Are you thinking of buying Minelab CTX 3030? Then you have reached the right place. This minelabctx 3030 review includes an in-depth analysis of model-features, performance and value for money so that you can make the right decision for you.

The Minelab CTX 3030 is a high-performance metal dictator that is specially designed to be used in all areas, including rough or bumpy areas. Even if you are a newbie and learning how to choose a metal detector and how a metal detector works, then you need to read this article at first!

By reading Minelabctx 3030 review article you can understand why Minelabctx 3030 is different from other metal detectors.

When it comes to the price, this is not a very low one. But minelabctx 3030 used some advanced features that have not been used in many detectors.


Such as wireless audio, Superior Target Separation and built-in GPS. Also connected are color displays, FoCo discrimination and Minelab’s famous FBS multi-frequency technology.

As we see the upgrade on minelabctc 3030 review, is it really capable of giving the same amount of performance? Or is its price much higher than its performance? Let’s find out.

Easy to design, appearance and use minelabctx 3030 review

As you might expect from a premium metal detector, the CTX 3030 is a well-balanced device that is quite durable and built to a very high standard.

The color variant of its features is very well-balanced with a matte black finish with gray and black colors.

It is about 36 “in size at the beginning and can be expanded up to 55.3”. So it is seen that there is ample opportunity in height customization.

The lithium-ion battery pack used in the CTX 3030 was not like any other common cheap detector. These batteries are rechargeable, so some of your money is going to be saved here.

Since Li-ion technology has been used here, it has the ability to charge relatively quickly.

If Wi-Stream and GPS function are active, it will consume a bit more battery. Since it uses a bright screen and a faster processor, it is not uncommon for something like this to happen. However, the issue needs to be kept in mind.

Another special discussion aspect of the CTX 3030 is weight. There is no denying that the machine is a very heavy machine.

It weighs about 5.2 pounds with a lithium-ion battery. Of course, we have no objection to calling it a balance dictator considering all aspects.

The weight is in a control, which gives a good feel to the grip and can be swinged as desired. But a lot of time use can cause some pain in the arm.

If you are still looking for a light metal dictator, we will say that it is probably not suitable for you.

But it would be foolish to complain against Minelab because of all the technology they have

There is nothing wrong with using the device so that the device is heavy.

But it is not at all like the sound of knocking from the inside. But the most exciting thing that is happening is that it uses the wireless audio function.

The customization and user experience that this function will give you will make it very difficult for you to get out of the wireless ecosystem.

This detector has a waterproof feature that can support up to 10 feet deep. Although it is not very suitable for diving, you can still use it for river or beach hunting.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the headphones used in it are not waterproof. So never wet it.

The most interesting feature of the minelabctx 3030 reviews is its customization feature. You can easily customize any hunting style according to your own taste.

They have also customized the audio tone feature quite well. Where there is scope for customization from zero to 50 conductive tones. There are about four types of audio types available. Such as Normal, Long, Smooth, and Peach Hold.

Minelabctx 3030 review


The Minelab CTX 3030 has a multi-frequency VLF detector and an 11-inch DD search coil. Much like the cheap e-tracks, the Minelabctx 3030 review says it uses Minelab’s FBS technology.

As a result, you get 1.5-100kHz frequency so you can capture deeper things quite well.

This combination of frequencies will help you get closer to your target in the most perfect way.

This feature will help keep the Minelab CTX 3030 far ahead of its other competitors in the market.

By reading Minelabctx 3030 review article you can understand why Minelabctx 3030 is different from other metal detectors and what are the features of this metal detector.

When combining FoCo discrimination, color target ID, and rapid digital signal processing, the machine will be far ahead of its competitors to produce more pricing results.


It is several times faster than other devices in the Minelab e-track. Although a slight delay can be noticed in the target ID detection.

You must read the manuals before using the device. The Minelab CTX 3030 was originally designed specifically for experienced detectors, so the good news for them is that they will get a lot of better customization here than previous devices.

You will easily get acquainted with some more great functions when you spend a lot of time with this machine.

Search modes

The minelabctx 3030 bundle has five pre-set search modes from the beginning. These are Coins, beaches, Relics, Silver, and High Trash. This feature is a very useful feature of CTX 3030 for beginners. This will make it easier for them to reach their goals.

By reading Minelabctx 3030 review article you can understand why this is different from other metal detectors.

There are some amazing beach detectors in our list that you can take a glance!

In addition, there are built-in modes; there are also five custom programs that will be saved automatically even after turning off the machine.


FeCo Discrimination

As you may know, the detector capability in the middle of discrimination can easily target metal objects by removing unnecessary trash. Unnecessary targets can be eliminated with good discrimination, which saves a lot of time.

