs AT Gold does not have a ground balance in the previous few models of the Garrett Company, it must be acknowledged that both metal detectors have excellent ground balancing capabilities.

garrett-at-pro-vs-at-gold ground balance

Even if you are a professional metal hunter, you can use it by manually balancing it according to the condition of the ground. On the other hand, if you are a mid-level Metal Hunter and have not yet acquired the skills and experience to do ground balancing, then there is nothing to despair about.

These two excellent metal detectors have an automatic ground balancing system. Due to this you can do metal hunting on any type of ground with great ease.

It should be noted that mineralization is also more prevalent in all the grounds which are generally more likely to get gold. As a result, your chances of getting a false indication increase manifold.

However, in the Garrett at gold review, it can be said that this is definitely popular as one of the best gold detectors in the market for detecting gold. At Pro, meanwhile, does not hesitate to detect metal by a ground balance in an excellent way in mineralization.

Iron discrimination

Garrett’s at series has an iron discrimination capacity of up to 40 levels. And because of this, when you want to filter any target, it will play a very effective role for you.

Exactly these two models also have the ability to discriminate iron. And besides this, the Iron Audio feature is also quite nicely functional. This feature will save you a lot of time and also protect you from unnecessary digging.

Underwater hunting

I said at the very beginning that these two wonderful metal detectors allow you to hunt up to about ten feet below the water. Both of these machines have waterproof search coils and control boxes, so if you want to do metal hunting in any deep river, stream, lake then this is the perfect choice for you.

There is a difference between these two water metal detectors, and that is that the At Gold Metal Detector is not as effective for Saltwater. The reason is that this machine is not very effective in balancing the ground in saltwater.

Garrett AT Pro Underwater hunting

If you want to dive with these two detectors, then it might not be a good idea. To serve that purpose you need to choose from some best underwater detectors.

However, with the Garrett Pro Metal Detector, you can do metal hunting in Saltwater as well. And so if Saltwater is your metal hunting ground, then Garrett & Pro is the perfect choice for you. This metal detector is quite popular in the current market among beach detectors.


Search coil

The search coil is an important part of any metal detector and without this part, a metal detector can be said to be quite incomplete. With this wonderful metal detector called Garrett At Pro, you will get about 8.5 “* 11” search coils. This search coil can detect metal very comfortably up to very deep in the ground.

In addition to depth, the processing power of this machine is also very good. This machine can process any information very fast.

garrett-at-pro-vs-at-gold search coil

Garrett at Gold usually focuses on finding relatively small items. You can easily find even the smallest gold nuggets with this machine.

However, you will not get much depth from this machine-like At Pro, but you will get a good amount of sensitivity from this machine.


You will get one basic headphone each to hear the audio signal better with both the metal detectors. But yes! Remember that these headphones are like machines but cannot be submerged underwater. And so if you want to hunt Metal under six to seven feet of water, then these headphones will not give you such an effective solution. You will need to purchase waterproof headphone.

garrett-at-pro-vs-at-gold headphone

There is no difference between the two headphone-related machines. But another great machine at this Garrett company at Max’s headphones are wireless. Meanwhile, the At Pro and At Gold are not wireless.


The price of the At Pro between the two machines is slightly lower than that of Garrett at the gold price. And so if you have a little problem with the budget, you can buy the At Pro considering other qualities. However, if At Gold is the best according to your needs, then you should buy At Gold.

In fact, the price difference between At Gold and At Pro is only $ 100. And so choose one of these two machines according to your needs, not the price.

Practical performance

There is no reason to think that these two metal detectors can provide excellent performance and long-lasting service. Rich in all the interesting features, these two metal detectors are able to work according to your needs. Because both the machines are very light in weight and very user friendly at the same time.

And so even beginner-level metal hunters from beginners can use these two excellent sensitivity-enabled machines quite comfortably.

Even this excellent machine called Garrett at Pro can provide one of the best all-rounder performances in the current market. On the other hand, if you go for gold hunting, there is no comparison between these affordable metal detectors called Garrett at Gold.

Also when it comes to recovery time, it has to be said that both machines lag behind the other in any part but both the machines provide excellent performance and the processing time is much faster.


Can the Garrett at Pro detect gold?

To answer this question, you first need to know about Garrett & Pro and how a metal detector works better.
The water-insulating and submerged metal hunting machines are called all-rounder performers.

This machine can do any kind of metal hunting very nicely in any place other than saltwater. Even its depth capacity is much better.
Hopefully got the answer, were to say one, yes! With this machine, you can do Gold Hunting with great ease, and without any problems and complications.

Is the Garrett at Pro a good detector?

The answer to this question is to first talk about this company called Garrett. The company has already won the hearts of all by making all the excellent metal detectors.
And this excellent metal detector called Garrett at Pro made by this company is called All-rounder at Pro by everyone. With this very high-quality metal detector, you will get all kinds of performance except saltwater.
And so it can be said that when comparing Garrett AT Pro Vs AT Gold, this Garrett at Pro also delivers a really great and excellent performance as an entry-level mid-level metal detector. You can use Garrett at pro for gold prospecting.

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