Therefore, of course, there is no pair of minelab. They have given their CTX 3030 the highest priority to easily distinguish between bad targets.

The detector analyzes very well ferrous and conductive properties before sending the signal to the LCD monitor.

The way the FoCo descriptions feature works to select a target is a bit different than normal execute/reject processing.

It requires some practice. When you understand how Conductivity and Ferrous Popartis filter the target, you can take maximum advantage of the machine.

When the target is detected, the conductivity and ferrous characteristics determine where the object is located.

By doing this you can easily adjust the area graph and reject or exit it. Which will give you the most perfect audio signal to control the object.

If you want to avoid trouble, you can use the pre-set mode provided there.

Integrated GPS and PC Mapping

Another advanced feature of the CTX 3030 is its built-in GPS. It can record where you went out hunting and help you find your desired location.

By reading Minelabctx 3030 review article you can understand why this is different from other metal detectors. And it has GPS and PC Mapping features which will help you to hunt metal.

When you get home, you can upload the data to your PC and analyze it on Google Maps, and select important places.


So, does it have that specialty?

First, it will help you to easily find your potential hotspots and missed areas on Google Maps. You can then upload these pinpoints to marker CTX 3030 so that you can easily find your hunting area later.

When you miss or cross your hunting area, it will alert you so that you never miss a target point.

Here you can use Minelab’s Xchange 2 application to add comments and photos.

Isn’t that great? You will be able to keep the land by databasing everything including pictures and comments of the area you have hunted.

However, it is also true that it is not an essential feature, but still, minelabctx 3030 reviews will give you some additional advantages that there is no way to deny.

Other features

Even if we sit all day and write about features, they will not go away. However, considering the time, we mentioned some important features-

Minelab is providing, a numeric target ID and an in-depth indication detection screen.

There are manual and automatic sensitive modes. You can easily adjust the sensitivity from the quick menu.

Noise cancellation and automatic ground balance.

There are two recovery options. Fast and deep. Quicker Activity will provide fast options but may delete some data.

But the deep option is a bit slow but it can provide a good data supply that is much more accurate than fast.

The target trace feature will be able to update the number of detection information through animation every second.

Target separation has several advantages (low trash, high trash, ferrous coins and ground coins). These features are quite advanced. This gives quite good control in the case of separate targets.

There is pinpoint mode, which is able to give a precise location.

Control panel and display

The minelab is made with the full-color display when you compare minelabctx 3030 vs equinox 800. Let’s take a look at what’s left. For those who are brand new users, a head-scratching feature has been added.

The user interface is designed in such a way that everyone can easily adapt.

The control panel has 11 switches with the necessary controls on the display according to the interface.

It comes with a status bar, through which the active features can be seen in an instant.

Our screen is used to detect most of the time. Therefore, first of all, the detect status will be the first priority.

It will have Target ID, Depth Indication, Target Trace, and PinPoint icons. However, you can customize it here as you wish. You can customize the icons according to your needs.

However, the advanced features of the CTX 3030 may seem a bit HBGB for newcomers. This is not a problem with the user interface; this is because the function is more advanced.

In a real sense, the interface is designed so that new features can be easily accessed by newcomers. Some Quick Menus have been kept for easy access, Sensitivity, and Ground Balance features.

Here is another dedicated option. Named ‘User’ through which you can easily access the options selected in your favorites.

We put ourselves on the color display choice list. Most detectors do not use it, but much important information can be easily accessed directly through the color display.


The Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector is undoubtedly an expensive machine. There is no disagreement about it.

Looking at the features of this version of the CTX 3030, there is no room for speculation as to how many dedicated machines they have built.

Serious programs like GPS and FBS technology have used cable in this machine.

So, now the question is the ctx 3030 worth it?

I am sure that if you are a serious level treasure hunter then I will not say more about the price, they are offering a good enough price.

But if you are not a serious level treasure hunter then you will definitely not need some advanced features. In that case, I would ask you to think again about taking it.

The bonus point is that my lab has made quite a name for itself in terms of customer support.

Field performance

We mentioned at the outset that the minelabctx 3030 review wreck and its pair match in coin detection. Its target is very perfect; it will give you a clean result with separation and sensitivity.

CTX 3030 is ready to give you the best performance wherever you hunt, be it in the water, on the ground, or in the rough area.

So what is really making this detector value for money?

The exceptional detection capabilities of FBS technology make the machine unique from others. It simultaneously helps to detect the perfect target from the ground at 26 frequencies.

It can do a lot of pre-target hunting like XP DEUS which not many detectors can do.

No hidden materials are left out of its radar for deeper target detection and perfect separation.

When other detectors struggle to give accurate results, CTX 3030 easily gives the best output with perfect data.

It can give absolutely perfect data up to 9 ” deep. If you are a professional detector, it will save you a lot of time, with precision results.

It can respond very quickly without any lag, helping to target nearby items directly and instant ID.

Also CTX 3030 does not perform well in detecting shallow objects. Although this is not a major issue, you can filter out unnecessary objects with audio and visual ID.

Comparison with other detectors

The most common question we get in this case is, the customer asks – should we take e-track or CTX 3030.

That was a very good question. Both companies use FBS technology, although the CTX 3030 is an updated version. The two models have 11 ” DD coils and a relatively large display.

When you compare with Garrett AT Pro Vs AT Gold, then this detector will obviously withstand the arguments. If you are searching for best gold detectors then you can take a look!

These two models perform well enough insensitivity, depth, and discrimination. Although in some places their detailed differences can be noticed.

The most common issue is ‘price’. The e-truck is priced at around 900, which is less than the CTX 3030. Older versions are lighter than newer ones.

The advantages of the e-truck end here. Then we come to CTX 3030. It is much faster than e-truck, can easily target targets, and is able to search very deep. However, bounty hunter quicksilver also can make you happy with its amazing features!

And the processor CTX 3030 that has been used is extremely fancy and can give perfect results very easily. In this way, no target is easily missed. And can quickly detect targets. Comes with a waterproof coil and GPS technology.

Considering all these aspects, CTX 3030 is undoubtedly ahead in all respects. It is ahead of all other e-tracks in terms of target separation, speed, underwater treasure hunting. But if you are looking for best underwater metal detectors, then you can take a look at our compiled list!

By reading Minelabctx 3030 review article you can understand why this is different from other metal detectors.

* Overall – 8.8

* Ease of Use 8.0 / 10

* Features 10/10

* Detection Efficiency 10/10

* Value for Money 7.0 / 10



** Outstanding Detector, Great Sensitivity, minelabctx 3030 depth and Target Separation These Metal Detectors

** GPS tracking allows you to control your metal hunting

** Because it is waterproof, you can do metal hunting in any wetland with this metal detector. You can use this metal detector comfortably even on the beach.

** Huge customization opportunity, so you can customize and use this metal detector to your liking.

** Flower color display will make your metal hunting much easier and smoother.


** Lithium-ion battery pack is a bit heavier than other metal hunters.

** You can’t run too long and at the same time, you can’t carry it for too long.

** To take advantage of all the functions, you have to deal with various complex settings, which is not a user-friendly. But once you can adapt to this system, it will not be a problem.

** According to some, it is costly, which means that this metal detector is more expensive than other metal detectors. However, the number of features in this metal detector is much higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

What accessories are attached?

The standard package includes KOSS UR30 headphones and a DD search coil. Also, different packages of extra features are available according to the package. You will also have a manual for minelabctx 3030 training.

Can I use CTX 3030 on the beach and is the CTX 3030 good for gold?

Yes, of course, you can. Because with FBS technology it can be easily used in any wet and dry place. A dedicated Seawater function has been added to the detector. This is determined to give perfect results in wet areas or water-rich areas.

Although minelabctx 3030 review says to switch off the ground balance option for beach use, it doesn’t have much of an impact on day-to-day life.

You can also hunt gold with this metal detector at ease!

However, if you are wondering are metal detectors are safe for pregnancy or not, then you can take a look!

Where are these detectors available?

Minelab is an Australian company, so not all American stores can store these models all the time.
But the best part is that it is available in online shops like Amazon. There are several specialized sellers out there who provide these models.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, Minelab usually offers a 3-year warranty. It also has extra features for coils and control boxes.

 Summary and a final rating of minelabctx 3030 review

If you’ve been a serious level hunter, hunting coins, debris, and jewelry, it’s safe to say that you’ve chosen a product.

There is no reason to argue that Minelab is the best metal detector in the current market. However, Fisher F22 is also an amazing detector for beginners. Fisher Company has all the amazing best fisher detectors available in the marketplace!

But it is also true that no detector is flawless. This detector also has some difficulties. Plus, if you are looking for best kids detectors, then this is not the one that you are looking for.

The biggest problem is the ‘complexity’ of using its functions. The use of some of its advanced features has become a problem for newcomers.

But the most interesting thing is that after a few days of use, any complex thing becomes very easy.

The summary of this article says about  the Minelabctx 3030 review.

However, we would advise you to take a good look at the manuals. If necessary, watch the video on YouTube.

We will never recommend this detector to newcomers. We would only recommend the Experience Person to use it.

Another problem is its price range. This is beyond the reach of many commoners. Many ordinary people cannot afford it.

This is definitely going to be a better metal detector for you than the current market if you don’t take these few problems as a major issue of this minelabctx 3030 review.

If you can consider the price, then the detector may be the best option for you, there is no doubt about it.

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